Object 268 Version 4 In HD

From supertest, The tentatively proposed replacement for the Object 263 at tier X.

Source WoT Express

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Object 268 Version 4 In HD

31 thoughts on “Object 268 Version 4 In HD

    1. Ion7 says:

      Not sure what there plan is. If they really want to stremline the lines then why do this? This is the exact oposite of what they are trying to do. If the line is to be changed and a new premium is made out of it (Not that I would want it) The 263 would be an interesting tier 8…
      Hopefully I havent given them any ideas.

      1. Hooli_Gun says:

        Its not the tier 10 TD,its the long ugly way to it that discourages people to grind it.Everyone owning 263 will tell you that its one of the most fun TDs and tanks in generall to play in the game.I cant believe that these devs are so clueless about their own game.

    1. Anyone says:

      Looks like the guy that designed this thing should have been sent to a gulag. everything about it is just awkward and so NOT 263.

  1. Mikosah says:

    Insert Deus Ex Jensen gif saying: “I never asked for this”

    Most counterproductive change WG has proposed since ‘rubicon’. Also please don’t take away my Obj 416.

  2. Gatsu says:

    Looks like a the offspring of an e100 and fv215b that was kidnapped and taken in to russia to become a stronk soviet fietor…

    All jokes aside, this change is unecessary. Leave the line as is or just buff the stats to make it more competitive. If you add this it will be another generic tier 10 td.

  3. Tim Allen says:

    Cool. Glad it looks good in HD. Now get rid of it. I don’t want this Jagdpanzer E-100 knock-off over my Object 263. I don’t understand why Wargaming literally can’t just buff the Tier 7-9 tanks, and give slight buffs to the 263. Here, I’ll do your job for you, give the 263 a cover so it is no longer open top and you can mount vents, buff the mantlet armor up so it isn’t so easily penable. Remember, with the HD update, the lower plate is only about 150 mm thick and has around 175-ish mm of effective armor. Next, give it back it’s 5 degrees of gun depression it had before the HD update. Maybe buff the traverse speed slightly and finally, as the cherry on top, increase the gun arc from 7 degrees to 9 degrees so it can poke a little bit better. Even without these buffs, the 263 is a fine tank, trust me, I’ve played over 100 games in mine, it’s genuinely fun and a solid choice as a TD at tier 10. As for the tanks preceding the 263, I have no idea what they could even do to make them fun. The SU-100M1 is ok, but the SU-101 is probably the tier 8 equivalent of the Churchill GC.

    Tl;dr Don’t take away the 263, just buff it slightly and buff the tanks preceding it.

  4. Anyone says:

    I can not look at this tank without seeing it as the abomination that it is. NO sensible person who has this tank wants this unnecessary change. and to add insult to injury, WG is keeping the “model of the 263’s 130mm gun on what is not a garbage 152. WG you are some twisted folks.

  5. Kyou says:

    What a load of shit. Another generic, boring 750 alpha TD. Why remove one of the most unique tanks at tier 10? Give it a few buffs. Buff the shitty tier 7,8,9 and it will be fine. If they remove this tank they will piss off so many fans of the 263. Why don’t they just add another line or something?

    No, counterintuitive monkey WG have other ideas.

  6. Ultra0wnz says:

    Isn’t there any place where we can protest against this? I haven’t heard anyone who actually supports this change in this form…. Much ratherer see this as an alternative tier X to the object 704; like the t62a and object 140 are from the t54….

    I’ve been playing this horrendous line for a while now, with the only thing keeping me going being the object 263 as a final goal… Would be a shame to see it being replaced by this…

  7. Nyx_Sky says:

    Guys, take a look to what is going on the RU forum. Link:http://bit.ly/2AiZ0i2.

    There is 48 pages, mostly with messages of disapproval. I am also against it, and I think, most of us who have the 263 went through this line exactly for this tank. Lets give WarGaming a response such as it was with the Bat Chat 25T.

    No one asked for it. If they really want to include this obj 268, make an alternative branch. But don’t touch a tank that is the only reason to play the line.

  8. Thander_Tank says:

    I’m interested in obtaining Obj.263 one day, I have not yet done so because the previous tanks seem extremely uninteresting …

  9. Thander_Tank says:

    I believe that if there was justice for all levels, the lower level tanks do not seem boring, because they would only find fair opponents at their level, so I think Match Maker should be + 1, -1…

  10. Nyx_Sky says:

    I am not in the RU server, so i cant start a pool there. Some guys did it on the EU server, but it isnt expressive as we could have in the RU server.

    If anyone currently in RU can do it, leave a link here, I could try to spread it across the severs and comments about it.

    DeezGames, the EU youtuber, is also going to link WarGaming to his videos, where most comments were also against the changes. I am not promoting him, but if you want, leave a comment in his video with your opinion.

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