New Papoj Shorts

_HERuVIM_ is mostly Posting Shorts

A few Highlight Videos.

And one more,

Youtube will list more .Can’t wait till more feature videos come out.

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New Papoj Shorts

9 thoughts on “New Papoj Shorts

  1. Liam says:

    I miss the old status report with the constant future updates and theories. Now one really cares about new tank lines. Well some do I guess ,can’t really scroll past it when that’s all there really is lol

  2. Anon says:

    Some idiot in the first vid tried that with me in a M41. Nuked him when he tried to re-position. For some reason he was obsessed with calling everyone in the game a moron/shitter/tomato for the rest of the game. Really makes you think about what kind of people do this.

    Also good to know Ritastatus is not beyond spreading this so now the server will be filled with these kinds of people. Good job rita.

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