Object 430 U HD Screenshots

New Tier X Mediun Tank: Now on HD Maps.

First couple look like El Halluf the next Murovanka and Redshire maybe?

Source WoT Express.

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Object 430 U HD Screenshots

10 thoughts on “Object 430 U HD Screenshots

  1. Anyone says:

    So are you telling us that the Obj 430U has a week ammo rak? tell me know and save me the trouble of finishing the grind 1/2 way there already.

  2. sippi81 says:

    even if weak ammo rack this tank is very hard to penetrate
    I guess its the same like in the wz heavies somewhere behind the trackwheel
    not overangling not showing lower front hull and all should be allright

    in the leopard or the action x it is much more complicated because you cannot make glass deflect shoots to spare your ammorack trouble 😛

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