OBJECT 268 Version 5 Official Screenshots


Have official screenshots of the Object 268 Version 5 available for you:

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OBJECT 268 Version 5 Official Screenshots

27 thoughts on “OBJECT 268 Version 5 Official Screenshots

    1. choppyhd says:

      How exactly is it inaccessible? A CW match takes a maximum of 15 minutes + 15 minutes of waiting. Anyone can join a clan, anyone can play clan wars, anyone can get the tank.

      1. Anonymous says:

        not everyone can get the tank. only those lucky enough to be in top clans. and not everyone can play cw. some people work night shifts. assuming everything fits you still have to be willing to deal with XO’s, fame points, stupid internal politics, and then only roughly 6% of the players going by NA server numbers can get it. so yeah, basically what he said. inaccessible content for the majority of players.

  1. carrotmoon says:

    It’s when shit like this is brought into the game I’m glad I have a conquerer GC in my platoon to pester the ruskies.

  2. Bert Keg says:

    As more and more tier 10 clan wars only tanks roll into the game, people who do not do clan wars will see that WG pisses on paying players who do not have the time to get into Clan Wars but just wants to play tanks.

  3. If this will be CW reward for next campaign, I seriously think to grab this, since I enjoy my time on Obj 268 rather than M60 (coz I already got my hands on E6 kek, and regretted it).

  4. I hope they’ll make it an IM reward, but please not a CW reward only 2% of players, already really good at the game and who can afford full-gold loadout on a pretty OP tank, will receive. IF it’s a CW reward it’ll once again enlarge the already huge border between free2play and pay2play/pay2win users, as well as the ones who play to have fun vs the one who play a lot more and can afford to ruin other’s fun by playing OP tanks with OP ammo.

    Well if they do, AW’s gonna get even more players and WoT will lose even more popularity, and prove once more that they dont care about balance and customers but only about more money.

  5. CoreOfLive says:

    I qeus this is going to be a Russian T110e4. With the normal object 268 being a T110e3 and the IS7 being a T110e5. Because the Russians stole way more then the A-bomb from America.

    1. whitebaron777 says:

      All of the Russian tanks you mentioned predate the t110 project by like a decade. Plus, it wasn’t hard to design the bomb, the only real problem was producing the uranium

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