Obj. 252 Supertest Changes

Good day everyone,


A few changes to the Soviet premium Obj. 252.

Alpha Damage for AP/APCR increased from 390 to 440

Aim Time increased from 2.8 sec. to 3.2 sec.

Reload increased from 12.75 sec. to 15.2 sec.


So overall a DPM nerf. A few parts of the armor will be buffed by 10mm, though no exact armor values out yet. Will update if new info comes out.

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Obj. 252 Supertest Changes

22 thoughts on “Obj. 252 Supertest Changes

  1. ryanlj says:

    Is this the first 440 alpha gun at tier 8? Weird they would make the 122 have that damage when all the others of equal tier do 390

  2. Rombat says:

    They changed the dpm and reload time to make something different from is6,is5,is3,is3a…people just throw rocks in wg for doing copycat tanks…so they want to sell/offer somethingelse.

      1. Ares says:

        This tank still have better dpm then Lowe and T34, much more alpha then Lowe, and same as T-10 and IS 4 damage…balanced….

  3. It_is_known says:

    I’ll keep throwing rocks until they put an intergalactic planet-destroyer gun on it which would kill all the enemies as a chain reaction.

    1. Bricktop says:

      And what exactly broken soviet premium there is? Closest thing that gets there is Is-3a but it’s still worse is3
      So fucking sick and tired of people moaning about russia bias which is a thing of past.
      Look at US tanks ffs and stop repeating stupid shit like broken record.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Yeah, IS-5, IS-3A and IS-6 are all well balanced tanks.
        Just because some burgers are OP doesn’t change the fact that Soviet Bias is stronk as ever.

  4. Now this tank is interesting, I ranted hate on this tank before because it was simply an IS-3 that traded its lower plate for better aim time. If this tank goes into the game it will break the T34 a bit… Which is why they’re putting in the T26E5… Hot dang, they’re rewritting the whole formula of premium tanks, those crazy sob’s!

  5. Still wondering if we need another Tier 8 Soviet Heavy.

    Could be worse. At least now, it’s not IS-3 ripoff number 82410, but rather something akin to the American T34 – low DPM, but the alpha of it’s Tier 9 counterpart. So, at the very least, it won’t be IS-3 ripoff number 82410, and my interest in it is a bit higher.

  6. Psychopatton says:

    This should replace the IS6 and not be a clan reward. I like the changes, makes this tank a little different from the other 122mm cannon wielders. My female crew would not mind taking this into battle.

  7. Del_Monte_Mies says:

    if i remember rigth, wg is going to remove in shop premium tanks witch has premium MM, so this may replace is-6…

    1. Yeah, but they somehow stopped to do that some time ago. They removed JT88 and that’s it. Chinese tanks, SP, FCM and IS-6 are all still there without any mention of removing them, although possible candidates (at least for Soviet and French tanks) are available already for a long time.

  8. Pangzhu says:

    I think it looks quite well balanced,so it will be good but not overpowered, compare this thing with the amx 49 liberty with a completely overpowered mix of attributes like: 230 mm pen, almost impenetrable frontal hull and turret (discounting the small cupola), that almost no tier 8 can do anything against (some even with premium). And the thing is not slow and has better gun handling than than most well protected tier 8 heavy tanks…

    And they are even buffing the armor, HP and other stuff, after only 3 weeks on sale in Russia.

    That amx 49 should not be released in this state, since it makes allows the other well armored tanks on its tier obsolete – not to mention tier 6 and 7 are totally screwed…

    If a tier six goes up against an is-6 or maybe even this new obj. 252. At least that night miss you or bounce with its 122mm gun and it’s armor has plenty of weak places, that can be penned frontally or by tier 6 premium shells.

    And that God aweful paintjob on the liberte (at least make it optional like on the sentinel tanks).

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