New Physics, Sound, Effects by “SpaceGK”


I’ve been noticing a lot if discontent over the newER physics and specially new sounds in WoT, one of my mods, Jerry sent me this video which I only crossed path with now, which may explain a couple things to some of you:


I actually like very much the newER physics and sounds, in particular the sounds! I’ve been around real tanks long enough to know how they are suppose to sound like (except for the firing which I still listen to while browsing around on youtube) and feel like this was a great addition to the game.

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New Physics, Sound, Effects by “SpaceGK”

37 thoughts on “New Physics, Sound, Effects by “SpaceGK”

  1. StevoMS says:

    Hey Rita, you said the 9.14 patch was to come out on 10th, im probably wrong but is it out already on EU or NA because its not out on SEA and its the 13th here in AU

  2. SMGJohn says:

    WG seriously better stop listening to the whining chimps crying all the time because their ego is larger than the radius of Betelgeuse.

      1. SMGJohn says:

        Your factual and scientific evidence completely blew me away, truly earth is flat and the moon is made out of pancake cream.
        Son you should go to heaven and run for the next God because you just know it all.

  3. I want my old crew sounds back instead, the new sounds reminds me of my dryer when its done drying every time I lose a crew member. I feel wargaming got very lazy and decided not to add the old crew sounds instead just use a annoying sound for them.

  4. Guns are actually pretty realistic, people are complaining that they all sound the same, but in reality that’s true. A 25 mm AT gun sounds just like a 76 mm on a Sherman.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the new sounds are awesome EXCEPT for all the guns smaller than 120mm. Even a tier 10 105mm gun sounds wimpy! Come ON! The mid caliber guns used to sound better than they do now. Yes, the big guns sound great but fix all the other ones as well!

  6. Milkydrink says:

    I have been playing in the Cromwell B and I have to say the engine sounds very similar to my petrol lawnmower. I suspect my Briggs & Stratton 3.5hp engine would have a job on to shift a tank but it sure sounds like it is trying!

  7. Sounds are a lot better. I don’t know why people complain about it.

    The physics are well….it feels wierd. It’s just a case of getting use to it I guess but nothing wrong with it per se.

    Some people just want to watch the world burn.

  8. Sounds are realistic the way many guns sound the same, and even if they were not it is just better for our ears than the old sounds. Quality. And by next patch old sounds will be back in the form of mods.

    Physics are new so of course some people dont like them. For now. Nothing changed for the worse really. Just need time to get used to it

  9. marianr87 says:

    I hope that WG leaves Physics alone and don’t listen to the whine, I think it’s fine as it is now. It’s a good balance between realistic and arcade. I don’t want the “good old days” of tank movement when there was basically no skill involved in driving the tank and no penalty for stupidity or lack of awareness. It was stuck to the ground and that was it, regardless of how stupid you drove.

  10. Funny Farmer says:

    The new sounds are just terrible in my opinion. Motors sound like sewing machines, firing guns sounds like popping balloons. Also it is very difficult to tell when you were hit.

      1. Funny Farmer says:

        This is a game, not real life. And do you think it is realism to sit in a tank that is penetrated by a shell and hardly notice it?

  11. banjoman150 says:

    Hey guys i posted a thread ont he EU forums in the gameplay section so pleas drop by and give it a good read… comment would be welcome 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    what’s up with the sound when using small first aid kit :it sounds like you brake some ones bone……..its irritating .

  13. GenAlexeyev says:

    Hi guys. I will just comment on Rita’s comment since I unfortunately don’t have the time to fully watch the video now. Please consider this as constructive, not offensive.
    First of all I have only a problem with the guns, ricochets and some engine’s sounds. Now to make things clearer, it’s important to distinguish the two different questions that we are discussing here: 1) Are the new sounds more realistic? 2) Are they enjoyable? . Because in principle it’s possible to ask for a more realistic game feature and then to regret it…
    1) To me, yes
    2) No. Even if I appreciate the realism of the new gun sounds, I’ve listen to a Pak40 and a Hellcat firing on Youtube and the sound was more cracking for the first and more metallic for the second. Increasing realism, yes. But failing in a way that makes the sound less impressive, no. And for me the ricochets on heavy armour are almost deal-breaking now. Even if it is realistic (which I doubt) such a hi-pitched “ding” sound is not acceptable in an arcade game. In a arcade game you want to hear the “klang” of 100+ mm shells crashing into thick armour plates. I think the only reason people are not that shocked is because they notice the gun and engine sounds more, and because they try to learn if they have been penned or not by using the sound.

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