Obj. 907 Collision Model Update

Update to the old rewards tank, Obj. 907.

-Changed the angle of the side armor.

-Decreased the size of the ammunition rack.

– Spare tracks added to lower front plate.





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Obj. 907 Collision Model Update

31 thoughts on “Obj. 907 Collision Model Update

  1. CbrosTheDude says:

    Did this really needed some suvivability buff as a reward tank, when we see how under average the m60 is?

  2. OpaKnobbi says:

    Yes… Because it’s Russian 😉
    Still waiting for the spare Tracks on the lower Glacial of the Tiger 1 being added as additional Armor btw…

  3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    This thing right now is almost as OP as the original T-22sr.

    But this one wont be nerfed because you cannot rig it.

    If people did not rig the T-22sr. WG would never have nerfed it. They dont care about how OP soviet tanks are unless they’re as brutaly exposed as the T-22sr. was.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        It was already OP before I’m saying instead of getting a needed nerf it gets buffed even more.

      2. Listen the obj is very good, but it has problems just like any other tank. The ammo rack is worse than any tank ive ever played, its about as durable as a leo proto. The fuel tanks in the front cause fires all the time. The whole thing is a flat pancake, so HE hits it harder than most other tanks. The turret is not as great as one would think, it will let high rolling ap shells in, and the ufp is unlikely to bounce any guns T9+ but if you going 50kph you can get people to throw shots. So yeah, the gun is a monster, mine sits around 5.25 secs for the reload without vents (or a FE). But the drawbacks can be nasty, nothing says FU like being ammo racked from full hp by an amx 13-57 (with safe stowage).

    1. I’d like to agree with Vochinsky74 here speedy, a lot of players own the obj 907. Despite it being so similar to the Obj 140 and T62A you don’t see it all that often. Mostly because of the lackluster .36 accuracy that is worse than its counter parts as well as poorer hidden stats for turret and hull traverse accuracy. Hidden stats in the tracks are also worse than the Obj 140 and T62A so on top of being more inaccurate and slower, the Obj 907 really only had its side armor going for it above its competition and even then it is still nowhere near as amazing as the T-22’s side armor.

      Speedy, http://tanks.gg/compare/obj-907?t=t-62a~obj-140~obj-430~t-22-med~121
      This is a list of similar tanks to the obj 907. Feel free to compare and see for yourself.

      1. This + main problem for me was ammorack. That thing is/was ammorack on tracks. Every shot to the front ammoracks you. Getting oneshoted by tanks like E100 was quite common and very frustrating. I have been noticing this speedycraft guy a lot and most of his comments are like this one, debatable to say atleast.

      2. Not sure about the hidden stats being bad, ill fire on the move at 300M and still hit stuff a solid portion if the time. Make no mistake the gun on the 907 is absolutely vicious, it will blow your brains to the ceiling wrap you in a rug and toss you in a river in a space of about 45 seconds.

      3. You are right Vochinsky74, the hidden stats of the 907 are certainly not bad. I only said that they were worse than its competition.

        “…as well as poorer hidden stats for turret and hull traverse accuracy.”

        Just a simple grammatical confusion, I do it all the time.

      1. Thats very debatable, but certainly each has its own playstyle. Personally i favor the 907 by a wide margin about 13% more in terms of WR. I think my 907 is at like 61% while the t62 ia back at like 48ish% of course i had the t62 long before i was any good, but im still unable to over wright those stats. Another interesting one is the 121B which i adore, being at a solid 65% WR. Supposedly a bad tank, but when you need to farm pubbies that auto aim, 121bea will back hand them straight to the gulag.

    2. Uuuhhh says:

      The 907 is the t22’s prototype so of course it’s going to be like that except the 907 couldnt be rigged to get unless the top 100 players decided to make a clan. So it’s still going to be a whale clubber. Besides, it’s just another Russian medium tier 10. They should all be approached with caution.

  4. Rombat says:

    It,s interesting how people cry about this tank being op without having it…if they had it they would have known that a damagred ammorack was a common thing and it doesn,t have an outstanding reload time or armor comparing it with the other russian medium tanks. Spare tracks on lower plate are more of a cosmetic thing. Average pen on tier 10 guns is 240_260 mm is more than enough to pen the lower plate of obj 907.

  5. Soifon99 says:

    lol look at all the people who cry wolf about this tank, the upper plate was always meant to be troll.. so now they made it troll, it ranges from 220~260(and some auto bounce) the lower plate is much weaker with 180~220… and people who got it put so much time and effort in wot that they deserve a good tank. people who don’t have it are just jealous and want to nerf everything that they don’t own..

    And the upper and lower plate are good when the enemy is on the same level as you, but when shot from above of below the upper and lower plate are cheese.. so stop crying wolf… nothing to see here.

    1. Hooli_Gun says:

      Actually dude,the only ones crying are usually the owners of reward tanks (see VK 72),and why pubbies shouldnt
      get similar tanks like them,THATS the real reason why WG buffed VK72 and 907,NOT cause these tanks needed any buffs,specially the 907.

  6. Just one note: Armour didn’t change at the front lower plate. Those two “patches” were already there during Public Test 9.17.1, for some reason the Russian source didn’t notice that and thinks they added just now, Only the side armour changed a bit because of the angle, no values because WG didn’t share them yet, and the ammo rack size, nothing else. Those pictures are actually from 9.17 and 9.17.1.

  7. DZ says:

    ahh, so refreshing to see the typical whining about a tank being OP (when its not) and 90% of the whiners don’t even have it because they are droolers in bad clans.

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