Obj. 252U Armor Model

Also according to information from reliable source.

Engine power, 700hp

Power to Weight, 13.6hp/tonne


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Obj. 252U Armor Model

40 thoughts on “Obj. 252U Armor Model

  1. VladCelTroll says:

    This tank proves that, once again, WG love Soviet bias. And for those that still think the USSR had the best tanks ever…
    T-34 was crap. The only good thing about it was the numbers in which it was produced.
    IS series were crap. The crews were cramped. Plus, the 122mm guns often lacked accuracy and, while having immense firepower, it just couldn’t be compared to the American 90 or 105mm guns or the German 128mm guns.

    Again, Western armor production was based around quality over quantity (something emphasized especially by the Germans). The Soviets loved producing and losing stuff in collosal quantities. They made hundreds of thousand of tanks and lost hundreds of thousand of tanks. We’re talking about huge numbers. Same goes to infantry. Millions enlisted in the army, but only thousands woupd come back home.

    This, guys, is what WG considers to be superior to anything ever created when it comes to tanks. They’re still living with the thought that the T-34 was the best tank of the war. They think that IS-3s moved around like cheetahs and hit as hard as a fucking Death Star. And yet, us, the player base, still haven’t done something to counter this. Why don’t we all just leave the game for a week or two and tell WG to fuck off with it’s Soviet bias or else we won’t come back? I bet they’ll make Russian tanks UP instead of OP.

    1. AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

      you do know all servers combined have like 1/3 of the whole Russian cluster…and you think they will also protest? they would do the same thing if you would nerf the is3…and they have the numbers…
      if it were a perfect world where random ppl on the interwebs could agree and stand together…

      1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        What are the Russians going to do, throw canned “meat” at them? Their country is broken hence much of their people are uneducated and poor.

    2. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      You realize that the Soviet bias is because of their culture. Belarus was one of the biggest followers of the USSR. Poland and other countries didn’t like them too much and wanted independence from them. Belarus, on the other hand, still clung to their retarded mother. If you go to the CIA World Factbook, much of their trade is with Russia. Not only only do they import most of their products from Russia but much of their products go to Russia. Additionally, their country is dilapidated and dysfunctional. They are under a dictatorship that doesn’t allow workers, especially agricultural ones, from changing workplaces unless they have prior approval from their governor. (Not to mention their economy has stagnated and poorly industrialized.) Furthermore, they have to appeal to the Russian players. Why do you think they refuse to substantially improve their graphics? Many Slavic countries are poor thus the best the people can afford is a machine that is 5-7 years old. (You give it to the US and they’d probably overhaul the graphics, since the US is one of the richest nations in the world.) To put it into perspective of how poor Belarus is, their average yearly salary is ~$5,000. In the US, a high school graduate (no college/university whatsoever) will make an average $15,000 per year working minimum wage. And people like these we consider to be “poor” in the US.

      The take away? Don’t trust anything made by Slavic people, unless it’s an AK-47. There’s a reason why these countries are not known for intellectual studies thus resulting in most of their population being stupid and useless in the global economy.

      I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. Russia was all about mass-deployment without much focus on quality. As a result, we have World of Tanks.

      1. AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

        your comment dude is frikin amazing…you do know Slavic people are not just from the ex SSSR states right? right? and even then you think the only “good” product that came from Slavic people is a riffle? just shows how good your education is…saying anything anymore to you before you do some much needed googleing and studying is a waste of my time…

      2. Testarossa says:

        Normally I am lurker on this sight, taking everything I read from here as some new info that may be right, wrong, or neither. Everyone of us gets the benefit of the info here to enhance our hobby of WoT. But when the discussion gets onto the subject of nationalist dogma and racism then I think its gone to far. Type 319 Sharpedo, before you start spouting of drivel you should make sure you are you are correct in your statements, especially when you are making derogatory statements. I’m from North America, but Ive been to Russia and Europe also for business and pleasure. I’ve literally spent years in Russia for my job. To tell you the truth, Russians are some of the most educated people in the world, who have had to suffer through many hardships with communism, the collapse of communism, and the domination by the west. Only recently has Russia began a strong recovery, if not renaissance in there country. There main goal is to be a sovereign country and not controlled by outside forces. I think when we talk about other countries and races, especially if our facts have not been corroborated we should be very careful in what we say here and to not offend other individuals. On of the coolest thing about this hobby is it is international, which brings interest and diversity. Lets keep it that way.

      3. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        @almightyspaghettimonster *Rifle. “Riffle” would be pronounced like sniffle. Also I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with your last statement.

      4. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        @testarossa First of all, anecdotal evidence is not evidence. You can say one thing about them and another person can say another. So that doesn’t do much to strengthen your argument. Second, you’re probably a person who works in international relations. (This isn’t even a difficult major so try a real job, like engineering or medicine.) A job is a job so of course they’ll give you the best people they have. For recreation? Sure, but how far have you gone? A few miles or to another large city doesn’t count. If you want my respect, scour the entire country and visit every city, both small and large, rural and urban. Until then, it’s cherry-picked evidence. Thirdly, you’re talking about a country that was known for the rape and pillage of Berlin women and split the Korean peninsula after WWII out of spite and greed. (However, the US isn’t that much better so I’d say both Russia and US are equally despicable.)

      5. wfschepel says:

        Yes, the Russians are poor by anybody’s standards. Yes, most Russians are poorly educated. The people living in the main urban areas, Moscow and St. Petersburg, are NOT representative for Russia. They are vastly better educated, so it is easy to get a skewed picture of Russian reality. However, even if the average education is crap, the people who are well educated, and they are many, are just as useful as well educated people elsewhere. Russian science is generally on par with Western science. The thing about Russia is that it is almost impossible to accurately describe. There are always several realities. Some people are extremely rich, have access to the best medical care, the best schools and universities, etc. On the other hand there are people who have to live on whatever food they can grow themselves. Barely any meaningful access to medical care, poor education, and fed by continious lies from the Putin regime. If the state television (there is no other kind, anymore) were to tell people the earth is flat, they would believe it. Thing is, I am not so sure if they are any different from the people who voted for Trump and his ‘alternative facts’.

      6. Testarossa says:

        Sure, I am not without bias, as we all are. Actually I am a engineer, for 30 years. Ive been mostly in western Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg, Voronezh, Samara). But Ive also been in the rural areas around these areas. Ive not been to Siberia or any of those places. I’m not saying I’m right here, because in my first post I mentioned that there does not always have to be a right and wrong. My only point was to that this forum really should be about the WoT hobby most of us enjoy, no rascist and nationalistic discussions

    3. Manuel says:

      It’s not a question of accuracy, it’s purely one of pride.

      As for the numbers question, understand that the Soviet Union had a lot of people. A LOT of people.
      And most of them were dumb an uneducated. The Soviet Union ended up going with quantity because they could not afford quality. It’s true that pretty much all the soviet machines were inferior to their Allied and German counterparts, but the truth was they had nothing better. They had lots of people and resources, so they used what they had.

      But yeah, Russian bias is pretty absurd.

      1. VladCelTroll says:

        Even so, WHY would you throw millions of men to their deaths just to reconquer a small region?
        The US has a huge population too, but they don’t throw men around like cabbage leaves. They give them weapons to fight with, unlike the USSR in the first phase of Barbarossa (they had a rifle for every 5 to 10 soldiers).
        Again, they sent tanks by the hundreds of thousands and lost hundreds of thousands of them. These “humdreds of thousands” had some men in them. Multiply that by 4 (the average) and you get some horrific numbers. Yet, the Russians take pride of it. They say they drove the Nazis out of their Motherland all by themselves, forgetting to mention all the lend-lease sent by the UK and the US. They forget that, had Barbarossa started four weeks earlier, the Nazis would’ve conquered Moscow and transformed it into a lake.

        I do get it that it’s national pride so it must appeal to the average Russian that was lead into thinking that their T-34s and IS-2s were the best tanks at that time. However, when making a game, I’d say that balance should be the first thing to worry about, not nationalism. Most of the Western gaming industry does know that (remember, *most*, since there are a few exceptions)
        For some other comment from above, 1/3 of the Russian cluster is a huuuuuge number. Such a loss would make WG start giving YouTubers free accounts to play with, under the promise that they say only good things about the game.
        Well, I guess we should call it a draw. If such a revolt took place, it wouldn’t hurt WG at all. I guess it would, actually, relieve them of properly balancing their game.

        Let’s see what will they do in 2017. Let’s see whether they will truly introduce new graphics and properly balance their game or screw up like they always did.

    4. VladCelTroll says:

      It’s true that most Slavic countries hate the Soviets for good. However, not all Slavic or former Warsaw Pact countries are poor. Good examples are Romania, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. They have the Škoda, the best political class, the Dacia and some of the best cuisines in Eastern Europe. They’re also the countries that oppose to immigration, but that’s another story.
      Implying that all Slavic countries are poor and uneducated is wrong (*cough* Ukraine and *cough* Belarus).

    5. Dmitrii says:

      you know, u are funny. For real
      Education is free to everyone, 11 classes of common school
      Sherman and PZ. IV were same shit as T-34, each of them in own way.
      122mm gun was accurate and pretty powerfull, despite from shitty 90mm M3 and 105mm T5 guns of USA army.
      Plz, research information from unbiased sourses)

    6. themadkitten says:

      “T-34 was crap”, okay that I can pass for shits and giggles

      “IS was crap” Okay Im done lol
      You know historically speaking, the IS-2 (Which use the 122 mm, not the IS-1 in the Soviet line which originally use the 85 mm gun) can punch through the German’s Tiger II, right ?

    7. Manuel says:

      I already told you why they did it, because they had nothing else to work with. When your back is against the wall, you struggle with all your might.

      Mind you, I do not like what the soviet union did. The complete waste of lives, even if necessary, was still enormous and only possible through the brutal dictatorship that considered it necessary.

      The whole taking pride in it thing is beyond me though. As for the bias, I believe it does exist, but not necessarly in an OP vehicles way, more through their sheer numbers. The amount of premium Russian vehicles and clone tanks is absurd.

      As for the balancing part, I think it’s more due to WG being shit at balancing vehicles than anything else. IS-3 is overpowered, but so are the T26E4 and E25. The Japanese heavies were OP on introduction as well.

      They will fuck up and not introduce a PVE mode as usual. What else do you think will happen?

  2. Bricktop says:

    Grrr, more “soviet bias” bullshit please.
    Russia has the best/second after the best tier 8 heavy (whether you prefer is3 or Patriot), 2 best tier X 10 meds and idiotproof t54. Name ANYTHING else in soviet techtree that even comes close to meta. Best tier X HT? E5 (even after nerf)
    Best TD? Grille. Best tier IX HT? Conqueror. Best tier 9 medium? Skoda t50.
    But hey, let’s jump onto hype train because saying Russia bias is so cool. It may have a little too good armor, but that potato gun is going to let it down every single time.

    1. Manuel says:

      There is a Russian bias. Look at the sheer number of premium Soviet tanks they keep putting out in lieu of adding actual tanks that fought in the war. They already ran out of normal tanks and are balls deep into single-run prototype machines and clone tanks.

      1. Bricktop says:

        Jesus, another “historical” hype train. Why do you want a game where you can kill a tank shooting it’s cupola 7 times to be “realistic”? “Historical?”
        You realize game would have 15 tanks above tier 5 if only machines used in war were implemented, right?
        Wait, so now when there are too many tanks in a nation, it becomes OP and bias? So yeah, German premium TDs bias! Especially Kjpz and krupp steyr! Wg pls nurf!
        About Russian premiums: they are dogshit. 252u is probably going to be first Russian premium worth looking at it.

    2. A tank that have effective armor of a tier 9 cant have the same speed of a IS-3, good pen. Best accuracy, and aiming than IS-6, similar DPM with IS-3, and Better Alpha than IS-3. Its not balanced at all.

      At least T26e5 its penetrable from the front hull (only turret its strong) and has a gun of 240 damage wich its not the best for a heavy. And the French only has good frontal armor, their side armor sucks and the Cupola is really easy to pen.
      The only way that this armor will be okay, its with a massive nerf to the rest of the tank stats. Accuracy, reload, aiming time, dispersion on the move. OR a massive nerf to the mobility, like the IS-7 have,(really bad terrain resistence, ugly to turn even with great HP/tons)

    3. Manuel says:

      Bias does not equal OP mate, I never claimed russian tanks were OP.

      I have no problem with paper tannks, it’s one of the reasons I like wot. I only mentioned using soviet paper tanks as an example of how WG has exhausted historical Russian vehicles after making so many uneccessary premium tanks. Other nations are still missing key historical vehicles, let alone basic paper ones.

      This game kind of sells itself on history, so demanding more historical accuracy in the vehicles themselves is perfectly justified.

    1. No, IS-7 has 150mm of frontal armor all over and a thin band of 270mm for ramming, the Obj 252 only has 130mm UFP and 140mm LFP. It’s close enough with the better angling but it’s technically not the same. I’d imagine the wargaming sales pitch would go something like that when they stoned everyone in a nightclub or something.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Leave it as this. 252U is a controversial tank, like R.bias itself as Wot Is a unenjoyable game yet addictive (that keeps taking steps backwards Its people who play it seriously and not for fun. Hence why i got a chatban for seeking fun in the gchat.) The game should be dead by now but somehow its not.

    1. Well, originally in competitive teams there were nothing but IS-3 and IS-7 spam with the ocasional T1 for lolz. Pretty rare to get a chatban, what in the world did you have to do to piss everyone off that bad?

  4. Cool, so can the Emil 2 and Kranvagn get their historical frontal hull armor now that this thing has 120mm of UFP and 140mm LFP?

    UFP – 95mm @ 25 deg = 224mm eff
    LFP – 145mm @ 38 deg = 235mm eff

    Should be no reason a tier 9 and 10 can’t have that armor if a tier 8 can have thicker armor… or right, russian bias… everything must be unhistorical except for stronk Russian tonks which must be either historical or better

  5. OMG
    It’s like I’ve found the Death Sea itself
    Come the fuck on ppl
    Where’s this kind of opinion when they introduced the Skorpion ? Patriot ? Librete ?
    Im really startin to think that ppl just like to shit on USSR cause it makes them looks cool -_-
    Oh, btw …
    As for the data on Wiki, about the number of premium tier VIII tanks currently in-game:
    German: 7 (All can be purchased)
    USSR: 8 (1 is only for Forum mods, and 1 is a Clan-war reward)


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