NewER Physics: E-25 TD can do handbrake turns


Despite WG’s claims that TDs and SPGs can not perform handbrake turns (Watch) for balance considerations, it seems like they forgot a particular cucaracha, the E-25, a TD, can actually do them.

Gleen A(Thanks for emailing!), made a video:


I took this cheeky bugger for a battle and handbrake turn-surprise back hull sexed far too many tanks to feel comfortable about this. “Balanced” is not the term I would give to the E-25’s current state:

E-25 drivers, enjoy while it lasts, I don’t believe this will stay for too long in the game.


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NewER Physics: E-25 TD can do handbrake turns

38 thoughts on “NewER Physics: E-25 TD can do handbrake turns

  1. fighting_falcon93 says:

    That is not a handbrake turn Rita, it’s just ordinary handbrake stop (which is enabled on all TDs) + E25’s quick traverse speed. Take a ride in a Bulldog or ELC and you’ll see what a handbrake turn looks like.

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Lets be fair here the E25 has the handbreak because its a “”Prem”” tank and its consittered a NERF when it dosent have it.: so look at it that way.. Also the fv304 has no range andreliess on its speed more then its bark and bite. my fv gas 2k battles in it sonny so i know my bert alot more then those that DONT drive it. My cup of tea would be wargaming wants to fleshout the the tanks that play differently from the other or teating them to see if it can be done as you know everyone can do that, As the BTSV dosent HAVE a “handbreak” for because that things redicuois if it had that power.: also im wondering.. how the funk can an ELC have 35 power to weight ratio. and has a traverse of what 34 and can pull off 60 degrees of Turning?! while the BTSV cant and it has a 40hp a ton ratio and has 10 tons and has 33?? can someone explane this wichery?!

      2. skivster says:

        Oh so there is suddenly a NEW class of tank all of a sudden? “Hybrid Artillery aka Who The Fuck Knows What”

      3. RagnarokBazil says:

        it actully is. seen the vids where the fv304 had to scout cause the players team would go in the magic forest to spot? And had to carry a came because again donkey team? The fv304 is the only hybred i welcome and lets say that wargaming has said they were sapposed to have a Light Morter tree aka Light Artillery So you can say they are making preperations for it.

      4. skivster says:

        They also said they would fix MM, fix Skill rounds problem and fix corridor maps.

      5. RagnarokBazil says:

        go drive your heavies and dont worry about flanking and taking cover thats arty safe and just rage and complain :p you remind me of DeZgames Sterotype heavy tank players RAGE RAGE RAGE. so theres no logic answer for you. 😀 Better just end the topic now.

  2. that is not the same as what LTs and MTs can pull off, its because the E25 is so fast had has such good traverse it looks similar to what LTs can do. Ive been driving the ELC around and when you do a handbrake in that you spin on the spot. I think that is just a representation of the overall buff that tanks with mobility have gotten now that they can retain inertia while driving compared to before

  3. ShelbyGT500 says:

    LOL. This is not handbrake turn. I kind of like you Rita, but last few months there are more pictures with you personally than serious informations from World of tanks. You are still doing the work pretty good, but i hope that SS will come back.

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Rita, that is not a handbrake turn, it’s just ordinary handbrake stop (which is enabled on all TDs) + E25’s quick traverse speed. Take a ride in a Bulldog or ELC and you’ll see what a handbrake turn looks like.

      2. skivster says:

        FIGHTING_FALCON93@ and yet the HANDBRAKE aka “Press Space To Lock One Track” feature was to be disables for ALL(!) TDs arties(yes even the Hybrid WTFKW(tm) )
        And here we see the cockroach doing it. Incredible isnt it no?

      3. fighting_falcon93 says:

        @SKIVSTER: No, read the patchnotes again. In 9.14 ALL tanks have handbrake (space), but handbrake TURN (space+a or space+d) was disabled for TDs and SPGs. Ordinary handbrake and handbrake turn is 2 different things.

  4. nemokeine says:

    Ive driven both the E25 and the ELC and while you can turn around the E25 pretty quick, its no ELC handbrake which will spin the tank around in place almost instantly (ELC traverse 38*/s vs the E25s 44*/s). I think what is being picked up on is just being able to turn quickly because with the new physics tanks have an inertia to them that helps the fast tanks just maneuver better, even without the special handbrake turn.

  5. I’m sorry but is NOT a track break turn. He tank is fast, if you take any tank as fast has the E-25, stop pressing W and just press A or D and you will see how fast it will turn. The “handbrake” you can see the tank slide and turn completely around if you want. The E-25 doesn’t do that. I’m sorry Rita, but this is just “false claims”, and the guy doesn’t understand the new physics.

    1. skivster says:

      Sorry for you to be sorry, but sorry, the E25 does have handbrake. Just needs to press SPACE to activate Epic Turn Radius Magical Powers.

    2. Ragnarokbazil says:

      Dont worry the comments below are just everyday cry babies :p its just a game and they are just unhappy that they are no longer fallowing the standard 5 rules of classes as they are expanding it to ten now.

  6. Glenn A says:

    For those that say its not doing a handbrake turn feel free to try it then.

    Its not nearly as quick as it was on the test server but its still capable of doing handbrake turns.

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      I have an E25 and i dod as you asked it barely pulls one off so no thats not a handbreak just Pysics being pysics. i barely play the e25 and lets not take account for perks in play too.

  7. ol_Cajun says:

    Know a bunch of folks like this sort of thing. I was about to go back and start plating WoT again, but from this and other vids, I think I’m going to pass on World of go-karts.

  8. The E25 is not OP in the hands of an ‘average player’ yes sure its sneaky fast and shoots really fast but it also dies fast as well if you don’t remember its a ‘TD’ no turret crappy armour and every module is fragile if hit anywhere, it don’t take damage well at all

    Sure yes your right!
    as iv also seen YouTube videos of a players ‘best game of the players life’ where its OP as hell and epic kills everywhere for fun – or with the entire enemy noobies or tomatoes its easy then, isn’t it?

    mostly its ‘good’ to Unicum players (or wot twitch streamers) that make it ‘look’ very OP the fact is a Unicum can make almost ANY tank look OP, and most oif the time, most of us (if honest) cant were not good enough not even close

    Most normal players
    (which at the moment are mostly noobies or tomato players, hence the 4 min battle slaughters) usual just die fast anyway
    the current WOT game meta does not suit camping TDs in a bush, simple as there are hardly any good bushes in the Maps now, – so play a TD its not the best time in WOT now

  9. At first, I thought the exact same thing, but as mentioned before, it’s just a combination of the handbrake stop, letting off the throttle, and the E25’s already-good traverse speed. The maneuver isn’t nearly as sharp as an actual handbrake turn (see ELCs/etc for reference).

  10. ge0brein says:

    Indeed what you are showing in the video is NOT a HANDBRAKE turn!!! Get the facts right please before you state something. 😉

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