Obj. 252 Changes

Hello everyone,

Nothing much going on today, but a few apparent nerfs to the premium Obj. 252 heavy tank.

Turret Traverse from 25°sec to 24° sec.

Accuracy from .403 to .440.


Thats all for now folks. Enjoy your day.

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Obj. 252 Changes

22 thoughts on “Obj. 252 Changes

  1. These are some very necessary nerfs to the tank, it’s looking a lot better balanced now and there is still an argument to use a T34 over this thing now with the accuracy differences to offset the alpha disparity. The armor isn’t absurd like an IS-6 or IS-3 so well done wargaming.

    1. Rombat says:

      You talk like you actually played this tank and in your wisdom decide to be good to be nerfed….are you going to buy it nerfed like that?

      1. Its about time they release a premium that isn’t OP/better than regular tanks.
        Skorp G, t44-100, amx m4 49 and t26E5 are just off the top of my head in recent months…

      2. I haven’t played the Obj. 252 but my username is Bajicoy, decent number of games and tanks played, sorry if I talk like that, just some personal assesments of stats compared to other tanks.

        I am guilty to say that I try to avoid buying tanks or gold unless it is for a reward for clan mates, but if this were to replace the IS-6 or simply be purchasable for gold, I would love to do a lot of tournaments for this tank because it seems a lot more fair and exciting than an IS-6, not to mention it would probably be a lot more fun for a lot more of my opponents to not have to load gold every time they saw me.

        This is all speculation on my behalf, some live fire trials will be needed to find out if there are any bs armor points anywhere but if there aren’t and most of it is straight forward, I think it’ll be pretty alright.

      3. @Mark Van Eldik, thanks, my point exactly.
        The Skorp. G’s gun/flexibility is just absurd, picked up an 80% win rate while it was a rental without really trying and it felt unfair two shotting many of my opponents.

        The T26E5’s frontal armor doesn’t have a real weakness unlike the T32 or Pershing which have a weak machine gun port at least so I think that alone makes the T26E5 pretty broken since most tier 6 and 7 gold rounds won’t be able to go through a tank with already 230 pen.

        The T-44-100 isn’t really over powered, at best it is right along the power curve because the T-44 was already far below the curve and the T-44-100 is a marginally better T-44.

        The AMX mle 49 isn’t really over powered because of its fragile sides and prominent weak point on top of its turret. It will take a definite amount of skill to work with these weak points and make an interesting play of terrain to best use or assault the tank. The AMX liberte is arguably a better armored and more mobile lowe but really, anything is better than a lowe.

  2. Pangzhu says:

    And while they are balancing this tank,so it will be good but not overpowered, they release the amx 49 liberty with a completely overpowered mix of attributes like: 230 mm pen, almost impenetrable frontal hull and turret (discounting the small cupola), that almost no tier 8 can do anything against (some even with premium). And the thing is not slow and has better gun handling than than most well protected tier 8 heavy tanks…

    And they are even buffing the armor, HP and other stuff, after only 3 weeks on sale in Russia.

    That tank should not be released in this state, since it makes allows the other well armored tanks on its tier obsolete – not to mention tier 6 and 7 are totally screwed… If a Tier six goes up against an is-6. At least that night miss you or bounce with its 122mm gun and it’s armor has plenty of weak places, that can be penned frontally or by tier 6 premium shells.

    And that God aweful paintjob (at least make it optional like on the sentinel tanks)

    1. I’m not sure about whether it’s OP or not, but I don’t think IS-6 has weaker armor. AMX has super garbage sides and if it hug you frontally, a tier 6 could just pen its cupola.

    2. Zeroyuki has a point Pangzhu, if anything, you should point a finger at the T26E5 for being impenetrable. Also, the AMX Liberte’s gun handling is pretty awful and most weaker armored tanks have better accuracy ie. Tiger II and Caernarvon but those aren’t really brawling heavies like the AMX Liberte which needs to be at close range (50-250 meters) to make its 2.9 aim time and .36 accuracy to work.

      Side note: does anyone else think wargaming is adding and making heavies better armored so as to indirectly counter gold spam? because I think it’s just going to encourage more gold spam.

  3. Inq says:

    Accuracy is an irrelevant stat for Russian tanks (see KV2) so the only nerf is the traverse.

    I’d really like to see a T34 & Lowe buff now that all these new Tier 8 Premiums have power creeped them so badly…

    The T34 badly needs more DPM, (it’s about 30% worse than the T26E5, its slower & it’s got worse armour and besides that it’s not even a preferential mm tank)

    The Lowe could do with an armour buff. (Pretty sure they nerfed it a long time ago) it’s stats are just trash compared to the Liberte.

    1. I like your sarcasm INQ haha but honestly, the KV-2 can hit a tank anywhere and still do healthy damage and that’s not the norm. The IS-3 and IS-6 meanwhile have best in tier gun handling because of advanced russian hover tank technology in their tracks so go figure.

      Lowe needs a small buff badly,I agree, at least so it’s as mobile as a tiger II, T34 needs a tutorial for players to play well or arguably, the aim time could be shortened. Honestly, I’ve never seen a T34 really struggle unless it’s playing unsupported or by a wallet warrior which is pretty rare.

      The Dpm offset of the T34 is just help balance out the 400 alpha, 10 degrees of gun depression, 246 pen, and 279mm of f*** off turret armor. The tank makes good money, if you buff the T34’s dpm, it could easily get out of hand. That said, it is not out of the realm of possibility, just want to say I’m am very very wary of buffing a premium tank’s firepower when it already makes huge bucks.

      I never heard of the lowe getting nerfed, actually, its side armor had long ago been buffed from 80 mm thick to 100 mm thick as well as gun mantlet size improvements. You can armor an imobile brick all you want and it won’t make a difference (unless you’re an O-Ho), tanks need to shift and I generally put the baseline at the Tiger II as far as semi super heavy tanks go.

      1. Inq says:

        Regarding the T34…
        The T26E5 has better hull armour, an equally strong front turret (its smaller and turns faster) , it’s got a 240 alpha 90mm with 10deg gun depression 230 pen that it can almost fire 3 times every T34 shot, it’s got massively better aim time, it moves and turns faster with better gun handling besides accuracy… if that’s not the definition of power creep, I don’t know what is…

        Even compared to this tank… this has 440 alpha yet higher dpm and 225mm pen…

        I’d take a pen nerf on the t34 for a dpm and aim time buff any day.

  4. Pangzhu says:

    i just don’t think it is ok to have any tier 8 heavy tank have 240+ effective frontal armor without having some other serious drawbacks. the cupola is kind of small and i wouldn’t want to rely only on hitting that. and the aim time of 2.9 seconds, accuracy frontal armor is still much better then even the is-3, with similar mobility it seems. and you know the running gag that russian accuracy is so great really gets a bit old – they do from time to time hit impossible shots, because of RNG inherent to the game, but most of the time you will not hit if you don’t fully aim and even when you do, you will not hit where you aim even while stationary, fully aimed at stationary targets.

    Let’s not forget other tier 8 heavies, basically all of them don’t have a similarly potent combination of attributes.
    and yes, the liberte and t26e5 have that in common – though i did not notice it as being so op. at least it has a large’ish lower front plate that can be penned fine.

  5. Rombat says:

    Ohh my god really wg why not realesing garbage tier 8 premiums with 175 pen on normal ammo, with no pref mm because these people ask for such premium tanks…because they are not going to buy any of this tanks but love to talk about how op are some tanks that are not even on live server.
    And this people forget that this op tanks are going too meet tier 10 tanks….
    Liberte and t46 are op because they have strong turets…and can not be pen frontally by tier 8 and 6 tanks…oaaau…can any of you pen frontally the turret of is3 and t32?…these tanks are not op?
    As far as i can tell wg want to sell some tanks not only just make them…if they are not good the tanks will stay on the shelf and nobody will throw money on them…see Patton Kr and other tanks with shit pen and facing tier 10. I,m not going to buy a premium tank with a shit gun and pen to buy premium ammo to pen something. If i buy a premium tank i want to make credits with it and buying premium ammo is not a way to make credits…
    Dude…you that think that is fun too play with 0440 accuracy did you play is5? Too see how funny it is to have 225 pen and ding paper tanks because the shell goes where he wants only in weekspots not? Yes is fun to aim at the center of a tank and the shell to go into the ground with 0.44 acc.
    But i know, you guys are that special breed of players that think that anytank who kills you is op…
    Scorpion…is op…yeah is op because it has no amor and cammo and is fucking increadible too pen with he shells. Yes scorpion is op but borsing is not…it has cammo factor…such good armor as scorpion and a big gun with 750 dmg per shoot not only 480…why not cry for borsing nerf?…oh borsing has no speed…since when a scorpion is saved by speed when is spoted?…is dead by the time it can reach the top speed. If the speed is a op factor why not ask for isu 152 nerf because it has a beeter speed than borsing?
    Pls cut the crap that premium tanks must be worse than a regular tank. If it,s worst it won,t be buyed and wg is not a nonprofit organization is a savage capitalist company.
    Gg wg for liberte and t26e5 tanks…i,ll buy them both.

    1. Pangzhu says:

      Yes you can penetrate the turret of an is-3 frontally by shooting the weakspot on the turretroof, which is a difficult shot but gets easier, when you are in a tall tank or shoot from a slightly elevated position – However, that was not the point it is not only the turret front, but also the hull front of the liberte, that is impenetrable. The is-3 that you mentioned has a butter soft lower front plate and much worse gun depression and gun handling to make up for its strong points.

      And please don’t forget, that almost all the other regular tier 8 and also premiums as well completely pale in comparison.

      Also Rombat. The tank has been live on Russian server for over three weeks and they are buffing it…

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