Object 268 Version 4 Straight from Supertest

Proposed changes to the tier X TD:

We have renders, armor models, stat and tech tree changes. Raw images courtesy of world_of_ru . Tank inspector stats old and English overlay by RSR.

Basic stats were in a previous article Here .

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Object 268 Version 4 Straight from Supertest

31 thoughts on “Object 268 Version 4 Straight from Supertest

  1. Zorin says:

    With out getting my hands on armor model viewer I’m worried about it being better then the jagaroo.
    P.s 152mm w/ 760 m/s has better pen then 150 w/ 1200 m/s. Just a huge inconsistencies. Oh well.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Actually both of you are wrong.
        0,43 accuracy is kinda good for a russian.
        1,9 secs of aim time can be deceiving.
        Like my leopard 1 with 0,3 accuracy and 1,9 secs of aim time which feels like 0,4 accuracy and 2,5 thanks to gun softstats.

  2. DeanoGTO says:

    i feel like this thing should have a rapid fire cannon rather than another 750 alpha slow reload td gun. thats what made the 263 unique so i dont see why youd have rapid fire at tier 7 8 and 9 then suddenly traditional 750 alpha slow reload cannon.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Umm the picture with the tech tree change shows that it replaces the 263 and that the 263 moves to tier 9. I so hope this doesn’t happen like what they are showing us now. I like the 263 as it is now.

    1. Hooli_Gun says:

      Ofc dude,WG needs another HEAT-SINK.
      Traditionally introducing tanks with armor too strong for regular ammo,and too weak for gold ammo

  3. Anonymous says:

    So they change my obj 430, foch 155 and now possibly my obj 263 (It looks like that line they are referring to if not im also extremely disappointed they getting rid of the 268, one of the few historicals.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can we just bow our heads for the few historical tanks that have been removed the base year..
    -Su 100m1, obj 416, t-10, and i think theres a couple more

  5. Shadow hunter says:

    The 263 line was completely unique compared to other lines due to it being a fast firing low alpha line. WG then decides to change it to get another boring high alpha TD line, while destroying the 263.

    I have an idea WG. Why not make it an alternative to the 268, like make it so we can research both tanks from 704 ?

  6. Never mind says:

    This is disgusting. I love the speed and quick firing gun on my 263, And hate my 268 more than life itself. So why in the he’ll is WG doing this?
    They are adjusting the 183 line to better match the play style of the tanks before it, why then would they do the exact opposite with this line?

  7. Joe Duggn says:

    At some point they will replace the SU-122-54 also because it is not a rear turreted tank destroyer. Which it now is and it will be the “alien” in that line. It would fit more after the obj. 704. Maybe it will be promoted to a second Tier X TD both comming from obj 704. They just need a new Tier VIII TD with the gun in the back.

  8. I have a proposal for wg! So what if the su 100 m1 and Su 101 stay at the tier they are at, but the su 122 54 gets moved to another line but more on that in a little bit. So the first line now is su 100 m1 then su 101 the object 263 the object 268 version 4 ( WHICH IS NOT THE SAME AS REGULAR OR A CLONE OF THE OBJECT 268 HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THAT!!!!!????????)

  9. okay better now, so the second line ( or third russian td line) start with tier 7 with a modified version of the su 100 or also known as the SU D-15/25 it is just su 100 with different guns and is a little lighter and faster with less armour. Next at tier 8 we get the su 122 44 ,and I know what your thinking “well general soren that is already a premium tank”, well we can do what wg is already doing with tank like foch 155 just the other way around, we get a premium tier 7 and a regular tier 8 or just keep tier 7 premium without regular tier 8 and the stats are just buffed from tier 7 to tier 8 and to fit the next tank in the line. for tier 9 we have

  10. Su 122 54 which is kind of obvious what the stats are since it currently is still tier 9. And tier 10 is a prototype based off the t54 chassis as well called the IT 130 its just stronger with a sloped front and faster sort of like the wz 120 g ft there is an aricle about it on ftr

  11. Berto72 says:

    my proposal is :
    1 sell is without play it
    2 play less saw i spend time grind tanks i ilke then WG soon or later change and give me another product.
    3 stop premium account because i spend money to grind tanks i like and see point 2 above

  12. Anonymous says:

    Time to cancel my Premium Account.
    I don’t forgive you for that WG.
    263 is absolute perfect as it is.
    But now you mess things up really bad, especially with that .43 accuracy.
    That’s just physically impossible that a smaller caliber is less accurate than a larger one.

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