New Tier 8 Object 432 In Supertest

This new tier 8 Soviet Premium Light Tank is based on a prototype developed  in 1961. Several prototypes were produced.




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New Tier 8 Object 432 In Supertest

33 thoughts on “New Tier 8 Object 432 In Supertest

  1. NoComment says:

    Nice to see Wargaming has taken the bobject 268 lessons to heart….No way would they release a t9/10 Russian Light at tier 8….oh wait.

    235 pen/6.5 secs reload and .36 acc…better than most T8 ht’s on a low profile well armoured (for a lt) go-kart that does 70kph….

    1. whitesample says:

      Actually APCR is selected uwu
      But I agree, the game is falling piece by piece.
      Who would play lights on 1kmx1km maps anyway? lmao

    2. ROMBAT says:

      Yeap another hater on horison…who see,s everywhere op tanks. If this tank was a crap tank he also had something to say about wg selling crappy tanks.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Nah, he’s just really bad at the game. If everything is op to him, then he’s just not taking in the lessons. For example, u should NEVER go head to head with a heavy while u’re in a LT. I understand they “should have the power to penetrate a heavy from the front,” but that’s not the case here friend.

    1. NoComment says:

      Really, care to explain why? When this thing is statwise basically a t-54lwt but with a better gun and slightly worse armour and -10m view range.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Ah. I did just realize how close the name was to the 430.

        I don’t know how to feel about a T-64 Proto at tier VIII, though

      1. The point is that it should have been the rightful end of the line vehicle for the Pershing to Patton line.

        Furthermore, there are big differences between the M60 slick and the M60A1 primarily due to the A1 having a different but superiour turret. Instead of WG overbuffing the armour of the M48 and giving us an M48A5 (which is a 1970s vehicle), WG could have just given the M60A1 which would accomplish everything without jumping so far ahead.

        Lastly, the M60 ingame is a CW reward so only a tiny portion of the playerbase would get the chance to get one.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Oh ffs rly?! Roboporn, the m60a1 for starters has about 258mm of frontal armor (this includes the angling) followed by a well sloped turret of 256mm of cold steel. So yeah, pretty competitive.

  2. Dracon says:

    Um…this isn’t an experimental tank. Its literally the T-64 that they took and poped light tank stats onto for tier 8. Object 432 LITERALLY is the project name for the T-64 =\ Wargaming is literally making up tanks now to further fill the Soviet tree.

      1. Indy_ah says:

        Might be, but as soon as i get into it my teams are becoming even more braindead and retared. I call it my shitmagnet.

  3. This is going to be useful only for T-100 thanks to its retarded crew layout, commander is also a radioman and loader.
    But it looks very interesting, maybe WG need to add ERA and guided missiles, then it will be not underpowered in RASHA standards. 😀

  4. Corbyn Peter Smith says:

    I don’t think this Russian is op at all! If they buffed the Defender’s top speed to 100 km/h and reduced the reload to 5 secs it would be a real blast – for those who bought it ofc…

  5. So far it is basically a T-100 LT at tier 8 with a same tier MT gun (alpha and standard pen) with a far better DPM than average MTs at tier VIII and -7 degrees of gun depression plus the best camouflage values (or maybe just a little behind the ELC Even 90) IMO it’s a little bit better than any other tier VIII LT and probably better than the same tier MTs. Of course it’s going to face tier 10 tanks almost all the games and this is subjected to changes as it’s supertest.

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