New Tech Tree coming this year


Its been announced that a new tech tree will be coming to WoT by the end of this year but its unsure if it will be the Polish or the Swedish as there’s still a lot of work to do on both lines.

And I will ask, just to know where your opinion stands:


Also, to satisfy your curiosity/to note:

  • Recently, WG EU Community Coordinator MrConway told us during the 9.15 WG EU Q&A that the Polish “BoB” aka B.B.T.Br.Panc. is sort of readyish.
  • The Swedish Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2. just now arrived and they don’t even know which gun to give it.
  • The devs gave 2 guns to the Swedish to test as a “2 bunnies with one stick”.
  • Yes, the Swedish autoloader gun has 15 sec and it sucks compared to the CZs and even Chi-Ri, but don’t forget this is SuperTest and stats are most likely to change, when Chi-Ri was in SuperTest its autoloader gun also had 15sec reload time and now has 10sec.


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