Object 705A in all its glory on HD Maps

The HD renders of the forthcoming Object 705A, but what happened to the welds joining the side plates to the upper front and back armor ?

Source WoT Express

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Object 705A in all its glory on HD Maps

12 thoughts on “Object 705A in all its glory on HD Maps

  1. By my estimations at this point you could have at least four Russian heavy tank lines. The IS-7 line, IS-4 line, the Object 705A branch, and if you replace the T-10 with the Object 257, a line with the T-10 and Object 770 at tier X. Maybe there could even be a full multi-turret line.

  2. Ion7 says:

    This thing looks super cool…
    As for the welds, the armor is probobly champhered behind the surface. Two plates intersecting and overlapping (Such as the top of this tank and most german tanks) is easier to build but creates a weak point if a shell hits the joint. The flush face reduces the chance of the shell splitting the plates.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m gonna assume u mean u hope it gets its own branch, and it will. But it’s looking like it will branch off the tier 7 IS and start with the IS-M at tier 8. No word yet on the tier 9.

      1. Moshpit400 says:

        I imagine the 770 will branch off the IS line, these will probably branch off the KV line. That would make the most sense instead of both new branches coming off the same line.

    1. Doowlax says:

      i bet that would be rarest military service on this tank – every batlle u have dead soldier on this machine gun.He could even die from harder rain ,cause he have no roof 🙂

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