Object 279 in Supertest

Yes the Alien tank is in Supertest as in this WoT video:

We have Stat screen caps for the Object 279 and the IS-7 as a comparison.  Click image.

Do the gun handling stats look a bit off ?

Also in the wild pictures of the model.



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Object 279 in Supertest

64 thoughts on “Object 279 in Supertest

    1. NoComment says:

      Possibly but this is WG so possibly not, after all a well driven leo1 can still beat it…one in a thousand encounters

  1. ryanlj says:

    Pretty much everything about this tank is tier 12, except the shell velocity (obviously). These stats are completely placeholder

  2. torturebear says:

    Aha… base penetration of 313 with a normal heavy gun… better reload than a Maus… more speed… 300 mm of armor and at this slope a guaranteed ricochet. 210 mm at the side with the damn same slope… no lower plate whatsoever and an aim time the old WT E 100 would be proud of.

    Did anyone actually needed a buffed IS 7? I mean it was perfectly super awesome when it was in the game and it is still. But why not introduce more things which are actually not fightable with anachronistic tanks and just throw in more tanks which needed to be over tuned by a … lightyear.

    Seriously: when an IS 7 looks weak in comparison your balance department just went overboard and some guy thought we need the super saiyan of tanks as a new tier 10.

    There are battles when I want to drop and leave when I see a 907, T22, Defender, 257, 268-4 … and somehow they seriously went full Russian OP. For what reason anyone wants a Leopard 1? Or an E-100? Or for that sake an E4 or some others…

      1. Snow says:

        There is something on the NA site that leada me to believe they are removing it, as a tank mastery for june shows the OBJ. 263b as one of the mastery tanks.

  3. ArkanuSpirittu says:

    You know, for a tank that was “never going to be added because it’s impossible to balance”, that model seems a little too detailed

  4. NoComment says:

    They cannot possibly release that on the live server as it is…Needs major buffs
    Where is the invisibility cloak and the tactical nuke launcher? Too slow, not enough armour and the gun is crap….Sheesh its like other tanks were intended to pen it once in a blue moon…

    The real thing had appaulingly bad traverse due to the 4 tracks but of course WG 4 tracks = double the traverse speed.

  5. Ok… why not?
    But then I would like to have access to M60A1, M60A2, MBT 70, Chieftain, Leopard 2A5, Leopard 2 prototypes, T-64, T-64A, T-62 (the one with 115mm gun), T-55AM, and some other crazy other 50’s and 60’s tanks and projects, too… And ammunition updates for most post-WW2 vehicles

  6. Nameless says:

    I think they’re running low on vodka so they thought “hmmmmm tovarisch, if drink moar vodka and maek gaem stupeed, player spend moar money so moar money for vodka and cyka blyat daaaaa axaxaxaaxxaxaaxaxaxax”

  7. lukas93h says:

    So seriously… the drug abuse at WG is getting out of controll…
    Or how the hell do they come up with this… 390mm of HEAT penetration??

    1. NoComment says:

      You should realise the formula when listening to or reading anything from WG is…
      Take the exact opposite and you are not far from the truth.

    2. Sytricka says:

      Do you remember a few years ago, when WG kept sneaking in a sturmtiger in their developer diaries videos? The sturmtiger was fully modelled and probably had stats as op as this OBJ 279. But many years later the sturmtiger still isnt in wot, because it was just to good compared to other tanks

  8. Killtech says:

    if this tank had something like 450 hit points tops it would maybe have a shot at being balanced. given how little inner space this tank must have it would make some sense to go all inverse-tog on it.

    1. Sytricka says:

      It wont be added to the game, so stop shitting yourself. Its the same with the sturmtiger, they would just be to OP if they were to be added to wot

  9. BJOHEI says:

    Well its classed as Tier 4 in AW where as the IS-7 is a Tier 3 :thinking:

    Too bad we dont have the HE mechanics that AW have, this thing would be overpowered. xD

  10. Even if the gun handling is overtuned and will be nerfed, this tank has a V shaped hull design to end all V shaped hull designs. I hope to god this isn’t the personal mission reward, either that or I hope they give it some fucking weak spot.

  11. Mv48 says:

    This is from last year. WG has already said that they couldn’t figure out a way to balance it for tier 10 so they won’t be bringing it into they game. It might appear as a “boss” for another special event like last halloween.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if they know that the addition of OP tanks at T10 and their bizarre MM policies of forcing T8s to face them are why some people are sticking to T7 and under, or leaving the game?

  13. Robopon says:

    You should’ve at least mentioned that this think won’t come to the game, not as a tier 10 at least. The stats are just placeholders, pretty much, since they couldn’t really think of the way to balance it.

  14. LTG_Mannerheim says:

    I somehow have a feeling this might be a special tank the same way the T22 was since there is no fking way this thing would be introduced like this, even with a 25% nerf to all stats it would still be the best heavy by far, WG wtf is this??

  15. banjoman150 says:

    In a german new article the Object 279 was reffered as something similar as the Sturmtiger. Meaning it wont be a playable vehicle but rather some kind of Bossenemy for PVE or something completely different

  16. Thomas says:

    If this thing makes it to the game then I see no problem for the T58 heavy to be in game. (Same as a T57 heavy but a fatter turret and a 155mm autoloader)

  17. SmashK says:

    This tank must get enlisted as Tier11 !
    Absolute op for Tier10.
    390mm pen with prem-ammo wtf?

    max-sloped hull with 200, wtf?

  18. .. says:

    surely, no one is entertained by Wg`s creations anymore…at least not the mentally adequate playbase. i start thinking they do all this stuff only to entertain themselves while drunk

  19. SmashK says:

    A Sturmtiger was a completly different design.
    It’s been a 38cm mortar on a Tigers chassis.
    Not an ABC-safe main-battle-tank.

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