New Test Server is live.


This test sever has an unskipable tutorial but its main purpose is to “test” the new in-game shop. What Wargaming has to say.

Explore the New In-Game Shop

A brand-new in-game shop has been under construction for several months within the dev team, and it’s finally available for everyone to test. We’re planning to drastically change the shop’s interface and functionality, so we’re rolling out a separate Common Test specifically for the feature.

Why We’ve Done This

The current shop allows you to browse through the list of available vehicles, modules, shells, and other items, providing decent filtering tools and featuring special offers. Its design hasn’t been updated, however, leaving much to be improved. We started working on the new version, pursuing two main goals.

  1. Functionality: We want “Shop 2.0” to become the go-to place for anyone looking to get new in-game content. For this reason, the new shop will provide extensive information about every item available.
  2. Convenience: Instead small consecutive changes, we opted for making a completely new design from scratch and focus on usability and the overall look.
For a better understanding of what should be improved, changed, or even removed, we’re asking everyone to join the test and share their feedback (please see the forum link at the end of the article).
If you have the test client already just update in the normal way. If you don’t just go here test client installer. Now, let’s take a closer look at what the upcoming shop will offer.

Everything is Close at Hand

The horizontally aligned three-tab menu has been replaced with a vertical set of icons, which now only contain Shop items. The “Depot” tab has been redesigned and taken its place in the main menu, while special offers are now part of the Shop under “Best.”

Two completely new sections, “Gold” and Premium Account” have moved to the Shop, too, featuring options available for purchase. They could be left in the upper right menu, but we want to test this arrangement in terms of user experience.



The “Vehicles” section now has a cleaner look and clearer structure. The list of machines is presented in tiles, divided into several categories (reflecting bundles), along with available Premium and regular tanks. The familiar filter is now hidden behind the tank icon to the right of the search field, so as not to frustrate players with excessive visual information. Its functionality remains unchanged: if you want to search a desired nation or vehicle class, click on respective buttons in the filter menu.

Once you click on any vehicle, it is displayed as if parked in your Garage, so you can literally “try it on.” If you choose a bundle containing several machines, you can switch among them by clicking on the desired icon at the bottom of the screen. Every vehicle will feature a historical note, a list of Crew members with their core abilities, and additional bonuses with descriptions (if you’ve chosen a Premium tank).

Equipment, Consumables, Personal Reserves, and Directives are all compiled in the unified “Service” section. Jump between the tabs to reach the type of items you’re looking for. In case you need an item for a certain vehicle, activate the filter in the upper right field and choose the desired machine.

Just like with vehicles, everything is divided into blocks; items available for Bonds are arranged separately. For your convenience, we’ve created a standalone section, “Items for Bonds,” where you can seamlessly access improved Equipment and Directives.

How the Shop 2.0 Common Test Will Work

After joining the test, you’ll be provided with a certain amount of all in-game currencies (Credits, Bonds, and Gold) to buy in-game items.

  •   Free xp   100,000,000
  •    Credits  100,000,000
  •    Gold  20,000
  •    Bonds  50,000

We’ll be running an emulation of purchasing Gold and Premium Account with real money — to test the full-circle functionality. If you lack the Gold to purchase a Premium Package and decide to buy more of the currency, choose a bundle and click “Purchase”  — doing so takes you to the Premium Shop, where a payment operation will be completed. Upon release, Shop 2.0 will allow linking and remembering preferred payment methods by default, but during this Common Test, the operation will be automatic.

Note: As long as the majority of players tend to explore and use Tier X vehicles in combat, we advise you to do the same in order not to waste time in pre-battle rooms.

What’s Next

At this stage, it’s crucial for us to know your opinion about the new Shop. We’ll continue holding internal QA sessions to make sure it’s fast and reliable from the technical standpoint, but we also want to be confident Shop 2.0 performs well in terms of user experience, too. Based on your impressions, we’ll introduce necessary changes both prior to and after the release. Please let us know your thoughts!

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New Test Server is live.

29 thoughts on “New Test Server is live.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let’s work on the shop first xD that the main issue of our game! We make to less money and our shop is the reason!!! FIX

      1. Dracon says:

        More than you apparently.
        The issues in this game are stacking and they work on the SHOP first?
        Yeah that will win over people to play the game more, sure.
        Its not like we’re waiting forever for balancing to be done to ammo
        Fixing the match maker FINALLY SOME DAY IN THE DISTANT FUTURE
        Making maps better
        Balancing tanks overall better
        I could go on.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Does anybody know if ebay is the only and best option to sell a legit non reroll super unicum account with 907,Vk,260, hype59,Lefh, Skorpion G,Blackdog,E25,…. or are there good and safe other ways?

      Better jump off the ship now before that’s all not worth a penny anymore.. the game is just for to Long in a downwards spiral and wg is doing 0 do make us hope for better times on a once great and fun game.. 9.10-9.14 for me

      1. whocares says:

        sold mine on eBay 2 years ago. Everything is fine, got my 400euro for 3200wn8 acc. now i play an account för 10euro wot 500wn8. guck zur game. i got my Money back like ez so i dont care anymore and im mit spending even a Penny… so sell acc fast

    2. Serb: Comrades, we are not making enough money. We must fix problem.

      Ivan: Da, is very serious. How can we fix problem?

      Boris: Sell more rashhan premium heavy tank.

      Anton: What about buff ruskie mediums?

      Vlad: No no, undo nerf to jap heavies.

      Carl: What about making 5-10 mm a first priority and 3-5-7 mm last if nothing else can be found? What about prem ammo?

      …. *crikets*

      Serb: Chto za hujnja? WHO LET WESTERN SPY IN!? CYKA BLYAT

  2. SquishyStar says:

    Looks really nice, not gonna lie.
    Only again, cosmetics shouldn’t ever be a priority if the main aspect of the game needs to be fixed first.
    You can’t decorate a cake until it’s done.

  3. sad countless problems cause players to leave the game they are working on prem shop… this is the reason why people left. wg blind. wg is greedy. wg is liar. wg controlling forum with using fake account and fucking mods. who dont ban wg supporters even for their insult to others… but if i understand true this is standart ethics for slav nations…

    1. Frantisek says:

      Standard ethics for Slavic nations? Are you serious?
      Greed is everywhere, in every country. How can you say this is a standard for Slav nations?
      It’s just a problem of 1 person – Victor Kislyi – who doesn’t give a shit about the game as long as it makes money. Have you heard of CDProjekt? Warhorse Studios? 2K Games?
      As far as I know “controlling forum with using fake account and fucking mods. who dont ban wg supporters even for their insult to others…” is a standard of Western companies like EA and Western media 😉 But I don’t want to get into world politics now.

      1. i am turkis guy and i know balkans history very well. second balkan war, how yugostavia destroyed all in your history book… plz even today all slav countries heavly corrupted. dont do bs. dont lie… you ruin each others life in everyday. dont say because of West bla bla…

      2. NeM says:

        The Ottomans sh*t on the Balkans several times, Fiyan – are you hanging out with your Grey Wolves friends again 😛

      3. Anonymous says:

        Hahaha, says a Turkish guy whose president is basicly a new sultan who wants to restore Ottoman borders. Turks ruined Balkans by force-converting people to Islam and turning people against each other.
        We Czechs, Slovaks and Poles are peaceful, friendly and tolerant peoples unlike other warmongering nations. We share very similar culture, languages and history. South Slavic people share bloody history thanks to Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empire. No wonder there are so many ethnicity problems with people who can’t live together.
        So please, don’t speak about us if you have never been here and don’t know about crimes of your own people 😉

      4. lmao why dont tell how you seperate your counrty because “poor” part of nation? your fucking peacefull not for gypies? or other religions or outsiders? your fucking history full with treason back stabbing? small cant unity because of greed and blame us? just fuck off biggest loser at eu.

      5. Anonymous says:

        First of all, SLOVAKS voted for separation of the country to Slovakia and Czech Republic. They wanted own capital in Bratislava and felt like government from Prague didn’t do enough for them. We let them! Peacefully! And to this day we are the best buddies.
        We do have gypsies in both countries. They are the third largest ethnic group here, but most of them are uneducated and don’t work. They misuse our social system by having 10 children, but that is going to change soon. We don’t like most of them and used to be target of racism before Muslim migration. Muslims are way worse then them. What would a gypsy do at worst? Steal something maybe. Islam orders Muslims to kill infidels.
        We have a culture we are proud of, no backstabbing (idk where you took that) and yes, we used to be weak in EU thanks to your politicians, but that is going to change too. Right now our new administration is working closely together with Poland, Hungary and Slovakia in Visegrad 4 to negotiate terms in EU together.
        Turkey should not be ever part of EU and should be kicked out of NATO.
        You are a dictatorship, you kill Kurds who defeated ISIS, cause tension on Greek territories… yet I still don’t consider Turkey to be like Arabs. You are kinda more civilized than others, but still don’t belong to Europe. Your hate comments speak for itself.
        And at last, tell me. How are we all greed? How did greed cause Balkan wars? We all know it’s because small Muslim ethnicities and Christians, slightly different cultures don’t want to live together because the OTTOMAN INVASION. You fucked Balkans, kidnapped kids, turned them into Jannisaries and had parents as hostages. All because of ISLAM RELIGION AND YOUR GREED!!!

  4. What did anybody expect from Greedygaming , when its broken just add more eyecandy or a new tank so folks won’t bitch about whats actually broken ” 3/5/7 mm , texture hit boxes on every map , no sound when shot , pmm , powercreep / all chat” <<< the list goes on
    They should do something about their scumbag chat mods too , some of them enjoy their jobs too much and shouldn't have any position of power and abuse it to the hilt openly with no repercussions.

  5. SeppC says:

    ok, lets be constructive, knowing that there are different teams for different tasks even at WG.
    I dont like the “more pictures are better” approach like you did in Missions Tab. Its very slow to use – maybe some guys remember the old list view in Missions – one view and you know everything.
    This new shop is same crap – for experienced users is not convenient to use.

  6. So happy that I play WOT almost for free the 30 Day Premium account at £8 my total expense for this year
    War(Money) Gaming are simply now doing what we British call “taking the piss”

    Premium Tanks? well over the years I have all that I will ever need now
    , in fact how many do you REALLY need?

    a nice challenge actually grinding Tank Tech tree’s the old fashioned way by playing battles

  7. wheeledtank says:

    Something that I’ve noticed in the test server (and am not sure how many others have) is that all the tier VI and VIII tanks (non-premium included) now can have base paints applied to them. That isn’t a thing currently iirc

  8. I have a name says:

    Honestly I don’t give a **** about the maps, premium shells, tanks etc. as long as the MM is broken… As far as I’m concerned the games with equal amount of decent/terrible players on both sides is priority no1.

    I’m so f*cking sick of potato teams where you end up losing 2-15 and it doesn’t really matter how hard you try and how good you play when the rest of the team just melts away in the first few minutes.

    Pathetic, yet I’m still playing this ****** for some reason…

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