Updated and gathered the latest info on the Object 268 Version 5 as well for you:

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A turreted TD designed on the base of the T-10 (Obj. 730/IS-8) in the first half of the 50’s.

Most of the ammunition was stowed in the rear of the turret to improve the working conditions of the crew.

Due to the need to make substantial and costly modifications to the base hull, the project was suspended in the design phase.



Tier: 10
Hitpoints: 1900
Engine: 750
Weight: 50 tonn
Power-to-weight: 15
Maximum speed: 48/15
Hull traverse: 20
Turret traverse: 18
Terrain resistance: 1.8/2/2.6
Viewrange: 360
Radio range: 720
Hull armor: 120/90/40
Turret armor: 230/90/60

Gun: 152 mm M-53
Damage: 750/750/1100
Penetration: 303/395/90
DPM: 2295
ROF: 3.06
Reload: 19.6
Accuracy: 0.36

Aim Time: 3

Depression: -5/+15

Crew: 5 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, 2x Loaders)

Armor and Model:


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  1. warkus says:

    1.8/2/2.6 ground resistance? and i thought IS-7 fealt sluggish with 1.25/1.73/2.97 with 15.47hp/ton. This thing has slightly worse hp/ton with alot worse ground resistances, so dont let the hp7ton and top speed fool you, this thing will not be fast.

    1. Robert says:

      It used to be sooo good… But whinners and moaners asked for nerfs and they ruined it, like they did with Foch 155…

      1. “Whiners and moaners”

        Yeah, fuck them for hating a ridiculously broken TD and wanting it to be nerfed. All high tier TD’s should get raped into the ground, and I say that as the owner of a Jaegeru, 183, E3, waffle E 100, etc.

        Huge alpha is terrible for this game, especially when on camping TD’s. It just promotes slow, boring, campy game play.

  2. SlayerBR says:

    well the first turreted TD from the russ, that looks more like a heavy, with the weakspots of the T-10 i must suppose, well we can consider it the t30 at tier 10 with better armor on hulldown =P

  3. Anonymous says:

    where is our bloody SU-152 Taran? what about SU-100P, and SU-152P? SU-152P even carried the same gun and its historical, idk how many were built, su-100p wasn’t that successful… but where is all this historical machines not in this game? who wants a IS-8 with a turreted 152mm?

    1. exocet6951 says:

      Where is the Taran? The Ludicrous project from 1965, with a gun capable of punching through almost 300mm of armor at 2000m capable of a good 3 to 5 rpm on a fully rotating turret in a speedy 60km/h tank?
      Gee, I wonder why it’s not in game….

      1. Anonymous says:

        but I have to be careful on this, Wargaming created the chieftain model right? the design is from 1960, it has a 119mm cannon, with clean APDS that needle’n thread armour, was expected to replace FV215b but it was introduced on the Chinese server, the Taran like you said, is from 1965, beats 300mm armour, but its on metal too, but this? Object 268? that IS-8 that got sTD’d? now look at this now, it has a turret, taran has a turret too!, but however it only existed on paper, however, we can always have a new Russian TD line, for example, su-85M can split into tier V ASU-57, VI ASU-85, VII SU-100P, VIII SU-152P, IX, Object 268 v5, which sounds ludicrous at IX, and finally the Taran, probably would butter through armour, sounds good right? its not a premium, we can always have a line with this…..

        I feel like there will be no new tanks…. just more EU tree’s and premiums… look how many tanks they denied in the past, the Super heavie frenchies, T58 (guess it was too op), t-50-2 which it has a opportunity to come back since there is O-I plague…. I could make a book of how many tanks they previously denied during the past…. I should call it… “Chronicles of Wargaming’s Exclussive Dustbin of glory” here we see the T-35 and the Matilda I

      2. exocet6951 says:

        The Chieftain design is from earlier, they just took almost 10 years to fully develop it, from concept to production.

        The turreted o268 doesn’t have a gun with pinpoint accuracy and a muzzle velocity of almost 1800m/s. And 300mm pen at 2000m, which is basically 340-360mm of pen at 100m.
        Add that to a speedy chassis, and you got yourself a big old dose of “nope”

        The Grille 15 is already a touchy subject, now imagine something faster, with a bigger, better in every way gun, on a more armored chassis.
        You would have at least 3 of them in every game.

    1. AHELPFULSOUL says:

      Tell me which tank has CAMO AND ARMOR. (you can bet your ass that this thing will have sick camo values, unlike the Grille 15.)

      1. rubberboas says:

        This things armor is actually really bad. Take a look at the armor hitbox when you get the chance. It has the worst, most easily exploitable turret roof overmatch zone ever. The hull itself isn’t good either.

        Sure, it has more than the Grille 15, but not enough more to compensate for its absolute garbage soft stats. This thing is just a really bad T110E4.

    2. Someone says:

      You moron, don’t you compare useless shit Grille 15cm to this beast. Grille gets penned by HE from every angle, it has lower pen, higher profile, while the Obj 268v5 has great armor and can easily brawl T10 heavies.

  4. Nocomment says:

    Well my sarcastic comment on the Grille 15 stats were not a million miles away.
    360 degree turret. Check
    280 effective armour …Bet its not that far away.
    50 degree traverse….well it’s going to “under perform” and will be buffed 😉

    1. rubberboas says:

      Look at the actual hitbox thats on gamemodels3d now. The armor on this thing is NOT good. The overmatch zone on the turret is incredibly easy to exploit, far more so than any other Russian tank in the game.

      The hull armor really isn’t good. Its really not good by tier 9 standards, let alone tier 10.

      This tank is a clumsy mess.

  5. This would be better to play than the Grille15. Full turret, much better pen making up for the lack of accuracy. Only mobility really sucks but you’re a TD, not a light anyway.

    Hope its an IM reward and not a CW one.

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