New System for Earning Bonds

Fast, Simple, Efficient

The system for earning bonds in Random Battles will completely change very soon in World of Tanks. How can you receive bonds in Random Battles in Tier X vehicles? How will the new system work? Will it be better than the old one? Learn more in this video. Enjoy!

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New System for Earning Bonds

5 thoughts on “New System for Earning Bonds

  1. Anonymous says:

    So WG decide to make players to play (sorry force to)more t10 because no one is playing and to expensive because of gold rounds are fired all the time . what a crap idea

    1. Tachenk0 says:

      Playing T10 is not the problem…the problem is the way all super top skill players and gold only idiots play them. Forcing every casual player to suffer or not play T10

  2. quintin L oster says:

    I stupidly ground to a Tier X E-100 to find out gold firing mediums just shoot through the front of it like butter. What a waste of time.

    1. Zonda says:

      That tank is not in the current meta. You need a quick heavy tank with a good gun or good gun depression with a strong turret like the Object 277, Kranvagn, Wz 111 5 etc.

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