Object 257 Armor changes test 1 to test 2

Here we have the discoverable armor changes plus a shot showing the reworked collision model for the suspension.The turret stays unchanged. As before old on left new on right.

From the front only the suspension collision model is changed (The blue part with the tracks which is a no damage hit box).

From the back both armor and model stay the same.

The side armor even though much thinner can still become an auto bounce the lower down the hull you aim if you are too close or high.



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Object 257 Armor changes test 1 to test 2

15 thoughts on “Object 257 Armor changes test 1 to test 2

  1. cuminyomouthvegan says:

    What a weird hull shape.. Does the crew have to stand on a slope all the time?
    At least the collision model resembles the visual model now..

    1. jerryatrick53 says:

      The hull shape was why it never got off the drawing board as it was unfightable and a working power plant could not be installed . This hull shape wasn’t just awkward it just couldn’t be built.

  2. The side armour change is very significant here. And completely not mentioned.

    Now the side armour is overmatchable by guns over 120mm in caliber. This means every 122mm, 128mm, 130mm, 140mm etc can auto pen your side hull at any angle. Against these tanks you stand almost no chance.

    On the other hand tanks with 120mm or less caliber (like all the mediums it will face and the 120mm heavies like the British and American) wilk still stand 0 chance against its side armour.

    It will still dominate everything when top tier except Russian heavies and tank destroyers.
    But when bottom tier it can get farmed by any big calibre guns out there.

    Bad bad design overall. But this is much better than the retarded OP bullshit we had before.

    1. jerryatrick53 says:

      It is shown for all to see ,so why mention or is it wrong to assume our readers are capable of drawing a valid conclusion from the screen shots presented?

  3. RoachMartel says:

    Finally…. some justice. But then this IS a Soviet tank… it’ll always have the Stalinium Armor and Stalins’ hand to guide the shells.

  4. Mh says:

    In my opinion if they want to balance out this tank they should give it only 25 rounds cuz in no possible manner you will be able to fit more than that many shells in this hull.

  5. I dont know, 40mm on the side? What does the occasional high caliber HE-shell say about this?
    Despite various presentations made by now, I still think the OP-ness of the original testdesign is a bit exagerated.
    Tier7 tanks barely have a chance to stand up against niners in a pinch already, man even an IS3 is eating those like cotton candy …
    And with current bum rush and roflestomp tactics on the field individual tanks matter even less, OP or not …

  6. Mikosah says:

    A necessary nerf. Still, the all-or-nothing system where every shot is either going to overmatch or autobounce is always going to cause balancing issues.

  7. MozzaBurger says:

    That’s a significant nerf. Besides the trollish slopes that other Russian heavies are already known for anyway it is pretty weak on the side now. WG didn’t go full retard. That’s good.

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