Object 432 Gameplay


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Object 432 Gameplay

13 thoughts on “Object 432 Gameplay

  1. Partybooper says:

    First impression: Overpowered.
    Gun stats seem to be way too good.
    Accuracy on the move is way too high.
    Accuracy when stationary seems very good.
    Snapshots seem to be really reliable.
    Profile is too low (camo is too high).
    Mobility seems extremely good.

    And I won’t even start about the armor.
    I usually don’t complain much, but seriously, compare this mediu… Sorry, “Light” tank to any other tier 8 light tank. The armor breaks it completely. Even if it had paper armor, it would still be one of the best light tanks at tier 8. But you can even drive very carelessly with this thing and get away with it.

    Driving out of the bushes around 2:45 again after bouncing many shots… In a light tank… Why would you do that? This is only possible if you are very confident that your turret armor can withstand the shells of the tanks which just fired at you. Which tells me it is OP, because a light tank shouldn’t be confident it will bounce all those shells.
    Especially not a Skorpion, like in the end…

    1. Robopon says:

      How is it overpowered? Lmao, it’s a light tank. The gun is not “too good”: no pen and low alpha. And armor can work only against lower tiers, really. Nobody complains about T-54 ltw, why would you complain about this? It’s a decent SCOUT, nothing more. Blackdog is still a lot better as LIGHT TANK.

      1. Mikosah says:

        The trick is that with only few exceptions, every light tank that has a low profile and good camo has to put up with some ridiculous drawback that prevents it from being either a good scout or otherwise relevant in the meta. And as for the lights that are designed to be flankers rather than scouts, they are severely punished by getting corridor maps unless they have adequate firepower. Hence the difference in effectiveness between the regular M41 and the M41-90.

        So the accusation really isn’t that the obj 432 is OP, rather that by light tank standards its very meta-friendly while pretty much every other light tank is either underpowered, irrelevant in the meta, or both.

    1. Partybooper says:

      This is a light tank. It’s more than enough pen, especially considering that it gets the benefits from both light tanks (high camo, even on the move, super high mobility, get matched against other light tanks) and medium tanks (gun handling / accuracy seems way too good, armor is worthy of a tier 8 medium).

      It seems too much.

      1. Nocomment says:

        Did they drop the better than the t54’s gun. Gun option?.

        Still a stupidly good tank compared to any other t8 light and better than many t9.

        But it’s Russian so has to be idiot proof and untouchable otherwise the ghost of uncle Joe will come and purge Minsk….

  2. your crapo says:

    you beat down on the small tanks and show us the replay showing us its good but get real go fight some tier 10 ya scrub then show us, loser

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