New User Record


seems like the Russian server has beat a new record of currently online players, the previous was 800.000, doesn’t differ much but it’s still amazing that after all these years the game still manages to be this strong:


I believe it also as a lot to deal with this Christmas/New year events in the game, I’m of the opinion that Wargaming really nailed it this time with the bundles but especially the decorations.

I’ve got an exam to study for and I’m finding myself sneaking some battles here and there just so I can get those crates! I haven’t felt this lured into the game for well over a year!

Which comes to mind, I don’t understand why so many people been complaining about it, how can one complain about being given free stuff, in particular when this year we are even being given free Conchita crew?

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New User Record

30 thoughts on “New User Record

  1. Because having the ability to save millions of credits on a whole new tech tree while getting a free female crew and tons of personnal reserves is apparently not enough.
    And I think they dont appreciate the fact that you can pay to get them. But honestly its not needed, it’s the thirdday and I just unlocked the level IX reward (40% discount on the tier IX and last female crew). Not to mention these discounts are apparently permanent so even after he event ends you’ll still get the first 5 tiers for free (which is amazing for new players) and up to tier X discounts…

    There are many reasons to complain about WG, especialy with yesterday’s calendar bundle, but this event has nothing wrong in it, perfectly doable for everyone who spends enough time in th game, interesting rewards, and not as hard and frustrating as personnal missions. I liek it a lot, hope we’ll get more stuff like this ; or if they could make the next PM like that (all missions activated at once, doable over multiple battles for some of them, etc…) it would be amazing.

  2. Mayday says:

    My only problem is that we get radio operator instead of gunner, that means we need to spend 500 gold to switch radio op role, but overall nice special. I did TD 15 and HT13, 14 missions for t55a by accident while grinding Christmas decorations.

  3. Keller says:

    I have to say that this is by far the most well thought out and fun event yet. Not a no life grind fest. Just a lot of fun and anticipation to see what ornaments you get next. Hope they do more like this in the future.

  4. Jostiewagner says:

    Probably also has something to with WG Fest in Russia atm. But yeah, was wondering why all Swedish female crewmembers look like Dolph Lungren…. I know he is Swedish Tech tree ambassador, but come on…. 😏

  5. sturmi0545 says:

    love the decorating special, too. this should especially beneficial if they manage to create a future loot crate system that feels just as rewarding as this one.

  6. HkS150 says:

    this event was the best event that i ever had since i started playing from 3 years it’s even better than marathons in some ways,i see no reason to complain but yet people will always find reasons to cry and bitch about seriously the first 5 tds are for free and the tier 6 and 7 are cheaper than a tier 8 what do you want more than that?????that with out mentioning the free personal reserves i don’t see any mmo in the market that gives stuff like this.

  7. Iuly says:

    Why only in this game it is team killers? Play lots of game and make me happy but this game make me ungry why who now? I told You because wargaming whant this whant players ungry IT a strategy.this game from tier 8 up it pay to play must have premium account,and premium tanks all time have good MM and win rate, Russian propaganda for who nows.

  8. Iuly says:

    Wargaming cheats as ,IT better to play one time for a game ,this game it free 1k battles after this 90℅ of players spend minimum 100 euro in this game so voala free game😉

  9. Patata Caliente says:

    It’s not that I complain, but I think you have to put things into perspective. The idea per se is nice, and I am happy to get that female crew (although I really don’t like the Swedish tree so far, but perhaps something better will come up higher on). Up to Tier IX the mission is also very easy to do, so everybody has a good chance to get the full crew – well done. From what I have seen, however, the final mission is really hard to achieve – I played a lot over the weekend, and all I have so far is three epic decorations. I suspect this is where marketing sets in, because Wargaming would not be Wargaming if they did not use the opportunity to get people to buy extra gold. The 50 Euro package is apparently especially tempting because of the gambling aspect; there is a guy in the forum who has bought seven (!) of these packs hoping he’d get the AMX 49 without the clown camo. One might call him a fool, but fact is, such packages are designed to goad the gullible into parting from their money. Sort of kills the Christmas spirit, if you know what I mean. On the bright side, however, the Tier X reward is not all that interesting anyway – 30% of the 103 is nice, but optional, as are the other rewards, so I really don’t know why I should bother. Also, there are ‘recipes’ available from the community to get the decos you need, so perhaps it is not that difficult to get that tree and ‘snowitzer’ decorated anyway.
    To sum up – yes, the special is nice, but you have to see it for what it is: an very clever marketing stunt. Wargaming are extremely skilled at giving people the feeling they are being treated generously, but I suspect after Christmas a lot of people will look at their bank statements and find that they spent way more money they initially wanted to.

  10. mark west says:

    I quit the game December 1st . I have no desire to play Swedish sniper TDs ir autoloaders so the missions are useless for me. If WG makes huge changes and fixes MM, new big maps and nerfs arty I might come back, but hopefully Star Citizen will come out first. I am glad I quit WOTs and dont miss playing PUBS one bit.

  11. Honcho says:

    I love this event. Good bonused for my swedish grind, a female td crew and boxes. Who does not like goody boxes?!

    Together with the news for 2017, iam confident for the future of WoT.

  12. Shrike58 says:

    Yeah…the ornament hunt is certainly addictive fun. At this point I have terminal missions for the T-55A in mediums and TDs and I’d certainly take Swedish personnel so I can have two full crews of gal pals for the top-tier Swedish machines.

  13. Anonymous says:

    What? Zero discounts on tanks it’s “nailing”? WoT is dead outside Russia, from 150-200k active players back in 2013 to 50k on BOTH servers on EU, this game has only 10k more players than PoE which is ridiculous.

  14. Worldatwar2 says:

    I really enjoyed this event, the decorations where a lot of fun, and ofcoutse the Free Garage Slot! 😉
    Jokes aside, this is sofar the best christmas even I’ve enjoyed from WarGaming, and maybe, just maybe they’ll put in a lootcrate system like other comments say, it would be a nice gift for like “detracking 3 enemy’s” or “do atleast so much dmg based on vehicle HP” like personal missions, but less difficult and small rewards like boosters and repair kits (whoo :D)

    WG did a good , lets see what 2017 brings us!

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