Object 252 Supertest Stats

Good day everybody,

Straight from supertest, we have another premium Soviet Heavy tank (wooooh!). This one at Tier 8.



Object 252 was one of the projects prepared for the development of heavy tank IS-6. Technical drawings were prepared at the end of 1944, but further work was stopped, and the tank never entered service.


Tier: 8

Hitpoints: 1500

Engine Power: 700

Weight: 51.1 ton

Power-to-Weight: 13.59

Maximum speed: 35kph (for.)/ 14kph (rev.)

Hull Traverse: 26° sec

Turret Traverse: 25° sec

Terrain Resistance: 1,151/1,438/2,205

Viewrange: 350m

Radio range: 440m

Hull armor: 90/90/?mm

Turret armor: 250/150/?m
Gun: 122mm BL-13

Damage: 390/390/530

Penetration: 225/265/68mm

DPM: 1834.8

ROF: 4.705

Reload: 12.753 sec.

Accuracy: 0.403

Aim Time: 2.88 sec.

Elevation/Depression: +20°/-5°

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