New Tech Tree coming this year


Its been announced that a new tech tree will be coming to WoT by the end of this year but its unsure if it will be the Polish or the Swedish as there’s still a lot of work to do on both lines.

And I will ask, just to know where your opinion stands:


Also, to satisfy your curiosity/to note:

  • Recently, WG EU Community Coordinator MrConway told us during the 9.15 WG EU Q&A that the Polish “BoB” aka B.B.T.Br.Panc. is sort of readyish.
  • The Swedish Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2. just now arrived and they don’t even know which gun to give it.
  • The devs gave 2 guns to the Swedish to test as a “2 bunnies with one stick”.
  • Yes, the Swedish autoloader gun has 15 sec and it sucks compared to the CZs and even Chi-Ri, but don’t forget this is SuperTest and stats are most likely to change, when Chi-Ri was in SuperTest its autoloader gun also had 15sec reload time and now has 10sec.


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New Tech Tree coming this year

89 thoughts on “New Tech Tree coming this year

    1. Hrothgar says:

      You joke. Fixing (or upgrading ) something so simple as sound of cannons took them like 2 years? That first time when they put upgraded sound was 1 or 2 years ago. I hope only they will put money in anti cheat – mod system. Best would be a something like that:
      – mod are created by normal people and send to WG. Then they must be aproved by staff, and then they’re put on special site or other shit to download. Anyone using a mod which is not from that site is instantly reported by some sort of program or script in game. Voila , problem solved.

      1. Xavier says:

        Yeah it totally wouldn’t take someone half an hour to write a coverup script to trick out the authentication system

      2. Horatius says:

        Best mods sistem? Hmmm, 2 clients: with and without mods. If you want to play and meet only vanilla run client mods free. Simple.

      1. DarioSulBlogDiRita says:

        No actually
        What we asked for 4 years was real tanks

  1. Lomli says:

    Where the option for ‘I really couldn’t care about another European nation tree, just fix the damn game please’?

    1. Anonymous says:

      No it isnt, most people couldnt give less of a f*** about some polish tanks that play like a mix of whats already ingame but want a new design like the swedish tanks without any gun depression for example.

      1. Anonymous says:

        All of the swedish tanks have depression – the s-tank has -11 degrees. It can tilt its whole hull.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Im talking about the suspension depression, its not like the chinese but a nice new concept.

  2. Cayman says:

    Who cares about new tech tree when there are basic game problems like new engine, mm, arta, gold ammo or stupid maps. Instead of creating new wg invented tanks (I don’t think there was enough Polish/Swedish tanks) focus on current client and do what people want.

  3. x says:

    A polish tech tree would be absolutely laughable, choked full w copycats, retarded paper projects sketched on a handkerchief by drunken polaks or maybe some sci-fi tanks designed by Stanislaw Lem. A polish tech tree would be a true sign of desperation by WG.

    Swedish tree all the way, with dozens of interesting projects.

    1. ares354 says:

      Too bad, we wont know how good Swedish tanks where, cuz those pussy never used them in combat. Looking at Jap tree, HT are copy past. Yes, ofc Swedish have a lot of tanks, but no HT, only meds. HT will be fake\paper and so on.

    2. Polinarz says:

      You fucking cunt, read up on your history. There are plenty of Polish tanks that WERE used and fought before any other country in World War II. NOT TO MENTION THE SWEDES WERE NEUTRAL SINCE THE NAPOLEONIC WARS.

  4. sp15 says:

    they already have all the info they could ever need on the swedish branch and its been planned for 2016 since over a year ago. There is no way polish tanks are getting added first unless they are part of a small premium only tech tree.

  5. Infernal969 says:

    I want Polish tanks just to see what the fuck did WG come up with. It could be hilarious.
    As for Swedes, the most uninteresting nation. Their input to the WW2 or anything afterwards was so big that no one even knows that they have an army.

    1. almightyfox says:

      Would suggest you read more about what happened before saying anything :P, also for such a minor nation it’s really quite interessting to see the mass of projects of unique vehicles that could have been made.
      and Sweden had one of the biggest armies in the world during the cold war.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Read about what? Their “neutrality” during the whole war and not engaging in any combat?
        The Swedes are the most overhyped thing in WoT since the Chieftain.

    2. Dangrim says:

      Except that they their tanks actually being unique, went beyond a engineer drawing something on paper and forgetting about it and most importantly are not yet another Russian or German tank tree with a “local engine” and paper copy guns basically (which is what we can expect from both the Polish and Italian tree beyond tier 5 basically).

      1. Infernal969 says:

        One of the major things that drew me into WoT along with many people, was the WW2 placing and various “what ifs” when it comes to tank design. I couldn’t really care less about tanks that, be it paper, wooden or actually working, only collected dust due to political reasons.
        I’m sincerely more interested in some Hungarian loltank rather than your dining table of a tank with a gun sticking out that was only there to scare off Russians.
        Guess what, opinions.

    3. almightyfox says:

      Just kinda show how unwilling you are to read up on things before just screaming about it (war is not always about firing the biggest gun), i also find it interessting, that you say that one of the major things about Wot for you, was the “what if possibility” of what could have been etc. etc .etc, then why is it such a big deal that they add the Swedish tree to the roster? it’s cool to see a nation that managed to stay out of the war, what it had for plans. kinda unique.
      But yeah you are right, you got you’re opinions and you can have them.
      Just sad that now we got the “what if” in a big way, yet you just shun them.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Yeah, I AM SCREAMING. You still haven’t pointed what is that miraculous source that I should read upon that says “Swedes used their army 1920-1960”.
        “What if people are more interested in tanks from nations that actually fought” Have the “if” that is the most relevant to my case.
        Either way, WG will implement everything they can and then some just to keep milking as long as possible.

    4. almightyfox says:

      Never pointed out that Sweden joined in any battles, there is a point in why i said “War’s are not always about who got the bigger gun”. What im trying to say is that, branding a country without knowing it’s possibilities or problems is just pure ignorance.
      ofcourse i aswell want to see tanks that have seen battle, i want to see every-single-tank that fit in the timeline of the game, do not care what nation they are from. BUT i do have a bigger interest in tanks that did not see combat, to see the possibilities they bring rather than tanks that have seen combat (as we know how they performed)
      Also Seriously Sweden can atleast fill it’s tech tree and with unique vehicles. that make it alot easier to implement.

  6. shadows1995 says:

    i guess the PL line would be pretty much a copy-paste since they used soviet vehicles but the swedes might have something a bit more authenthic and original to add to this game and anyway bot tanks(BBTR and STRV)are ugly as far as i have seen

  7. Berto72 says:

    the right pool is : “Which nation would you like to play first, with cheats and hacks already in game, next year?”

  8. There’s not even a question. Sweden is the only nation that can properly fill all tiers on multiple branches. Polish tech tree stops at tier 5-6, Hungarian stops at tier 6-7, Italian stops at 6-7, Spanish doesn’t even go past 4, Romanian stops at 5, what else? Israel has no low tiers, Argentina, has only 2 tanks that would fit WoT, Australia, 2-3 tanks, Austria 1 tank, Swiss tech tree? 6 tanks all together.

    So yeah, the common sense option is Sweden.

      1. If you can prove me that any of the nations I listed above has the means to populate a tech tree (not branch) with original tanks (not copies), I’ll take back what I said. But trust me, I was one of the players that searched for information in and attempted to provide ideas for the European Tech Tree. Those numbers are estimates, but I know for sure that those nations are lacking tiers.

        But like I said, I would appreciate you proving me wrong.

    1. almightyfox says:

      If i remember correctly Italy can fill 1 medium tank branch, up to tier 5 i think it was, are Italian made the rest are either clones or copy’s. Don’t quote me though

  9. CincyNick2015 says:

    I would say this, the Polish tech tree would be good. Sweden, I’m really not sure, maybe have a STug III G Premium (The Bovington Tank Museum StuG). But in my opinion, being serious I would like to see Poland have a tech tree.

  10. Kyros says:

    Adding “Polish Tanks” into a Tank game is on so many levels wrong. First of all PL fought in WW2 with Horses and Swords and guns from the 19th century vs German Tanks. Secound, they actually never fought anything, they gave up like the little chickens they are, even faster than France. This Honorless Nation had never a Tank and it’s wrong to add a Polish Techtree into a Tank game. It’s like the ultimative Trolling.
    It’s like saying: “Now we are adding the glorious Jewish elite army with their AK-47’s that fought with Jesus to defeat the Roman empire.”

    1. Aquila says:

      Poor troll. Or very, veeery badly educated poor man. Fought with horses, swords and XIXth century guns? Ok – did you know that Germans also had a cavalry in WWII? And their army used horse carts as well? Did you know that Polish cavalry was equipped with rifles and even tower anti-tank cannons? Do you know why Poles were using cavalry in the first place? Because they considered Russia as their primary enemy and we all know how good Russian roads were during autumn and spring – and that it’s much better to travel there on horse than using wheeled vehicles. Did you also know what was the primary rifle of Wehrmacht back then? New version of a rifle designed in late XIXth century. Never fought anything? Then how would you explain 16,343 killed, 3,500 missin and
      30,300 wounded Germans in the aftermath of the invasion of Poland? Actually German loses were higher than they expected and they had to postpone a bit their invasion of France because of that. Also did you know that according to the allied plan Poland had to defend themselves for about two weeks only – time needed to organize an attack by French armies on Germany? As we know French did nothing, but Poles still managed to defend themselves for more than a month fighting on two fronts against two major forces on the continent. Part about “honorless nation” is so low that it’s not worth my commentary. I really hope you’re just a troll, because if you really believe in what you wrote – then I pity you.

      1. Kyros says:

        Hahaha Polak talking and trying to defend his loser origins. Hahaha. You little fella should get right Informations before open up your mouth. 1st Nazis main gun was the MG-34 from 1931 and the MP-40 from 1940 not the 19th century caveman shit. 2nd Polaks fought 2 weeks only vs Germany, after this only then USSR joined this party. 3rd Horses with tower anti-tank cannons ? Hahahah what did you smoke ? 4th Killing only 17k Hitlerlovers in one month for a whole country is low. I bet they only managed it by stealing their weapons. I’m not even sure if you faked this death and wounded numbers. 5th Only fighting one month is like the fastest surrender in human history. 6th I still can’t get over it that you defend this caveman for fighting tanks with horses. Hahahah. Really ? Did you read that they got into meele with their horses and tryed to slice the tanks with their swords ? Thats like the most akward thing you can do. And they did it ! Hahaha. And they really thought that will destroy the tanks.
        I’m not a Troll, I just know what I’m talking about and your comment will not change the fact that Polaks were honorless and fought in WW2 with sticks, stones and horses vs guns and tanks. 🙂

      2. McPJ says:

        Aquila has a rather constructive anwser. Somebody should silence that Kyros troll over there.

  11. whitebaron777 says:

    Out of all the tech trees proposed in the last few years, the Yugoslav one is the only one that caught my attention

  12. Nobody wants Siemka tanks, because the general community HATE polish players with an iron fist. And honestly swedish gamers are friendlier too in my experience! So yea. This is my opinion

    1. Aquila says:

      You mean idiots, not “general community”, because only idiots hate other nationalities just because they are other nationalities. I’m also a WoT player and I don’t hate Poles.

  13. Crazytony0 says:

    For those who still don’t understand why we want Swedish tanks. Tell me how many tier x tanks that includes all off the following:
    – actually made
    -saw service during a long time
    -was produced in reasonable numbers

    From the 44 tier x tanks we have only the following tanks have these traits:

    And as a bonus:
    -is a rather famous tank
    – a highly unique design that can add a unique new tank ingame wich is totally different from all what we have.

    And yes, this tank alone is enough for me to want the whole line.

    1. legoguy3632 says:

      Actually, the T-62A was produced in very limited numbers with a rifled gun rather than the 115mm smoothbore. Also, the WZ-121 (121 is in WoT albeit with the wrong gun) is better known as the Type 69 which is pretty widely used. The STB-1 was the first prototype for the Type 74 (which is what it should be called in WoT imo). Although you’re right as this makes 5

      1. Crazytony0 says:

        Right, I dropped the ball here indeed. But still sad how few off the end game content really fits these criteria.

  14. name says:

    Well, even as Pole I think sweden should be first. They got bigger library of tanks from that period, so there would be less capypasta. Also, it could rise number of strv 103 beggers and I want it.

  15. ares354 says:

    Rita, too bad this blog is full of haters, who hate nations, cuz I dont know, small dick…”I dont wonna see this tree, i dont wonna that, fuck this, fuck that…pointless idiots, who hate, all what they do is hate”.

    Wg will add Swedish, good for them, too bad those tank never saw comabt, and all stats will be fake. German, Soviet, British, US tanks did fight, so we can assume how good or bad those tanks where, Swedish, will be same like Jap, or CZ, most never see combat, OP , cuz give me money.

    1. Crazytony0 says:

      To bad those trees also include a fair share of tanks that were wg-creations, blueprint only, prototype only, or tanks that didn’t saw any meaningfull combat.

      1. ares354 says:

        Where did I say, those tree are historical or so ? Look, Brummbar saw cambat, yet still is no in game, and who know, if will be…why ?

        For Swedish, there is ONE tank, HT, Emil. WG will made 3, cuz he has 3 guns options, and tier 6 med, is from 1957, top arty is 1967….it joke….wtf. For this time, give ZSRR T64…why not..

    2. almightyfox says:

      Amx-30 entered service 1966, the 30B version i think around 1971, Stb-1 prototype was delivered 1968 so there already exist tanks that are close by the age of Bkan-1 in the game, if that’s the artillery you are talking about.

    1. ares354 says:

      With all respects, EMIL HT….copy past, 3 guns option, 3 tank. Yes Sweden made a lot of tank, to bad most of then fit more to AW then to WG….Top arty if from 1967, so give Soviets T64….

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why would anyone want either nation? Those scum dont know anything about tank battles, they know incest, that is all.

  17. Migsaec says:

    Considering that the Swedes could bring in some interesting tanks that we don’t already have on top of a rather complete tech tree, I’ll take it.

  18. DarioSulBlogDiRita says:

    Yes ok, swedish tanks
    Next time what????
    Add italian tanks ffs! AT LEAST THEY WERE REAL!

  19. Waffletiger(5REST) says:

    I’ve google some and the camo bug is not really anything I could find anything recent on.
    What is it?

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