O-I Exp’s Firepower



a redditor, HeinrichVonDoucheber caught my attention and gave me authorization to use his O-I Exp’s Firepower spreadsheet that compares this tank to other similar vehicles:

O-I Exp V 300 9.69
ARL 44 VI 300 10.69
T-150 VI 300 10.20
T29 VII 320 11.41
AMX M4 45 VII 300 9.60
T32 VIII 320 10.60
Tiger II VIII 320 10.40
VK 45.02A VIII 320 10.10
110 VIII 320 10.00

HeinrichVonDoucheber says:

So here is the table with comparison of reload time on O-I Exp and other heavies that have guns with similar average damage. Reload times were taken from wiki page, which accounts for fully trained crew, and no equipment. So O-I Exp beats all those tier VI, VII and VIII tanks except AMX M4 45, which reloads just 0.09 seconds faster.

I just don’t see what is such a gun doing in tier V. If it had horrible penetration or huge reload than you could say it’s compensated by that, but it doesn’t, it has excellent penetration for its tier and it reloads faster than 3 tiers higher tanks. It can 2 shot other heavies in its tier with AP shell, and since it has excellent penetration you don’t even have to aim at the weak spots. Tier V and VI games are infested with O-I Exp and O-I, there is not a single game without at least 1-3 of those per team.


Another spreadsheet, made by killswitch247O-I Exp’s compared to other tier V heavies:

Green= Best  Blue= Second Best

TANK HP ALPHA DPM 30 sec damage 60 sec damage PEN Accuracy Aim time Dispersion Gun depression
Kv-1s 122mm heat 660 370 1995 1110 2220 140 0,56 2,78 22/22/18
O-I exp 700 300 1935 1200 2100 130 0,39 2,49 20/20/16 10°
Bdr g1b 650 240 1580 960 1680 135 0,38 2,40 30/30/16
Kv-1 85mm 640 160 2002 1120 2080 120 0,40 2,78 25/25/16
Kv-1s 85mm 660 160 2002 1120 2080 119 0,40 2,40 22/22/13
Churchill I 700 135 1759 945 1890 145 0,35 2,21 20/20/20
Vk3001h 660 135 1689 945 1755 157 0,33 2,40 22/22/20
T1 heavy 660 115 1998 1035 2070 128 0,41 2,21 24/24/16 10°
Kv-1 57mm 640 85 2312 1190 2380 112 0,33 2,21 25/25/14

killswitch247 says:

The problem with the O-I experimental is that it’s best in class or a close second in all important stats. it isn’t weak in any way to balance out its strengths.


What you think about this vehicle and Japanese heavies in general?


I personally find that World of Tanks was a better place before the Japanese Heavies came into the scene.  For you guys, Japanese HTs are that inebriated guy who at a Gents WC will get uncomfortably close to you and then piss on your shoes. They just get on the way, push you around and most of the time are nothing but a HP to farm team slot waster with the aptitude and accuracy of a drunk men that eventually will get lucky enough to one shot kill a poor sod.  

Lately, when I wish I was playing other games and/or feelling like quitting the game for the day is when I see one of those coming around the corner.

I  also created 2 different nicknames to Japanese HTs depending how good the player driving is, “Trailer Trash” and “Mobile Japanese home”, the last kind is very rare to spot.

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O-I Exp’s Firepower

85 thoughts on “O-I Exp’s Firepower

  1. Shrike58 says:

    I have to admit that I’m more Trailer Trash than not in the O-I Exp. but by the time I started playing it people have figured it out.

    1. I played it, and it has almost the same issues like the TOG. Good gun, accuracy can be a bitch ( even fully aimed, if the target is far enough, you miss by a mile), the armor is kind of the same ( once I was killed by a Luchs in my O-I Exp damn it…), but the real draw is the speed, the apphauling lack of it. Most battles were already over, and I was still lagging behind, chasing the action. so i would say, the tank is prety well ballanced. So eighter leave it as it is, lower the alpha, but increase the speed and accuracy, or lower the alpha and and the reload time and the dispersion.

      1. You say its slow, its quite possibly the fastest tier 5 heavy, with T1 and vk maybe the same.
        And you complain about the accuracy, if its so bad why are there only 2 tier 5 heavies more accurate than the OI exp.

        You must either have a terrible crew, but every tank is bad with
        -80% crew. Or maybe the top engine improves it a lot, but I doubt that changes very much. You are the first person who tries to give reasons for it being okay, that I’ve encountered on the web, but it isn’t, I think the OI is possibly even worse, but that at least has some blatant weaknesses. You could say camo rating, but it has 50! Meters more view range than a kv1…

    1. Marian says:

      WUT ?! O-I exp. is very fast .. VERY 🙂
      Mobility stats
      O-I exp KV-1 VK 30.01 H
      Engine Power 1200 hp 500 hp 400 hp
      Horse power / weight 12.00 hp/t 10.18 hp/t 10.86 hp/t
      Traverse Speed 24 d/s 20 d/s 22 d/s
      Max Climb Angle 25 25 25
      Hard terrain resistance 1.00 1.10 1.00
      Medium terrain resistance 1.10 1.40 1.20
      Soft terrain resistance 1.80 2.00 2.50

  2. Teobold Tor says:

    I think they’re overpowered, all other tanks have drawbacks but the OI Exp and OI don’t.
    Churchill Mk I. has accuracy and RoF but slow speed and poor gun depression
    KV-1 has armour and a good gun but it’s blind and slow
    KV-2 had a derp, but that’s balanced by the tier 5 hull and viewrange
    Churchill VII has, er yeah
    And so on.

    1. Killer says:

      wait the o-i exp and o-i don’t have draw backs? what about the fact the exp has non existent armour when facing anything that’s tier 5 or above… the o-i is the same not counting mediums, and the jagdpanzerIV, but that thing doesn’t have any pen yet. also you are the size of a maus (to be correct you are bigger than an maus, the maus is only longer) and your side armour is paper thin and pretty much any light tank will touch you in places and good mediums will do the same. really the Japanese heavies are only good when seal clubbing.

  3. exocet6951 says:

    Not pictured : the OI being a gigantic, and quite poorly armored target. You can look at gun stats and draw conclusions all you want, but in battle, OI-exp are just food on any map that isn’t completely closed off. And that’s without even mentioning how you’re arty’s number 1 priority, which would bring the OI-exp down to shit tier, along with the VK3001H.

    1. hmn says:

      The VK is actually amazing, I have no idea why it’s so hated. Hull down, it can accurately pick apart every other tank in it’s tier and most above, while you put yourself at minimal risk due to a mostly bouncy turret. I had crazy good games in it and I only have a 51% WR.

      1. exocet6951 says:

        It can be played correctly, but it still doesn’t make it a particularily good tank. There’s really no situation I can find myself thinking :”Gee, I wish I were in a VK3001H right now…” while playing tier5.

  4. Shrike58 says:

    I find the turret to be quite weak, so that’s a point of balance. Keep in mind that while I’ll accept the description of scrublord I’m not a stupid either; I almost killed one of these things with a Type T-34 the first day it was out and that’s without spreming gold. For all the machine’s virtues at the end of the day it’s a really just a faster TOG II.

  5. I can deal with OI exp gun, bcs that tank freaking godzila with bad armor , but OI are really annoying, almost every tier 4 tank and t5 premium can’t do anything against OI from the front.
    “use HE shell” ? give me a break, even 122mm HE shell on KV-1/1s deal only ~50-> 80 damg with frontal hit.
    Plus 150mm of OI can easily wreck tier 4/5 tank with 1 shot. We already have KV-2 with 152mm gun, but at least KV-2 have worse armor than KV-1, not 150mm armor with no weaknest from the front like OI

  6. Thomas says:

    I would really like to point out that even if the O-I Exp (and the O-I) is an OP SOB the statement about no disadvantages is wrong. Not only is the O-I Exp. a rather large target it’s also super soft against anything tier 5+ and many tier 4 tanks…

  7. The_Georgian_One says:

    There is a huge discussion on the forums how O-I exp and O-I are OP and are spoiling the balance and fun of tier V to VIII games. I find it particularly annoying to meet them when I’m driving my Cromwell B or Comet and I’m getting sniped for 300+ or derped for full HP by O-I camping base and playing TD…

  8. Jurrunio says:

    At least O-I exp is not tough…

    But srsly, the speed must be nerfed. I’d say O-I terrain resistance and at most 30km/h top speed. Also, make the secondary turrets weak spots so tier 4s got a chance to kill one of these from the front. The side should also be nerfed to around 50mm. Then the O-I exp will be a well-armed but mediocre armoured crawler, playing the role in balancing KVs from owning everything while being possible to be killed by most tanks At tier 3-4.

    1. Nerfing the Speed of the O-I Exp isnt the right thing to do, one of the nicest things about the tank is how fast it is for its size, which makes it a really fun tank to play.
      Imo, nerfing the guns DPM would be a good start, maybe some gun handling nerf with it, but not the speed, the tank is massive and has no armor against anything that matters, the speed is one of its redeeming factors.

  9. drogo says:

    Get into a matchup where you are top tier, a city map, limited or no arty and the enemy team is full of scrubs that don’t know how where to shoot and its the most op tank in the game. Get any thing else and you are just a huge xp farm.

    They said they pulled the mauschen because of this and yet they seem to have no problems with this imbalance with the mid tier Jap heavies.

  10. Shrike58 says:

    I’ll also note that I’ve shot up O-I Experimentals from across the field on Prokhorovka in the friggin’ ST vx. 39 of all things using standard ammo. As always (adopting my best “Unicum’s Guide” voice) friggin’ stupid people need to learn to flank and target weak spots.

  11. camaro16 says:

    Well, i don`t see a problem. It’s a good tank, but i won’t say it`s overpowered. Take KV-1 for example, it has great armor, impenetrable turret, great dpm, , avarage gun handling, bad viewrange.
    O-I exp has great dpm, great gun handling, great viewrange, but bad armor and huge size. Almost all with 100+ pen guns can penetrate tank, even turret from front.

  12. hmn says:

    O-I Exp has extremely weak armour for same tier guns and is obviously a prime target for arty. The gun handling an accuracy are also nothing to write home about. Using ONLY the damage and reload to judge the tank is either very stupid or frankly disingenuous.

    I did have a great time with the Exp, but then again, I played it extremely carefully. You can’t lead assaults with it like in the KV-1, even when top tier, and hull-down tactics don’t work too well either, since the sloping on the turret is not enough to off-put the mediocre armour. Then there are physical limitations due to the tank design itself -It can’t utilise it’s impressive gun depression for huge swathes of the tank thanks to the mini turrets.

    All in all, it’s extremely good in very singular playstyle, and one of it’s great strengths is its penetration means it performs just as well top tier as bottom, but its also extremely unforgiving and playing it like many other heavies will get you killed more often than not.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Kv1s impenetrable turret that is easily penned by the OI exp…

      Gun stats are better in every way than a kv1, mobilty is MUCH better. Yes its big and has mediocre armor, but in a city peekabooming it annihilates the kv1. The biggest issue however is the 300 alpha, which is RIDICULOUS at tier 5 when you’re top tier you can pretty much kill someone every 10 secs. If it had worst in class gun handling I might’ve understood, but its among the best gun handling. Especially for tier 4s and TDs it completely ruins the game.

  13. DontFearDaReaper says:

    Overpowered and ahistorical Japanese heavy tanks are just one of the reasons I have made the switch from WoT to AW as my game of choice.

  14. Akula971 says:

    Its just a new heavy designed to replace and to appeal to those players that loved the old KV1-S. It will get a whole group of people to grind a line that they normally wouldn’t bother with, and as a result SPEND cash of crew retraining or cammo. A tank that weighs 100tons and moves more than 5mph?…….sure.

  15. Manslayer says:

    Ofc the gun on OI exp. is good, what else do you expect? It is a huge box made out of paper, what else could be good about that tank if not it’s gun? Comparing gun depression is just joke on it’s own, it’s almost 2 times as big as other tanks, do you really expect when KV-1 is gonna facehug it, it won’t be able to shoot at it?
    OI on the other hand is just broken, there are no frontal weakspots, so you are basically forced to load gold to pen it frontally even with tanks of the same tier and it doesn’t matter if he is standing in the open or not.

  16. tribun1211 says:

    The O-I Exp. is easy to kill….just shoot the turret…no gold needed…or use gold in the back or the flat parts…i pen them everytime in kv1 church3 stug3g matilda … but its alpha is to high…. and dont attack it alone…

    The Jap Heavy line is useless…. too slow, turns slower then the earth rotates and an arty magnet…. but still is fun to be 3 O-Is in a platoon on Himmelsdorf but not as much as the KV-2

  17. Caslas says:

    I despise them, new players have no chance against these things, even good players struggle like hell, even more so on a city map, Rita emphasise this is one of my replays if you wanted to check out 1v1 on himmelsdorf me Wolverine him O-I, i’ve carried, saved cap, my regular cant pen him from font or rear only his side, he controls the cap, prem rounds are only 177mm his front & rear weakest part is 150mm http://wotreplays.com/site/2372287#stats

    1. Learn weakspots. He gave you his 35mm plate almost that entire time.

      Stop crying. Stop sucking.

      Did you know the TIER 1 L.TR can pen O-I from the front. They have a weakspot only 35mm thick. I think of O-I as food. Huge with armour that is worthless against me. No mobility and a Gun that loads once every 3 million years. So easy to kill.

      1. It gets to see tier 3 because wg is stupid. It’s not different for tanks like the kv1. When they meet tier 3 they are invincible. It’s not the tank that op. It’s the mm that’s broken.

        Nothing to do with whether I’m a unicum or not. It annoys me that someone complains about something yet have absolutely no clue about it. How can you complain before you even know? And FYI tier 3 tanks can all pen both oi exp and oi at almost any angle.

        Whereas there almost no tier 3 tanks that can pen a kv1 at any angle.

        To be fair. I was harsh. I apologise for that. But please learn the weakspots of the tank and try to shoot them before you complain about the armour. It’s like me shooting up of maus and then whining it’s OP.

      2. Caslas says:

        Firstly I accept your apology, also agree with mostly what you say but not how you said it, I don’t dislike you nor will I get into a slagging match & have no right to question you as you out class me tenfold but don’t talk down to me just because of a difference of opinion & skill level, I play seriously but not all the time 9k games since 2011, I’m a good player but nowhere near unicum like you, you are the class above everyone, things like this you pick up quicker that’s what makes you better, granted I didn’t know about the 35mm part but that is partly because I don’t play low/mid tiers very much anymore, I was in murovanka T8 match in my IS-3, I was hit 3 times by a hiding O-I for 1k+ damage there is nothing I can do about it my armour counts for nothing that gun, I use a dip he has -10 depression vs the KV-2 it is far superior as a whole package IMO now knowing the 35mm part will help a great deal so thank you but I still consider that tank op.

  18. O-I Exp is balanced by having armor as good as a tier 4 LT (or even worse) for the size of a Maus. Anything can pen it from any angle. And it’s near impossible to miss.

    The goal of this tank is to do as much dmg as possible before dying. If it misses a shot at its target, it’s dead.

    Japanese HT are overall balanced. Tier 5 and 6 are a problem when really toptier as even same tier tanks can ruin them if played well (for tier 6 same tier TDs and some HTs. You know, what is supposed to fight them. And other tanks can flank and have their 60mm flank).

    Tier 7 is the first fun tank to play becauss its armor actualy works, and it doesnt have huge turrets everywhere. And gun is like T-29’s.

    Tier 8 is garbage. Have to use howitzer as the normal gun wont work unless toptier. Tier 9 is slow as hell, has slpw dpm and terribad accuracy, and at this tier everyone spams cHEAT so armor doesnt count exept for lower tiers.

    Tier X is actualy good, until it’s spotted and the whole map + a few other focus it and spam nothing but gold everywhere.

    This tanks are bad overall, tier 5 is powerful but certainly not OP (it’s like a WT E-100 in size and armor exept without hull one, and without autoloader. Does hurt but easy kill) tier 6 as well. And these are the only tanks without OP gold ammo (none of them go above 290mm pen even at tier 10, meanwhile RHM WT has 330mm 750dmg shells and fights tier 6s).

  19. flakeater says:

    >For you guys, Japanese HTs are that inebriated guy who at a Gents WC will get uncomfortably close to you and then piss on your shoes

    scary bit is you made it sound like you have “experience” in this field. wait what?

  20. Infernal969 says:

    Did the StuG and KV-1 sealclubbing get too hard?
    Silly jabs aside, sure, the gun is ridiculous, but amoebas (99.9% of tier 5 players) still suck a massive cock in it.
    The game has far more concerning issues when it comes to balancing, namely:
    – T110E5
    – WTF 100
    – T 50 and T 50/51
    – IS-3
    – Tier 6 OI
    – entirety of tier 7

  21. Landric says:

    The only thing the O-I Exp needs is its alpha nerfed to 250 and no other stats changed (keep reload the same so DPM goes down). There are tanks 3 tiers higher with 100mm guns that do 250 damage per shot, there is no reason for a tier 5 100mm gun to do 300 damage per shot. That would still be the highest alpha for a non-derp gun on a tier 5 tank, but it wouldn’t be an automatic one-shot for all tier 3s, most tier 4s, and some tier 5s on a high roll.

    The O-I either needs to lose the derp gun, gain some frontal weak spots, or have the derp gun nerfed significantly. They took the HEAT away from the KV-2 because everyone was spamming it and it wasn’t balanced. So what did they do? Put a more heavily armored KV-2 into the game with better gun handling and HEAT ammo. So, lose the HEAT, reduce AP pen, give it premium HE with more splash or premium AP with slightly more pen like the KV-2 (but less than 150), or just remove the derp and make it available first on the O-Ni.

  22. Mass says:

    I personally don’t think they are OP at all, even though I don’t have one. I get so damn hyped when I see one in enemy team in my T-34, its seriously a cash/EXP piñata

  23. Nothing OP about the Japanese heavies. In fact other than tier 5 and 6 they are utter complete shit.

    The problem is that wot players are fucking retarded and have no idea where to aim.
    Secondly the tier 5 has no armour while the tier 6 has no mobility. They have weaknesses.
    What the stats also don’t tell you is the size of the tanks and the amount and size of the weakspots. The armour on this entire line is worthless against anyone who has even the slightest clue where to aim or against anyone who spams gold.

    The only thing that needs changing is to slightly reduce the RoF on the tier 5. That said almost any other tier 5 heavy tank will kill it first if they sit in front of each other and pen all their shots.

    They are so bloody huge that almost arena tank at each of their respective tiers can sit alongside and kill it with impunity and considering their mobility it isn’t hard at all.

    They are much much worse tanks in game which are completely broken. Mostly Russian. I for one don’t mind if a tank is slightly too powerful as long as it isn’t completely overpowered. It does have weaknesses and they can be exploited by anyone with more than a single braincell.

    1. pacer123 says:

      Sir, pls show us how to pen O-I in a KV-1 or T1 HT even with gold ammo. If it is not angling, showing a little piece of weak armor above the track then you are f*cked. Even E5’s cupola is easier to pen with AP. And don’t act all high and mighty like all ppl playing WoT should know everything- especialy on tier 5-6.

  24. marianr87 says:

    My problem is less with the the OI Exp and more with the tier 6 OI. I just hate to encounter one of those. The OIXP at least can be easily penetrated from any angle and because it doesn’t use HE it also bounces on well angled and armored tanks, I can pen it with Kv-220-s and T-14 standing right in front of it and kill it before it kills me even if doesn’t miss or bounce its shots and the t-14 at least is not that OP.

    On the other hand when I meet an OI even in regular tier 6 tanks I can have problems penning it from the side if it angles and if you are close to it, it uses a derp gun, it doesn’t have to pen and you’re dead. The turrets on the front are also strong. I hate meeting in a confide place, not much to do to avoid it.

  25. Onicorn says:

    O-I Exp is a bit soft for a heavy but it’s the best at HP trading in it’s tier. It’s also damn massive which means that the camo rating is super bad which doesn’t matter at all since every map is a corridor fest.
    It will propably become noticeably less OP the moment WG decides to fix the maps but at the moment it’s the easiest tank to play and also counter at tier 5.

    one of the biggest reasons it’s so good is the fact that the players at tier 5 are new and don’t have the coordination, tactical insight and knowledge needed to play against it, against a competent player in some other tier 5 tank it becomes tricky to use though.

  26. Bert Keg says:

    O-I and O-I Exp are fun to play, but they are a wet dream for arty. They should be priority targets for everyone who plays with half a clue. The Jap Superheavies do roll over ignorant players.

  27. pacer123 says:

    Now every noobs can roll in japs HT and roflstomp everything with minimum risk. O-I exp has weak armor? And do you think KV-1 is that much better? O-I is just pure cancer- who the hell has to hit its tiny weakspot above the track when sidehug is not possible everytime? Fast, terrifying gun, unmatched armor. Pls, O-I drivers, dont be surprised when everyone use gold on you.

  28. unable2pwn says:

    The OI exp’s weakness is its armor, the tier 5 heavys can and do pen them. I agree the gun needs a nerf for balancing tho. That said I have seen numerous tier 6 and 7 battles without any jap heavies (and yes that is since their release). The OI does require you to span gold at its flat surfaces but honestly, isnt that what you do in tier 9 and 10 battles anyway?

  29. Gonna repeat what I said on another post because this is a large factor to why the O-I Exp is OP:

    “People are actually defending this tank? The O-I Exp is hilariously OP because of the tiering it gets, it gets to fight tier threes. A 3-man platoon in a tier 3 match= instant win. What a mess.”

  30. mother's loll says:

    Let’s say, if the O-I would have been a premium tank, WOT would have taken it from the shop and only sell it on christmas for a lot of money (incl. gold and premium account days).
    But so, it’s free for everyone (without any skill and aimbot) to bash other player’s face.
    Hail WOT!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well, I used to play games in my KV220-2 all day everyday, but these Japanese heavy tanks rip my 220 to shreds and I can’t even pen them, so now my 220-2 just sits in my garage

  32. Anonymous says:

    OI exp. is XP pinata. Its huge, armor is garbage for anything in its tier, and turret is massive weakspot. Tier 3 can get through that turret.
    The only problem with OI exp is, its on tier5 – where players have no idea where to aim. Heck some of them has problems driving in straight line at tier 5.

    I dont know, I have no respect when I see OI exp. and Im driving anything. In tier 3 I only have to make him rush the shot and miss, then its easy prey.

    High tier Japanese heavies are another story though. Type4 heavy for example. Good luck meeting that in tier 7 or 8. Fucking Jagdtier with its 276mm AP pen cannot get through front of that thing. I kept him tracked for 4 minutes trying to find a weakspot in front. Ran out of ammo..

  33. Xeno says:

    well i never have issues fighting the O-I EXP mainly because i tend to be able to take advantages of hills so all they can shoot is auto bounce or i get shots off before they can

  34. Xeno says:

    i dont have these issues i just shoot them in the turret because the gun is in the middle so you can shoot the lovely turret meat and dont even get me started on the sides

  35. O-I is just mediocre. With that speed you can’t carry many games because you are too slow to react on anything. KV-2 is still much more practical, although with that kind of armor I know that O-I would be an easy option for beginner: Heavy armor, low speed (you make less mistake) and derp gun which does not require weakspot aiming.

    O-I Exp, however, is a death machine. Why do you need armor when you can kill almost every tank you meet regularly in less than 6 second? you could easily peekaboo and trade damage with your huge alpha, and that high speed is the cream on top since you can react quickly and RAM. 100 ton ram basically can OHK a KV-1 on a downhill,and even normal ram could severly damage most other tanks. Before enemy could exhaust your huge HP pool you should have caused enough havoc already to win the match.

    Armor useless against high tier? You’re not supposed to use it either way, be a proper 2nd line. Your gun and speed are enough to keep up with tier 7.

    1. taief98 says:

      And it has wrecked tier 6 skirmishes. 7 OIS camping Base at himmelsdorf is impossible to beat.

      A mode which used to be credit farming now results in having to spam gold to not lose money to tryhards who just sit in Base all game fapping away.
      It’s not like OIS are blind like Russian tanks they get 370. Viewrange

  36. Anonymous says:

    There’s one other issue about JP HT’s, namely O-Ho (though O-Ni qualifes too) – the shell price. A 105mm shell that does 330dmg, has 215pen avg and costs HALF of T32 shell that does less dmg and has less pen. And then there’s the T28 concept’s 1k ammo (180/320). Not to mention T-54 family’s 1170cr HE, because that is just ridiculous.

  37. taief98 says:

    Yh tanks like the OI completely wrecked tier 6 meta for tourneys and skirmishes massively. Just 7 OIS camping Base on himmelsdorf in skirmishes completely shuts down the game.

  38. Helmut von Krieghoff says:

    We could probably talk circles about the Experimental and the absurdity of its gun, but for what it’s worth, the armour for the whole isn’t exactly all that great. Still is basically a KV-2 that sees tier IIIs all over again, followed closely by a KV-2 on steroids, but for the most part, they’ll burn more than kill.

  39. Grabarz says:

    O-I exp to much dmg
    O-I (6th trier) to thick armor – to much dmg
    7/8 trier does not matter they sucks
    9 most liked one as i can see of frequency in the battles -great armor nice dmg occupied by speed 250 mm of angled armor — 286 mm penetration is not enough sometimes …
    trier 10 well its strange tank larger even than e100 or maus 260 mm of armor but most of time they die to fast at trier 10 battles

  40. Anonymous says:

    I played 100 battles with this and I have to say that it make me feel dirty. It is too op for its tier, I couldn´t play more. 🙂

  41. Punisher says:

    I played 100 battles with this and I have to say that it make me feel dirty. It is too op for its tier, I couldn´t play more. 🙂

  42. o-i exp is relatively easy to deal, its front armour can be penetrated easily by same tiers. but counter o-i is tricky, im less nervous when there are arties, although i killed a couple with matilda by tracking them and slowly suck their hp away 😛

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