Obj. 252U Statistics

Stats for the new Soviet Tier 8 premium, which rumor has it will be on sale in the near future. Here’s what we have:gym4c3uqdni

HP: 1,500
Speed: + 35 / -14 kph
Hull Traverse: 30 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 24 ° / s
Hull Armor: 130/100/90 mm
Turret Armor: 250/150/100 mm
View Range: 350 m

DMG: 440/440/530
Penetration: 225/265/68 mm
Reload: 16.0 s
Accuracy: 0.44
Aim Time: 3.2 s

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Obj. 252U Statistics

49 thoughts on “Obj. 252U Statistics

  1. banjoman150 says:

    That thing is ridicilously OP. It has 130mm of frontal armor with better angles than Is7. Historically it had 90mm of frontal armor but i guess it wasnt stronk enough …

      1. Tanks.gg has a model, LFP 230mm effective and UFP 250mm effective. Everything on the front is 130mm. The only plus side is that the commander hatches are like the IS-6 but they aren’t easy to hit. The armor gets absurd if you throw the tank at. 40 degree angle and treat the pike armor like a normal tank. I thought the lower plate would be flat but it’s at a steeper angle than the 110’s lower plate.

      2. Uuuhhh says:

        Nah he’s correct, the upper is 130 and the lower (according to my armor inspector) is 140. But with the angles, the upper is over 400. This is all from looking straight on. On the mantlet though, to the right of the barrel is around 250 and the hatchets have a flat front. So it’s got some godly stats but that should be expected for a stronk soviet tenk.

  2. Berto72 says:

    440 dmg is too low for a tier 8, mother russia fail.
    Next is3 clone (tank to keep in game monkey like kv85 in past) will be a Is3/15, with a captured Grille gun (some WG developer will tell that is not fake, in a siberian Izba was found some project on paper…)

  3. Keke says:

    If those effective armor values stays same what it have now, then
    even 10 tier td:s should have problems to penerate upperhull.

    Even lowerplate have more effective armor than unangled is-3 front.
    Turretroof and maybe front are only place where you actually have chance
    to penerate that thing.

  4. Tanks.gg has an armor model if any of you want to check out the next tank in power creep. Would have been an okay tank if the pike nose on the hull weren’t so meaningless because of the insane 130mm hull armor but the fact you can throw this tank at 40 degrees to bounce anything that might shoot at you is pretty absurd. This tank would have been balanced with 90 or even 100 mm of armor since it has such a good gun.

  5. DZ says:

    armor will be nerfed to its historical value after WG gets enough people to buy it before they say “LOL suckers, Nerfed!, enjoy ur crappier then a IS-3A Russian tank.

    1. IS-3A isn’t bad if you know what vertical stabilizers and gunlaying drives are (yes, that means more than just slapping them on your tank). Handling is on par with the IS and better than the IS-2’s along with better armor and equal mobillity with the IS-2’s. You really have to like the tier 7 brand of russian heavy tanks even when they are lower tiered to like the IS-3A, I know, it’s a very niche group but chances are with all this power creep, they will improve the handling and soft stats.

      Sorry for the rough and tumble reply, your comment was in good humor but it did strike my curiousity of what premium tanks wargaming have nerfed in their game if at all ever to begin with.

  6. Hungrian says:

    16 second reload? Much slower RoF than IS-3 and IS-3a. I can probably skip this one. IS-6, KV-5, and IS3a already in my Soviet tier 8 HT Premium garage.

  7. http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/-252/model
    Here’s the armor model. Angle it and it becomes immune to anything below Tier9/10 guns with at least 250+ pen.
    If you thought that Liberte or Patriot is OP, wait when you see this shit on the field. Liberte at least has a weakspot possible to hit. Patriot’s hull is semi-penetrable, but this joke..!? Good luck trying to hit those tiny cupolas from more than 10 meters afar!
    And who gives a damn about bad DPM on this tank – it is a super brawler – comes out of a corner, slams one into your face for 440 and easily retreats to reload, then repeats the sequence.. No DPM is needed for that.
    Effectively it is a Tier9 tank with almost Tier10 armor placed on Tier8. Will love to see all the happy Tier6-7 players who will be facing this Stalins dream.
    GG WG, GG!

    1. Pretty much the only counters to this tank are light tanks out spotting it and artillery focus fire. I wonder if this is the new standard wargaming are trying to establish for heavy tanks. Such being that tanks generally have to fire premium rounds in order to stand a chance against them similar to the Japanese super heavies (which the Obj 252 pretty much made obsolete).

  8. Rombat says:

    you look only at amor…but view range, radio range, aim time, accuracy and reload time suck hard…you are blind, you can’t snipe and after 300 m you can’t hit a weakspot…useless tank on open maps with scouts arty and td’s…it will be good on city maps if it woun’t be flanked…i woun’t buy it even if a i have the money

    1. I wonder how the IS-3, IS-6, IS-3A, or any other tank with short view range ever survives in world of tanks. They are so under powered, that’s why you never see them used competitively or in platoons in pub matches. It’s almost as if you couldn’t hit the 2 key and just blitz through the front of any tank without aiming.

    2. Krcmis says:

      You probably didn’t hear about stalin snipers shots with is3 better accuracy than panthers family and kv2 never miss “laser” derp xD playing is3a and kv2 both are my loved tanks and this is something like russian invisible wall with űber destruction waiting on it more to my troling prem party with liberte and e25 xD yes iam big noob but my wn8 increasing with these tanks xD

  9. Anonymous says:

    When is IS6 isnt Op enough…

    -Great alpha
    -In penetrable hull armor and side armor (According to tanks gg) Which t10 meds wont pen
    -Moslt likely be more OP and annoying than the skorp G
    -Maybe the best money maker in game
    -excellent pen
    -Still great speed for a Ht
    -Superior to wz 111, 112, Is3A, Is3, Is5, T-10, Is7, and even ofc, is6

    -Non pref mm but armor doesnt care
    -view range-.-

    1. That is very true, I always feel bad about using the phrase Russian bias because although it’s funny and flows great off the tongue, it’s never absolutely correct. Perhaps Pay2win shall suffice for now. Thanks for bringing that to attention Havoc 🙂

      1. Well actually I was being sarcastic.

        Russian bias may be the wrong term to use. And not every single Russian tank is op or even good. But in general if you compare tanks from the lines…..Russian just stand out so much better including premiums too….

        And they have some of the most op tanks tier for tier in the entire game but people jump on hype trains for tanks like the e25 or e5 that don’t even come close to effectiveness of the Russian tanks.

      2. Aaaah haha, I done goofed, I’m so sorry haha, it was good sarcasm, so silly I missed it.. thanks for being nice about it and very fair point, yup, line for line I will always recommend a russian line especially for beginners.

  10. Muhamad Adhi says:

    Its not like constant facing tier 9 or 10 in my tier 8 is frustrating enough.
    Noooo, lets add an impenetrable heavy premium tank for tier 8 too.

    Good time to lessen my time on WoT.

  11. sfcstorm says:

    Lol so stupid. Im glad I left WOT for WOWS. At least in ships they only make Premiums somewhat more OP, and while Rus Navy is far better than it was, it isnt super godly.

    The Amount of fake Rus vehicles or “Hybrids” that take every single advanced feature with no side effects is ridiculous, esp while they make US and NATO tanks EXACTLY to specs.

    OMG look at the M48 in game and M60 and LEO and AMX30, all these are just soft absolutely 100% real rank and file front line tanks with zero leeway, and yet they fight things like Obj 140, 907 that were experimental [and failed btw] as well as T54`s that use guns from 1970s engines from heavy tanks and armor fro ma failed model that broke suspension to squeeze 20mm more out of it…LOL

    This game is getting so insane with Rus OPness its funny. It seems like each nation has 1-2 standouts like E5, STB1, Swede heavy and the Russan lines either are great accross the board with nothing even coming close in all round ability like the 62a/140 or they keep nerfing maps and the games accuracy to favor close up Rus brawlers.

    Think about it every overall accuracy nerf is a IS3-4-7 KV buff to a huge degree. And every buff to overall armor is as well. Then every bottleneck and alley and covered non open map is the same. But now they just straight up put a T9.5 at T8 and call it a day.

  12. Patata Caliente says:

    I have promised myself I will stop spending money on World of Tanks once and for all if they release the tank with these stats. It has become increasingly clear over the last year or so that Wargaming is willing to sacrifice game balance in order to make a quick buck, but this is really totally off the charts.

  13. Worldatwar2 says:

    “Premium tanks are supposed to be worse than normal tanks in the game. We don’t want to create a pay2win game”
    Looking at the stats, this tank must be really ‘bad’ huh?

    1. Infernal969 says:

      It’s been clear that they are going full p2w since the Skorpion G.
      But retards wouldn’t listen, they just throw money at WG and destroy the game together.

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