New WG Title, Pagan Online trailer

Greetings everyone, Wargaming is announcing their new game Pagan online which is an Online ARPG game . Visit to apply for the closed beta.

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New WG Title, Pagan Online trailer

16 thoughts on “New WG Title, Pagan Online trailer

  1. exactly the piece of dirt they had in mind before they “came up” with tanks. Sometimes it seems like WG is trying hard to end themselves. with WoT, they could have it all, but they flush it all with their digital brainfarts. wicked, how incompetent people can get. must be an ex-soviet thing and/or mental issue.

    1. Robopon says:

      But WoT is still going strong, what are you talking abou? They could have it all? They have it all. And who are “they”? It’s not like WG is a single entity. WoT team is completely separated from the development of this one.

    2. squishystar says:

      The mind of a producer weaves differently than that of a consumer. To call people “stupid” just because they have a different way of thinking is stupidity in itself.

  2. Deadoks says:

    Trailer shows nothing… and no screenshot of ingame to see how it’ll look and so… Lets be patient… but WG you know… This game will have credit and gold, premium arrows, Japanese bear with howitzer, Premium dwarves with Defender shield, etc…

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