Obj.252 ‘Defender’

Some more detailed stats, as well as screenshots, of a perma-skinned variant of the Soviet Tier 8 premium.2

HP: 1500
Engine Power: 700hp
Weight: 51.5 t
Power to weight ratio 13.6
Speed + 35 / -14 kph
Hull Traverse 30 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 24 ° / s
Hull Armor: 130/100/90 mm
Turret Armor: 250/150/100 mm
View Range: 350 m
Signal Range: 440 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 122 mm BL-13
DMG: 440/440/530
Penetration: 225/265/68 mm
Rate of Fire: 3.75
Reload: 16.0 s
Accuracy: 0.44
Aim Time: 3.2
Depression/Elevation: -6 ° / + 20 °

Obviously not everyone will be a fan, but at the very least it doesn’t scream ‘Shoot me’ like Consoles IS-3A variant


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Obj.252 ‘Defender’

42 thoughts on “Obj.252 ‘Defender’

  1. grey_area says:

    This is what the Chieftain will be branded as when it finally arrives . . . with a massive Union Flag and a teapot on the back.

  2. Keke says:

    We have Liberte and Patriot so this thing is almost logical russian
    counterpart. But i still wonder are those armors bit too good
    for 8 tier ? I know dpm is bad and i guess gunhandling is not
    that much better. But compined quite normal stock peneration
    and good apcr pene that alpha is no joke even 10 tiers to take.

    If they release it in that condition im quite sure it will be my first
    russian prenium heavy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    HOLLY SHIT!!!!!!!will they make vanilla WOT server?…..because this is just insane…..but hey: I guess they need a way to pay for that new building in Cyprus

  4. tribun1211 says:

    so…we see the replacement for the IS-6…. and thank good without that ridicolous camo that the liberte and pariot tank has… which will be the replacements for the FCM 50t and the Super Pershing i assume… without that camo i hope…. now i want to know what tank will replace the 112

    1. heinz says:

      This will replace IS-6? We thought the same when there was a IS-5, IS-3A, KV4 krushlafski and KV4 KTTS incoming. Neither of which replaced IS-6 so why would this?

      1. Melebo says:

        This is the first contender. All you mention are CW reward or not even a heavy tank. Except IS-3A but that think only has 3 crew, so shitty replacement. Anyway, replacement is a strong word. They will not put this defender in premium shop as they don’t put tanks in premium shop anymore (god knows why) and they definantly won’t stop selling IS-6. They even resold E-25 ffs so ‘replacing’ just isn’t a thing.

      2. Renarde_Martel says:

        You forgot the apparently shelved Kirovets-1.

        Anyway, I stopped believing the promise that they’d replace them, considering that to this day no replacement of anything has taken place. JT88 and 112 were taken out of the tech tree, but nothing has taken their place and they have sold both of them in temporary offers anyway.

  5. Anonymous says:

    To be honest, I like what they’re doing with these. Just don’t charge us anymore for the versions with the skins. They obviously threw the historical aspect out the window a long time ago, so having something other than a mod that changes the aesthetic of the game is a nice touch in my opinion. The patriot, liberte, and this are all pretty cool imo. But the T34 B, IS-6 B and the Schwarzpanzer 58 are just stupid attempts to lure morons into paying more for the same tank. Again, just don’t charge anymore for the tanks with skins and it’s a welcome change in my eyes.

  6. ArcaneSpirit says:

    I’m impressed. It’s actually a tasteful paint job, unlike the gaudy and frankly nasty looking Party and Librarian. Also, DPM looks atrocious, but I’m gonna get it anyway because I’m a slut for Russian heavies.

  7. Hamiradon says:

    Jesus, when angled, this tank has around 260+ armor everywhere but the lower plate which will be around 240…
    This is the IS-6 but even more broken, holy damn, how are you supposed to pen this thing without HT/TD Premium ammo?

  8. Jurrunio says:

    To all who says IS-6 is broken, it can be easily penned by shooting at its roof. Only 30mm armour there. Oh WAIT! The Object 252U has 55mm roof, so…… Russian Bias Theory still stands

  9. lazy as fuck paint jobs…I despise this paintjob shit because eventually they will start offering ridiculously colored paint schemes and turn the game into an almost CoD-esque atmosphere with stupid skins.

  10. Better than shit like the T26E5 P or Liberté. Even better than the Rhm. Skorpion G, which looks like it’s being driven around by some fucking cartel boss.

    That being said; I’m running out of garage slots for Russian tier 8 HTs

    1. torturebear says:

      Yeah… many expressed that already and was also my first thought. Good I am not buying any more stuff from WG. Looks a bit like the old IS4 when it was T9 and the armor looks badass as well as the gun. Actually a version like the T34 – good punch but less versatile on ridge lines but better armor all in all. Not a tank we need… is just another version of an IS 3. Boring.

  11. ist an IS7 with an IS6 turret and an IS3 gun…optically speaking. the values get tweaked for ” Balance” considering there were only a certain amount of tanks developed in the time and age for WoT , one would have to do a bit of virtual designing to Keep the People interested…how much longer can WG Keep this up? Challenger/T95 would have been a good Option for a British tier8 heavy premium but this niche in the market is still wide open…any ideas for a Brit 8 HT ?

  12. kkoratda says:

    If wargaming would have sold; for example, the Patriot with its “festive” camo, but would have left it so we could change it up with the other in game camo patterns (for the regular fee of course) that would have been great. Then we would have the free (with purchase of special tank) “festive” paint to use on holidays. Allowing us switch back to the regular paints we bought in game the for remainder of the time.

    Basically saying the Liberte, Patriot, Defender, WG editions, Black Editions, Trio, etc. would all have that “special” camo available for life as part of their original purchase. But it wouldn’t stop us from renting or micro-transacting the other camo patterns.

    Example: These new Mastery emblems won in game. We get it for that one tank, but we’re not forced to use it, and it doesn’t stop us from purchasing other emblems. (heck, we could buy 20 regular emblems and switch them around on that tank every battle if we wanted)

    Example: Marks of Excellence. We get them for that one tank, but we’re not forced to use them, and they don’t stop us from mixing up the paint schemes.

    Wargaming could keep the “festive” paints exclusive and say, “So, you want the “festive” paint option?”… “well my friend it only comes with purchase of that tank, and that’s just the way it is.”.. “cha-ching!”. Well ok, it’s a business. People gotta get paid so they can provide for families. We’re all cool with that. (And I agree getting 2x or 5x several times on one crew via many premium tanks is pretty sweet, and handy if the time comes you’re short money for premium days)

    We’re just asking not to be locked down to the one paint scheme. Only to be free. To be allowed the freedom to express ourselves like other tanks in game.

    Some days maybe we’re in the mood to go running around looking like Darth Vader’s personal tank, or a pin striped race car, or a even, “gasp”, a rolling firecracker. We enjoy that. It’s cool. It’s a free wor… I mean, free map we play on.

    Sometimes we feel like a nut, sometimes we don’t. We’re just asking that wargaming make the option available so we don’t have to be feel like a nut ALL the time.

    I mean come on. We’re asking wargaming to let us throw money their way.(via in game micro transactions) How can they say no?

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