New Version of “Highway” In Supertest

The revised HD version of Highway is now in Supertest.


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New Version of “Highway” In Supertest

16 thoughts on “New Version of “Highway” In Supertest

    1. Partybooper says:

      “Oh no, more maps I need to learn and memorize! This is not good, I only want 5 maps max in this game!”


      1. Nameless says:

        Diversity for the sake of it has never turned out good.
        Mass migration in recent years from the Middle East to Europe. And forced assimilation of these migrants. Doesn’t this light a lightbulb to you?

      2. Maltratatoru says:

        hey einstein, i don’t mind new maps, as long they aren’t shitty maps… do you like overlord? i think you are the type of player who goes to beach every time

      3. Partybooper says:

        Hey Newton,

        yes, I indeed like Overlord, but sadly I never go to the beach. Instead of redline camping, I go to the East-Central part of the map usually and can use bushes, spot for my allies, flank… You know, the stuff which is actually fun.

        Oh and @Nameless:
        You didn’t just write that, did you? Shame on you mate, shame on you.

      4. Maltratatoru says:

        i’m amazed that you don’t go to beach on overlord…. still, it is a shitty map, and highway too, and again, i don’t mind new maps as long they aren’t shitty one

  1. Sturmi_0545 says:

    looks fallout’ish. but did they fix the problem of having basically just 2 corridors and 60% unusable open death zone on this map?
    who am I kidding? of course not.

  2. Still looks like 2 corridors and a big open wasted middle space

    notice how sparse the tree’s are now, this to get you spotted from way across the other side of map, so LT’s no role again as MT’s will out spot anything as usual

    and has the spawn locations been fixed so the South spawn has a chance to win now, unlike before

    however its another different MAP in the game!! (hopefully soon
    so its good news just for that!

  3. wheeledtank says:

    Recently, I got to play Highway on Console, and I remembered how I liked it. Even more so now, since I’m figuring out how well it works for TDs (especially more mobile ones).

  4. 31k player with 58% average WIN rate says:

    Hey noobs that are against more maps… its not more maps that are being introduced, but giving us back the number of maps we use to have in this game 4 years ago, where the NA server had 3 times the active player base.

    Having great map rotation is important to us who have played thousands of games and financially support World of Tanks.

    1. right behind you mate well said!
      we can NEVER have too many Maps in this game, its called variety and stops boredom
      (21000 games in 4+ years

      ~ I remember at least 15 or so that are still no longer here in the game all deleted for WG €€€ or ?? reasons, cos it wasn’t for the players benefit was it

  5. I can’t wait for them to give us back all those old maps. Hopefully we’ll get again Hiden Village, Sacred Valley, North East (I don’t know if that name it’s accurate) and some others. GJ there Devs.

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Do you mean that one Autumn map with the coal-yard in the middle? Quick google search says its Northwest. I kinda liked that map as well, and would be happy to see it back

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