Next 2 “On Tracks”


just to tell you that the next 2 “On Tracks“, tier 10 discount for NA are going to be:

From March 31: Maus


From April 14: STB-1


That’s all folks.

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Next 2 “On Tracks”

3 thoughts on “Next 2 “On Tracks”

  1. pixywing says:

    If on-tracks gave gold I would actually do them again, now I just buy the next tank if it’s available or I’m close to it.

    1. microamp says:

      I’m sort of the same. This time around I opted to skip the T57 Heavy, already have it. Though most of the time I do them for the equipment that you get at 100k and 200k. I certainly have less desire since the free gold went away.

      1. pixywing says:

        It was really nice as it even got me to buy premium time to grind it out and it usually got me to play another 1000 games in that two week span instead of 20 or so games.

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