Obj.252U Changes & Sandbox End Date

Couple of bit of news, not really worth making seprate posts for:

First off, a few last minute changes to the premium Obj.252U (which will be released 23rd of February):

– Reload buffed from 16 sec to 15 sec.

– Armor above the tracks slightly modified to minimize the effrcts of the three caliber overmatch rule. (Original text doesn’t specify what exactly, sorry)

– Signal Range increased to 730 meters.


And finally, the set date for the end of the current Sandbox iteration will be 19th of February.

Thats all for know, folks.

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Obj.252U Changes & Sandbox End Date

30 thoughts on “Obj.252U Changes & Sandbox End Date

  1. rubberboas says:

    I’ve been playing this game since 2010. The o252u buff is the single most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen WG do, at least as far as specific vehicles are concerned

  2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    And after 02/19 we will wait 6 months for WG to “analyze” the SB data they gathered, then they will do a phase 3 where they will test the new armor buff (aka pen nerf) and arty change (same one) yet again with maybe a slight modification.

    I have more hopes of seing Havok than seing the global rebalance come live…

    1. With the recent box office hits of X-Men and marvel heroes, I think there is indeed a high likliehood of us seeing Havok’s return, maybe in his original 1969 version so he can raise destruction, havoc, and chaos for every VFX and CGI effects artist that has to render his shiny blue rump.

  3. Thanks for the good info and personal notes DecoNoir! I think it’s about as good as any time to get out my torches and sharpen my pitchfork because I think wargaming needs to experience a figurative reenactment of the Bolshevik revolt in Russia that toppled the wealthy and abusive higher class.

    The Object 252U is another of wargaming’s many failed responses to the broken state of premium ammunition. Rather than simply rebalance premium ammo, wargaming is seeking to create fictious tanks to co-exist with their awful pay2win mechanic. This is probably due in part to wargaming’s deliberate avoidance of changing premium tanks that already have premium ammunition so excessive power creep must be made to rebalance the game.

    Currently, the only hope of defeating an Obj 252U is catching it on its long reload as you would with a T34 or mini-maus but the 252U had significantly better mobility and armor to compensate for this. Apparently wargaming’s supertesters can’t sort out their heads from their asses on a brightly lit day so buffs were needed. Great job to world of pay2win for making a better, russian version of the AMX liberte and Patriot.

    I can’t believe I once tried to defend this tank thinking its lower plate would be a weakspot… but nope, they had to make it 140mm thick so all you have to do is throw your tank at a 40 degree angle so it becomes inpenetrable. Completely defeating the purpose of having a pike nose armor in the first place. Why the 252U needs above average dpm, alpha, and penetration for its armor and mobility is simply beyond me.

      1. Well, unlike some people that don’t know how to read, there are statistics for the Obj 252U and you can make stat by stat comparisons with existing tanks that you can play for free rather than waste money in an expensive experiment. If you’ve graduated from high school, you should be familiar with setting up a hypothesis and proceeding to a lab experiment possibly through the guidance of a chemistry, physics, or biology teacher. For example, to test the effects of a HEAT shell impacting a human, you would not use real, expensive humans for your experiment but cheap synthetic gelatin or even dead pigs.


        On armor alone, the 252U is amazing, there are very few places that can be penetrated with standard ammo from many tier 8 and 9 tanks, let alone lower tiered tanks. Mobillity in turning is also concerning, the same as an IS-3 or 110 and those two tanks are not easy to circle, the 252U has better armor than them. On top of this, their dpms are not all that different but the 252U has significantly better alpha. Accuracy really does not matter at the short ranges the 252U will fight at but just as a general idea, the gun handling and aim time are better than a T34, even at medium range with an impressive 225 mm of penetration at tier 8, the 252U will only struggle trying to penetrate itself.

        I fully invite you to counter my argument, but once this tank goes live, there is no re balancing it through wargaming’s policies to be any weaker than it was on release, only improvements on an already overwhelming tank.

  4. Deshrius says:

    I’m not certain I got this right, but one Russian streamer I watched today claims WG is buffing a thin vertical strip of armor on the side of the hull from 30 to 33 mm to make this tank suffer less under current 3 caliber rule while sidescraping. Another thing is – lfp is massive, and I saw it getting penned by IS (gold ammo with a lucky penetration roll, but still), so it’s really not as incredible as some people make it out to be.

  5. CarbonWard says:

    Currently at even elevation 252’s UFP will automatically ricochet anything that hits it due to it being 72 degrees(automatically ricochet anything below 390mm shells due to it being above 70 degrees)
    Im assuming they are making the UFP less angled so this wouldn’t be the case.
    if so, this is actually a significant nerf to its survivability in tier 10 games as after the change 330+apcr/HEAT will have a very good chance of penning it and 260 ap/apcr will also have a “good”(30-40% of penning) chance.

  6. Sick of whining says:

    Who cares what WoT sends out to the game. If you don’t like it move on to one of the billions of other games. I look forward to the tank. Have several crews that will be able to put in this tank. You will see a few of these tanks in each battle for two weeks. The only 1-2 then they will disappeare like the French and American premiums now. Who cares about one tank. Bigger problem is what to do with over buffed Chinese Heavies.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You guys complain for nothing around here about obj 252, just look at some replies on twitch/youtube. And those are replays from some very skilled players. Enough said.

  8. The_Burz4P says:

    How the hell regular tanks are going to face it? E.g. KV-4 in theory relies on armour. Now OB 252U will have armour even much better, not mentioning other stats. This is really going into wrong direction.

  9. Foch-fan says:

    Yesterday was played by Quickybaby, Circonflexes and Orzanel, the first didnt like at all, actually was very frustrated by gun and say that Patriot was by far much better, the second thinks is good but IS3A, Liberté and Patriot was much better and only Orzanel thinks was Op.

    1. themadkitten says:

      I mean, while I dont know much about the other two, I know that QB it’s all about DPM and acc
      That’s why the guy like Meds so much XD

    2. ステトガイ says:

      Yep, I was watching circon, he was getting penned by loads of stuff, like a T20 (probably using prem, but still) and loads of other tanks that u would not think would pen. Armour I think is still effectively way worse than the IS-3 and probably the Löwe and IS-6 to give an example. And the derpy gun makes hitting things more than 200m away a real gamble. People are seriously over reacting to this tank. Not saying it’s shit or even mediocre, but I wouldn’t think it’s this OP p2w tanks, standard tanks and even other older premiums are still very much competitive with this tank.

    3. WoT's is Pay to Win says:

      @FOCH_FAN, QB is bad and Circon is mediocre at best. Orzanel is correct, the 252 is not just OP it’s completely broken as you will no doubt find out when matched against them..

  10. mondochiwan says:

    Why is pay to win such a bad thing? Everything in this world is improved by paying for it, why would games be any different? Instead of whining that capitalism isn’t fair (which is a loser’s argument), see it as a motivation to improve yourself, improve your income and then enjoy the benefits (i.e. premium tanks, gold ammo) that comes with having that extra disposable income.

    1. Nocomment says:

      Are you actually for real?

      Why not by buy win tickets so you don’t need to play? Then you can enjoy all the benefits of being a unicum without any effort other than typing your debit card number….

      such a stupid comment.

  11. Jurrunio says:

    (In the tone of a youtuber I like very much)
    The Object 252U is released to prove that WG decided to reverse the rule that premium tanks are a little worse than standard tanks. After the T26E5 slapping the Pershing in being the versatile one in Clan Wars, and kicking the T32’s butt in terms of gun performance with no significant drawbacks, WG decided that the IS-3 will be the next one to have its ass handed to it by a new premium. That’s why the Object 252U has better armour (same effectiveness on lower glacis, much better on the pike), higher alpha (main advantage of IS-3), and roof thicker than foil. It is slower than the IS-3, but is still faster than a Tiger II, so running around is not a problem.
    To play the Object 252U well, you throw your brain out of the window and charge like a bull fueled by steroids. Go straight at the enemy, blast them with your rocket launcher, and let them ping shells off your armour while you wait for the next rocket to be ready. If team red damage you, you use whatever you can find to hide your hull, then drop atomic bombs on them for making you pay for repairs. To enhance paying behaviour of WoT players, you mount gun rammer, vertical stabilizer and either vents or gun laying drive on WG’s mobile sandwich board. This is the correct [hidden_for_copyright_issues]. Now go and experience life as a bull.
    If you find some milked zombies in these “easy or not” tanks (252 sounds similar to that in Cantonese), pray that artillery will kill them for you because WG does not let tanks hit weakspots of Soviet tanks. After 6 years, artillery finally earned respect.

  12. Grantnine says:

    To whomever said we are whiners and to go play another game, get a clue. Many people have invested a lot of time and money in this game and they should just walk away because WG has become greedy.
    I have an IS6 that can no longer pen half the heavies it faces without premium ammo and using premium ammo defeats the purpose of a premium tank, which is to earn credits. Also, everyone knows where to pen it, so even though it is capable of bouncing a lot of shots it doesn’t help much. Now, this tank comes along it and makes IS6 a joke, but I am still out my $50.
    Plus, you grind away to get a good tank, like the IS3, and then they let some scrub come along and buy it’s equivalent (or better). Premium tanks are showing-up in clan wars now and that never used to happen. Pretty soon every meta tank will be a premium.
    It has always been a pay top advance game, but now it is becoming a pay to win game. Don’t get me wrong, WG deserves to make money for creating a great game, but they shouldn’t screw all the long time players.

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