Object 268 Variant 5


there is a new vehicle in Supertest, the Tier X Premium Soviet Object 268 Variant 5,

if this thing makes it into the game it will be a CW reward. I honestly hope it never does, not with that amount of penetration.




A turreted TD designed on the base of the T-10 (Obj. 730/IS-8) in the first half of the 50’s.

Most of the ammunition was stowed in the rear of the turret to improve the working conditions of the crew.

Due to the need to make substantial and costly modifications to the base hull, the project was suspended in the design phase.



Tier: 10
Hitpoints: 1900
Engine: 750
Weight: 50 tonn
Power-to-weight: 15
Maximum speed: 48/15
Hull traverse: 20
Turret traverse: 15.6
Terrain resistance: 1.726/1.918/2.493
Viewrange: 360
Radio range: 720
Hull armor: 120/90/??
Turret armor: 230/90/??

Gun: 152 mm M-53
Damage: 750/750/1100
Penetration: 303/395/90
DPM: 2311.8
ROF: 3.082
Reload: 19.466
Accuracy: 0.364







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Object 268 Variant 5

60 thoughts on “Object 268 Variant 5

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    This looks so much like a fake…

    It’s an IS-8 hull with an IS-8/ST-1 looking turret (268 turreted), Object 261’s gun model and Object 268’s gun stats (pen/alpha). Also this is a TD with heavy tank armor and close to medium tank mobility.

    If it ever comes to the game then make it a 268 replacement because current 268 is rather bad compared to other tier Xs TDs (has nothing special for it exept high pen which doesnt matter because everyone fires gold anyway). But unless it is announced officialy by WG I wont believe it at all. It would either be overpowered either underpowered depending on situation, impossible to balance because armor is so crap but also so trollish, and reload so bad but too powerful if it was better due to turret.

    1. This is in supertest atm and these are its current stats, Minsk sneaked this bugger in like that, I hoping the right people to not allow this to pass through . completely agree with you on the stats btw.

      1. BrokenLoyalty says:

        Other then having a full turret it’s not that good. The horid terrain resistence gives it 7.82 hp/t on medium terrain which gives it almost the exact same mobility as a super pershing, it has lower DPM then nearly all teir 8 TD’s with bad viewrange and probably bad camo. The hull armor is a IS-8 which can be kinda trolly but not really reliable especially being moved up a teir, The turret does have good frontal armor but it looks like the roof is overmatchable by 90mm + guns. You mentioned that you hate the pen but it’s not really anything special it’s roughly the same as the other Teir 10 td’s.

        All in all i’d play the T110E4 over this tank in it’s current stat especially with 370+mm apcr I-Win-Button rounds.

      2. IMO it would work fine as is. Penetration is identical to Object 268, reload time is roughly similar to that of the T110E4, terrible terrain resistance nerfs its acceleration to only be somewhat better than the E4.

        It’ll be significantly less mobile than the IS-7, if you compare them directly. IS-7 has better hull traverse, HP/t, and resistances (except on soft terrain). The 268 V5’s hard resist stat is as bad as the IS-7’s medium one, :P.

      3. swiss1809 says:

        The gun stats are not that Impressive. Even with the High pen it won’t matter because it has shit DPM which it seems is how it will be balanced. Looks fine to me.

      4. swiss1809 says:

        Rita why do you say you don’t want it to make it in the game with that pen when all things considered it’s not a good TD?

      5. Fanofde4ever says:

        It’s a better E4, but it’s a premium tank. Better turret armor (thicker, and sloped/rounded), better mobility, fully traversible turret, better pen, same rate of fire and accuracy. The E4 may have better hull armor from the front, but then again when you can derp straight though the front of the turret with anything tier 8 pen and up… The E4 does have better view range, but with that accuracy you can’t really sit at the back and snipe, so that’s really a moot point. I don’t care if it’s added to the game, but if it NEEDS those stats to be competitive then the E4 needs a buff too.

      6. so97sad says:

        For some reason I am interested in how to calculate acceleration with terrain resistances.
        Track traverse though, this is hopeless. 20deg on hard terrain, <18deg on medium terrain.
        Camo, might be better than an E4 I am not sure, is the blackhole side armour that makes this special.

    2. Chris says:

      Medium tank mobility? Have you seen those terrain resistances?
      Terrain resistance: 1.726/1.918/2.493
      Not sure this thing is going anywhere fast, unless it is down hill and in a straight line.

    1. Domo says:

      copula much easier to pen then is-8, also turret roof will be penetrable with high ground. turret sides much less rounded and a lot longer

  2. Jan Manthay says:

    What’s the problem? This thing is slow, has low HP, terrible hull/turret traverse, terrible viewrange, terrible DPM, and it’s 303 mm of penetration will bounce anyway, or go into the tracks.

    1. Fanofde4ever says:

      Let’s take a look at the E4 shall we… It’s slower, only has 100 more hp, slightly better hull and turret traverse (but turret only rotates half way), better view range but a gun that can’t take advantage of that view range, same DPM, worse pen, and same accuracy. See the problem now? It’s better than the E4 in every stat that means anything to a TD with .36 accuracy, and it’s a premium tank. Not to mention it has better armor on top of that.

  3. yurrasickpark says:

    “if this thing makes it into the game it will be a CW reward. I honestly hope it never does, not with that amount of penetration.”

    Why? All other tier 10 TDs have similar pen. And this thing is pretty fucking terrible. Turns like a whale, slow to accelerate and it can’t kemp bush because of terrible gun stats. The pen, alpha and full turret are its only redeeming features.

      1. yurrasickpark says:

        Actually, now that I’ve taken a closer look at E4 it seems these 2 are almost identical in concept and playstyle. E4 is still mediocre at best. Pardon my ignorance tho.

  4. Gent says:

    Please WG, make this a replacement for the current piece of a crap people call obj268, wasted my time grinding that 300k exp for one of the most useless tier 10 tanks out there..

    1. Domo says:

      i agree that tank is one of the worst tier 10’s. but too bad this TD isnt like the previous tanks to the 268… either way i would rather have it be a normal tank then something from CW/missions or w/e

  5. Jurrunio says:

    It will be a good tank IMO. I’ll compare it to T30. Same tough turret, worse gun depression, better armour (more troll ricochets), even slower moving speed and reload. If it doesnt have that pen of the Object 268 it can only be a tier 9 TD (with BL-10)

    1. Fanofde4ever says:

      Umm… I don’t know what stats you’re looking at, but no. T30 only has 2.86RPM with no equipment or consumables. This thing has the same reload as the E4. A full 2 seconds faster than the T30. The T30 only has a top speed of 35, and this things is 48. Excluding traverse speed and view range this thing is almost universally equal to or better than the E4. And the stats don’t even list the gun depression, so I don’t know where you’re getting that from.

  6. Platyzooka says:

    303 pen isn’t ridiculous for tier X. In fact, this seems kind of underwhelming at first glance. No aim time, elevation, depression, gun arc, or soft gun handling stats here though, so hard to say.

  7. RedSoloCup says:

    So Wg decided to buff the Jagdtiger’s health to 2100 because it obviously needed it in tier 9, but now they introduce tier X TDs with less than 2k health (Grille 15, Obj 268 v5)

    1. Fanofde4ever says:

      The E4 which is a “brawling” TD (“armor” and bad accuracy with sorta turret) only has 2k at tier 10. At least that’s 1 stat the E4 is slightly better in.

  8. Rombat says:

    What’s wrong with it? It shoots 750 at 19 sec. Obj 268 shoots same dmg at 13 sec. So? What is op in it? It can be pen by all tier 10 guns. A td should be a scarry thing for heavys because of his gun. So it could be perfect for this role, and can be a great reward tank…so you feel it like a special gift for doing something.

  9. LittelEgg says:

    How can you post information without giving the sources to the material. It is clearly shown the video is from wot-news. You should put wot-news as reference as well as the pictures. Rita, you really must put all sources on your blog since you are not the original author of this material. Even if you write your own opinions, but include information that other authors has created, you need to cite. This is a good tips, otherwise this blog will get reported for copyright infragement by others. No offense.

  10. stormcrow99 says:

    Object 268 huh. I don’t have an issue with having a fuckton of soviet tanks, but where do they come from? How many of these were actual legit designs? And how can just one country have so many more tank designs than any other?

    1. That depends on who you ask really. Some people would argue a tank with just one ‘sometimes questionable’ blueprint is just as legit as any other, but if that were the case, almost all tanks are legit. Even the Japanese ones (except for the last two) would be legit as they were all at one point different proposals for the same tank.

      And I don’t think Russia has more tank designs than any other, I think it probably is theirs are much more easily accessed by WG. They have close ties to RU, and much less to for example GB and US. So for them it is probably much easier to access the USSR archives compared to others…

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        If I were in charge, I’d shove in literally every tank available that fits, if it’s ever been a valid suggestion/design that was considered for longer than 10 seconds. There can never be too much nor enough variety between tanks. (though I will say that having over 9000 almost identical russian meds doesn’t really bring variety)

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