WoT Update 9.17.1 Videos

Update Review 9.17.1

New Stroghold Mode

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WoT Update 9.17.1 Videos

9 thoughts on “WoT Update 9.17.1 Videos

  1. Liam says:

    I agreee with manbadfeels. This game is getting boring. The German buffs are
    Sad, the other nation buffs are meh. But hey! Let’s sell OP’ed premium tanks to completely retard all the buffs we just released in patch 9.17.1..

  2. Liam says:

    War thunder is getting a lot of love lately, perhaps wargaming is getting a little to comfortable in their treks. I heard jingles give some praise to the opposing faction. Before anyone snaps back, “well go play warthunder!” I’m already way a head of you!

  3. I wish WG would stop screwing with things they know nothing about, now with fixed aspect ratio I can’t get things looking right, tall tanks that look compact. With every patch you always wonder what will not broken this time.

  4. andrew says:

    Finally WG implemented wotmods!
    This should be the message of the day.

    No more editing the paths.xml
    there is a new hidden feature in it :
    line #4 : ./mods/

    it implements working filter for new wotmod files

    according to messages from the main exe (specs might be different with next patch):
    WOTMOD: uncompressed zip file with wotmod extension,
    first folder in the archive must be named /res/
    the rest of the structure follows the content of ./res_mods/[game_version],
    it allows to replace content of original structure with defined set of files and definitely will make modding more organized and resilient to unforeseen changes when another “mod” is copied over.

    I do not like blue turret on the Patriot

    I’ve made an archive and put it there
    and the content is the recoloured skin borrowed from the original wotpkg files

    the file is loaded up and in the python .log we can read the following message:
    [timestamp]: INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Checking ./res_mods/ mods not found
    [timestamp]: INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Mod file ‚mods/’ loaded

    And I can see that there is no blue turret in the hangar: it works 🙂

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