O-I Exp’s Firepower



a redditor, HeinrichVonDoucheber caught my attention and gave me authorization to use his O-I Exp’s Firepower spreadsheet that compares this tank to other similar vehicles:

O-I Exp V 300 9.69
ARL 44 VI 300 10.69
T-150 VI 300 10.20
T29 VII 320 11.41
AMX M4 45 VII 300 9.60
T32 VIII 320 10.60
Tiger II VIII 320 10.40
VK 45.02A VIII 320 10.10
110 VIII 320 10.00

HeinrichVonDoucheber says:

So here is the table with comparison of reload time on O-I Exp and other heavies that have guns with similar average damage. Reload times were taken from wiki page, which accounts for fully trained crew, and no equipment. So O-I Exp beats all those tier VI, VII and VIII tanks except AMX M4 45, which reloads just 0.09 seconds faster.

I just don’t see what is such a gun doing in tier V. If it had horrible penetration or huge reload than you could say it’s compensated by that, but it doesn’t, it has excellent penetration for its tier and it reloads faster than 3 tiers higher tanks. It can 2 shot other heavies in its tier with AP shell, and since it has excellent penetration you don’t even have to aim at the weak spots. Tier V and VI games are infested with O-I Exp and O-I, there is not a single game without at least 1-3 of those per team.


Another spreadsheet, made by killswitch247O-I Exp’s compared to other tier V heavies:

Green= Best  Blue= Second Best

TANK HP ALPHA DPM 30 sec damage 60 sec damage PEN Accuracy Aim time Dispersion Gun depression
Kv-1s 122mm heat 660 370 1995 1110 2220 140 0,56 2,78 22/22/18
O-I exp 700 300 1935 1200 2100 130 0,39 2,49 20/20/16 10°
Bdr g1b 650 240 1580 960 1680 135 0,38 2,40 30/30/16
Kv-1 85mm 640 160 2002 1120 2080 120 0,40 2,78 25/25/16
Kv-1s 85mm 660 160 2002 1120 2080 119 0,40 2,40 22/22/13
Churchill I 700 135 1759 945 1890 145 0,35 2,21 20/20/20
Vk3001h 660 135 1689 945 1755 157 0,33 2,40 22/22/20
T1 heavy 660 115 1998 1035 2070 128 0,41 2,21 24/24/16 10°
Kv-1 57mm 640 85 2312 1190 2380 112 0,33 2,21 25/25/14

killswitch247 says:

The problem with the O-I experimental is that it’s best in class or a close second in all important stats. it isn’t weak in any way to balance out its strengths.


What you think about this vehicle and Japanese heavies in general?


I personally find that World of Tanks was a better place before the Japanese Heavies came into the scene.  For you guys, Japanese HTs are that inebriated guy who at a Gents WC will get uncomfortably close to you and then piss on your shoes. They just get on the way, push you around and most of the time are nothing but a HP to farm team slot waster with the aptitude and accuracy of a drunk men that eventually will get lucky enough to one shot kill a poor sod.  

Lately, when I wish I was playing other games and/or feelling like quitting the game for the day is when I see one of those coming around the corner.

I  also created 2 different nicknames to Japanese HTs depending how good the player driving is, “Trailer Trash” and “Mobile Japanese home”, the last kind is very rare to spot.

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