New WoT Garage Carousel


currently in SP a new Carousel for the garage has appeared, this is how is looks like:


These changes will improve the user experience, besides the filtering by Nation, Type and Tier but you can tick boxes to search for Premium Vehicles, Elite Vehicles, Vehicles that haven’t received the Daily Victory XP Reward and the capability of hide the Domination/Rampage Vehicles.

Cant wait for this, I’m a helpless hoarder in video-games and like I’ve said before, haven’t used mods for WoT for well over a year, have 225 Tanks and counting in my garage (give or take) and these options will be very useful to find the tanks faster!

*Edit* Yes, the Polish flag is available but so was the CZ Flag before the CZ vehicles were introduced so don’t get too excited. There are no new Polish tanks being leaked from this last SP iteration and don’t expect them sooner than 9.16. I will check with my sources and see what I can tell you, cant promise surprises/anything.

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New WoT Garage Carousel

26 thoughts on “New WoT Garage Carousel

    1. Indeed, but IMO that is one of the key features, cause I have a bunch of primary tanks and would like to have as many as possible on the screen at the time

    1. 370 tanks…

      I wish they would add more options besides ‘Primary’ and ‘the rest’. My primaries are my top tiers, but I could use another category for SH tanks for example.

  1. Thomas says:

    Interface looks decent but I hope usability is on par with current xvm – Having to click more to find the right tank stinks. Pleased to see WG finally doing something though and it looks promising. Having an option for 2 lines of tanks is a must have though for any veteran tanker.
    When doing tier 6, 8 or 10 the current interface will still force me to click more buttons or scroll more.

  2. Aries says:

    Does anyone else think that this looks an awfully alot alike to world of warships…is wargaming finally learning something from a different one of their games lol. Amazing what happens when you outsource a different game even though its still yours.

      1. Dowbor says:

        “There are no new Polish tanks being leaked from this last SP iteration and don’t expect them sooner than 9.16”. What did you mean Rita? You dont expect polish mini branch or You dont expect even one polish premium tank before patch 9.16?

  3. Winterx says:

    We don’t really need larger or more intuitive buttons (cloughing up the screen even further – yes, I have an old screen). What is needed is the option to add more rows to the existent carousell… and I frankly cannot see that in WG’s approach.

  4. OrigamiChik3n says:

    This screenshot doesn’t have tick box for tanks that haven’t received daily double. I wonder if it’s the older screenshot that does not reflect latest changes or is Rita just a tad too optimistic? 🙂

  5. Infernal969 says:

    Can we finally get a fucking sorter that will show tanks from the highest tier to the lowest? Or is it above WG’s capabilities?

  6. sui says:

    the carousel mod is the only reason I run mods. when they bring this in I can finally go back to vanilla. i dont understand what took them so long, players have been asking for this for years.

  7. James k says:

    That’s a great start. I don’t use mods but the garage needs some love for sure filters and a 2nd carousel would help.

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