New Obj. 430 & 430 II Stats

Good day everyone,

Brief post. As part of the changes coming to the Obj. 430 line, here are the new stats for the now Tier 8 & 9 Obj. 430 II and 430 respectively. Among the changes are new armament.

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New Obj. 430 & 430 II Stats

21 thoughts on “New Obj. 430 & 430 II Stats

  1. Anonymous says:

    248 gold round pen on the obj 430……. so only 10 mm of pen more for maybe an extra 2000 silver? and the obj 430-2 gets the same guns as it has now. noone will use the 122mm they will go straight for it’s main gun that everyone uses now.

  2. Anyone says:

    I really hate what they are going to do to this line. I was so looking forward to the 430 as the DPM god that it is. now… Meh… now its just another Chinese MT line. 🙁

    1. Anonymous says:

      I don’t understand why they’re going after the 430, if anything they should do more to differentiate between the t62 and the 140

  3. sippi81 says:

    A more mobile but still good armored T 10 why not
    Good dpm combined with interesting armor design
    probably not bad in sidescraping and close range engagements I would like to try it

  4. Anonymous says:

    People’s comments a few years ago: mostly positive
    People’s comments at the start of the year: mixed views, few somewhat complaining
    People’s comments currently: significantly negative views

    I think people are starting to be less naive about this game

  5. Hewkas says:

    Does this change will occur in the next patch? (I mean after the SuperConqueror one) I’m worry there will be no more path from the new T8 to the T-54, so we have to hurry 🙁

  6. Same guns for T8 obj 430 II as it has now? This is not going to work.

    Remove the good 100 mm gun, this is too much for that tier. Powercreep at its finest, bumping down a tank one tier without removing its top gun from one tier higher.

    The smaller 100 mm can stay, but you should consider removing these “make armor useless” 3300 mm pen HEAT rounds from it

  7. al123 says:

    Can any of you share more info please:
    1. Probable time when the tanks will get replaced?
    2. Will this procedure work as before? i mean you get to keep the tier 10 tank as it is? (ex: Foch B, FV215)

  8. Mikosah says:

    Wait a second, the first image shows the 430 v.2 still having access to the D-54 and M-63 100mm guns. How are their stats going to end up when dropped down to tier 8? Meanwhile the second image shows the tier 9 430 not given any alternative but to use a 122mm with a terrible gold shell. Is that a typo?

    And of course, the most important question of all- is the 416 going to become a reward tank?

  9. sippi81 says:


    Think the gun on my 416 was pretty much the same gun as there was on the T 54 (or 430 2 ) (before they changed it)

    It worked because the 416 is pretty bad in all without being invisible and shoot from second line you have no gun depression no fully traversable turret no armor no hp and a back turret design (losing engine and burns like an inferno frontally also)

    Hard to use the “good” gun and dpm with all these problems and good gun means the probably shittiest gun on tier 9 transferred to tier 8

    I wouldnt expect the actually obj 430 2 to be as bad as platform as the 416 in some aspects but still the gun is probably one of the worst tier 9 guns and the most new op premiums on tier 8 allready has better guns with more pen or alpha or whatever

    1. The problem with the 100mm guns on the 430 V2 at T8 is that they’ll have to have perform terribly on it or it’ll literally just be a T-54 at T8.
      I’m loving the look of the 430 V2 it looks like a mod 1 only with actual mobility and firepower.
      I do mourn the loss of the Obj 416 though.

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