Object 252 Supertest Stats

Good day everybody,

Straight from supertest, we have another premium Soviet Heavy tank (wooooh!). This one at Tier 8.



Object 252 was one of the projects prepared for the development of heavy tank IS-6. Technical drawings were prepared at the end of 1944, but further work was stopped, and the tank never entered service.


Tier: 8

Hitpoints: 1500

Engine Power: 700

Weight: 51.1 ton

Power-to-Weight: 13.59

Maximum speed: 35kph (for.)/ 14kph (rev.)

Hull Traverse: 26° sec

Turret Traverse: 25° sec

Terrain Resistance: 1,151/1,438/2,205

Viewrange: 350m

Radio range: 440m

Hull armor: 90/90/?mm

Turret armor: 250/150/?m
Gun: 122mm BL-13

Damage: 390/390/530

Penetration: 225/265/68mm

DPM: 1834.8

ROF: 4.705

Reload: 12.753 sec.

Accuracy: 0.403

Aim Time: 2.88 sec.

Elevation/Depression: +20°/-5°

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Object 252 Supertest Stats

79 thoughts on “Object 252 Supertest Stats

  1. SMGJohn says:

    We can never have enough of these can we now? They could probably make an entire freaking alt line from tier 7 to 10 with IS-6’s

  2. tribun1211 says:

    I guess it will be the replacement for the IS-6, since WG want to get rid off all Tanks in the Store with limited MM….im curious which Tank will replace the 112, FCM 50t and Super Pershing

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      Well, they already ‘threw away’ several good replacement vehicles by slapping on those ‘camo’ skins. The M46 Patton which became the ‘Patton KR’, and the AMX M4 49 which became the ‘Liberte’.
      Not to mention they dug up another Pershing variant, the E5, and made it into a premium HT… with another ridiculous skin, making the ‘Patriot’.

    2. Are 50t is6 etc. getting replaced ? I really like wg decision in this point.
      btw. what about the “Legends” removed tanks like Type59, E25 or very rare tanks like the M6A2E1?

    3. 112 is coming back though after “re balancing” according to wg, they dropped the price before removal to 10500 and still not many people bought it. So expect it back with slightly better armour worse gun longer re load and no pref MM.

  3. Patata Caliente says:

    Possibly a replacement for the IS-6, which has preferential matchmaking, after all. Not that I care. I am bored to tears by Wargaming’s obsession with Russian tanks.

      1. Disagree, look at AW do they have a focus on western/American vehices? Nope, so there is absolutely no need for it, especially considering the british tree has only 1 tier 8 premium that sucks and IM sure even in Russia there will be players who want british tier 8 prems.

    1. Saint says:

      Of course theyre obssessed with russian tanks, the founder of the company is russian and russia has one of the largest tank line in the world.

      1. I don’t exactly have much access to American archives in relation to tank designs. Considering I live in Australia and there’s only so much information I can gather on the internet. So I don’t have anything to offer as an option, but WG on the other hand are able to go and access said archives and have a much greater information gathering network then I do in my living room

      2. You’re right, I’m sure wargaming could pull something out of their asses for you or you could send them a crayon drawing of some fantasy tank for them to make because that’s what happens when you can’t find info on the unicorn that you’re looking for but know is there.

    1. Because apparently you know ever tank under the sun from that era and when you say there is no tank that could fill the slot of a tier 8 TD that word is apparently that of god…

  4. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Finally. After all these years there will be Soviet tier 8 premium in the game. With the game being overflooded with British and Japanese tier 8 premiums it’s a breath of fresh air.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      I did a bit of digging. This thing looks nothing like Object 252. Judging from pictures Objects 252 and 253 looked the same. Just like IS-6 model in WoT neither of them had pike nose. The supposedly existing blueprint (i couldn’t find one though) with redesigned hull and turret was dubbed 252У (Cyrillic У stands for Улучшенный – Uluchenny or Improved).

      1. Seems to give stats that are better then what’s here

        Speed: 43km/h (35km/h on ST)
        Hull: 120/120/60 (90/90/? On ST)
        Turret: 250/150/150 (no change here)
        Gun: 122 D-30T (122 BL-13 onST)

      2. Ion7 says:

        This is from the page, “Meanwhile, in late November, the IS-6 was radically redesigned. This is linked to research from NII-48. The tank received a new hull with a pike front and a new turret. Since the IS-6 had no future in late 1944, the modernization project stopped there and it was never built in metal.”

      3. OrigamiChik3n says:

        Well that’s pretty much what i wrote – the Objects 252 and 253 that were actually built have the same hull that is implemented in WoT as IS-6. Because they in fact were IS-6.
        The blueprint in http://tankarchives.blogspot.lt/2016/06/object-257-first-is-7.html is for completely redesigned machine, dubbed “Object 252U”. And it looks like a modern artist’s impression rather than real drawing from 1940s. Which wouldn’t be first time that WG claims “existed only in drawings” are not supported by any actual drawing.

      4. @ORIGAMICHIK3N i agree with you, tank schematics from WW1 and WW2 weren’t done on actual blueprint paper. And if this is a trace onto it to better preserve it they would still have photographed the original sketches

      5. Adrian Paredes says:

        object 252 is the IS-6… are the same tank just like IS-7 is the object 260, but wargaming will milk the cash cow as much as they can… soon we will have a whole family of objects 252,253,254, all the way to 260 as premiums and no one baits an eye

      6. @SovietTenkDestroyer ahhh fair enough. Cheers for that bit of info, I stand corrected. I’ll keep that in mind for future reference.

        @Adrian Where there’s a demand for tanks, WG shall supply… or something like that. It’s not a system people like but it’s a system WG doesn’t look like changing anytime soon

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        I have deep, almost religious, conviction that adding “i was being sarcastic” to a sarcastic remark defeats the purpose of sarcasm. Even if it means that 1 person out of 7 billion will not get it.

      2. I took a generous amount of time to reread your posts and never came across those words before moving to my conclusion that you could not count. Please understand that I cannot read your mind and if you choose to be sarcastic, go over the top with the addition of a “haha” or “lol” or emote or anything to symbolise any smybalence of a punchline rather than your serious undertone. In fact, your subtle inabillity to count had taken me so off guard I worried some might agree with you and I urgently worked to correct you rather than castrate you. Unfortunatly, my good intentions required this cheese grater of a comment and you suck balls at trying to convey your tone of voice.

  5. All these (premium) heavies entering the game and I am still wondering if the British tech tree will get more lines. Being inventive and trying all sorts of suff they must have had many(?) of prototypes or tanks that did actually make it on the battlefield.

    Have enough premiums though, IS2, Churchill, IS6, like I need another (heavy) Soviet premium..

  6. WG: there is not enough real tanks to make a full polish tech tree, or italian, even if we cluster them in an european tech tree. Instead we’ll make them premiums in other nations.
    Also WG: btw talking about premiums, guess what we made ? A new soviet tank. This one is also looking pretty much identical to all 65413667 other soviet HTs/MTs already in the game, but it is fully historical, real, and needed in the game, as a premium.

    They take years to make a damn tree of regular tanks, but if money/premium is involved they’ll produce premium clones like a hen producing eggs. The past year we got one or two new premium per patches, we have yet to see any real tech tree or any new regular tanks. Tanks are too hard to find unless they’re soviet and can make them money.

    1. Uuuhhh says:

      A F2P game from Russia using the easiest tanks to research without going to foreign nations and attempt to get special access as well as earn money to keep the game going obviously has it out for the penny pinching foreign nationalists…

    1. T14 and M4 improved are not the best options some players, and more variety would be nice. T14 isn’t that bad, but would prefer a good alternative the load of crap we know as the M4 “Improved”.

  7. anon says:

    As long the gun aint worse then IS6… probably like is3…
    5 gold stars here… ~ love how 112 drivers bite themselves every time xD

      1. If you look closely at the side armor, it does have spaced armor and the same inward slope on the hull as an IS-3. Arguably, this tank has better side armor because the side armor has more dynamic slopping. Your argument is invalid.

  8. MegamiHestia says:

    Another one? I guess I can see what’s wrong with WoT now. Not just the game has some issues, the dev team has some serious problems. If WG don’t get someone who really knows what they are doing and what is worth doing take charge, this game is simply doomed.

  9. 40902nd says:

    They are currently working on two tech trees, both with two branches, as well as tier 10 lights and a French Heavy branch with tanks that actually play like heavies. They have also said they are investigating other nations, which means, while they are keeping it close to the chest, we are seeing more trees released than we ever have. If you count it up, it’s 40+ tanks in the pipeline.

    This game is Free-To-Play and it’s supported through the purchase of Gold, Premium Time, and Premium Tanks. They have a tank they wish to discontinue, and this looks to be a decent replacement (though that is what I thought the Kirovets-1 was for). If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. My 2 hopes are that they aren’t too overpowered as premiums, and that they aren’t Clan Wars reward tanks. I don’t even want it to be equal to the top tanks in it’s tier, I am looking at you Berlin Quartet.

    1. wheeledtank says:

      I think people are less annoyed about the lack of “work” on tech trees (We already saw a new nation, confirmed a new line for a nation that was neglected, and more WiP) and more so about the huge number of “copy-paste” tanks that have been added now (T26E6, Kirovets, Object 252, IS-3A, and so on).

      Personally, I am just here to see what is going on now (I’ve officially stopped playing WoT).

  10. Rombat says:

    That radio range is a joke?…a bad joke…and that accuracy is another bad joke…see is5 accuracy…is not enogh to have 225 pen if your shoots are going wild…at least this one has a decent aiming time.

    1. whitesample says:

      Accuracy on this game is irrelevant since a KV2 can hit weakspots as frequently as the Leo 1.
      Which is really stupid, but who cares~?
      Aim time? Yeah maybe, but if it has good softstats… “Which are never revealed because reasons” it can snapshot anything.
      Its an arcade game with a shitty sense of balance.
      But yet, its fun and I love it…

    1. Thank you, I need a laugh. All these Soviet tanks in general make me a sad MeeM.
      …seriously, can we even have something ELSE? No really, how about a Soviet tank that the Germans captured? I bet people would be happy if they got a German version of a KV-2. How about a blueprint of an American tank for Tier 8? How about another E 50M?
      Just…something other than Soviet tanks. I’m half-tempted to save free xp for the rest of the tech tree because of this shit @.@

  11. Psychopatton says:

    110 needs a serious buff and hd model. It’s getting pathetic next to all these Russian tier eight heavy tanks. Which you seem to have plenty of time making. Use some of that time to make good looking hd models for the old tanks.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Whats this the 17th USSR prem heavy tank? and like 3rd this ~month? wheres our replacement to the FCm36Pak40 or some french prem TD. Not that anyone plays that line anymore..

  13. belkovTV says:

    I quite distinctively remember the IS-6 going under the name Object-252 in the current client already. I can’t check from this PC (work, duh!), but when you install 3rd party icons like the one from jimb0s, the IS-6 goes as “object 252” I think…..

    Anyways…….why on earth do we need yet another Russian tier 8 heavy (premium) tank?

  14. I quite distinctively remember the IS-6 going under the name Object-252 in the current client already. I can’t check from this PC (work, duh!), but when you install 3rd party icons like the one from jimb0s, the IS-6 goes as “object 252” I think…..

    Anyways…….why on earth do we need yet another Russian tier 8 heavy (premium) tank?

  15. John smith says:

    they can offer a 100 strong tanks but at the end of the day they still take in your money for repairs, upgrades, and amunition….just another rip off

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