New Version: Berlin Map Supertest

This time, the open part of the map has been moved closer to the center to encourage the medium tanks. The cap circles have been given more cover to make them more difficult for Lights to rush and spot.


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New Version: Berlin Map Supertest

7 thoughts on “New Version: Berlin Map Supertest

  1. CynicalDutchie says:

    Can we please get rid of the half city/half field design, just make it a full city map. These deathzones are completely useless

    1. Walter says:

      Can we please get rid of the city maps all together, just make big field maps as the battlefields in the word wars were. There has never been a tank battle in a city. Ever.

    2. bbmoose says:

      What about making maps like Steppes with actual flanking opportunities? Full citymaps are the shittiest maps in the game.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yet another useless map! Why not ass a dead ship? if you want artty to have an easy time, just go back to 5 per game. better yet remove the scumbags!

    1. Walter says:

      There are so many things that suck about word of tanks but people who hate arty usually suffer from a lack of brain cells. Its just so easy to avoid them and they don’t even do damage anymore and you can stop the stunn effect with a medkit.

  3. bbmoose says:

    It’s way to flat. We need more ridgelines and hills in this game. They provide cover, but you can also drive over them for flanking manoeuvers. More dynamic gameplay. We don’t net more city brawling and cornerfights. That’s just dumb and stupid.

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