Object 705A & Object 268 Version 4 Armor Changes.

The final minor armor changes in 9.22 second test reported Here.

First the Object 705A upper front plate which had an increase from 170 mm to 175 mm. Then the Object 268 Version 4 mid front plate which went up from 290 mm to 300 mm.

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Object 705A & Object 268 Version 4 Armor Changes.

20 thoughts on “Object 705A & Object 268 Version 4 Armor Changes.

    1. You must be a bot if you think this is better than Type 5. You can’t bounce gold shells in the russian pancake “heavy” consistently, only with your side when you’re angling for autobounce.
      Any heat over 300mm pen easily penetrates your angled upper plate even, let alone lower plate or sides. With type you yolo W ahead and splash people for 500-800 damage with minimal aiming and rng bouncing td heat shells like they’re slingshot stones.

  1. Kyros says:

    Instead of nerfing their gold ammo they Buff armor, so that you now can not pen a tank with normal shells and are depended on Gold shells. So players will shoot gold only on this Tanks. Getting used to it and as a result all other Tanks will get the same treatment. They are breaking their own game.

    HD maps will not safe a sinking ship. Mark my words.

    They are like a Doctor that finds cancer in a Patient and comes to the conclusion that the Patient has pain because he has only a bit cancer, so he get some more cancer and add it into the Patient and then smirk pleased at his accomplished masterpiece.

    1. Robopon says:

      Actually eve with most gold shells you can’t pen. I think it’s a good balancing: “Gold makes armor irrelevant? Make so that you can’t pen with gold, easy.”

  2. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    I was skeptical about the 268V4 with its radical changes from the 263, but after playing it I think I like it more than the 263. the combination of all the different aspects and strengths and limitations of the vehicle make it really interesting and fun to play.

  3. Wonderer says:

    The upper casing on the v4 also went from 250 to 260.
    So.. If u above, shoot upper plate.. If u under shoot the tiny bar.. If u on level playing field.. Load premium.. If u on a tier 8 or 7.. Just run.. Its nearly faster than you backwards, let alone forward.. Armour of badger and E3, speed of a grille.. Yeah what could go wrong?

    1. VANLER says:

      the E3 is way harder and have more DPM and better alfa.
      Butcher have insane DPM.
      The V4 only have some speed and a bad accuracy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is one very strong message hidden behind everything WG has done lately, which is “give us more money”. Frankly speaking I am willing to give more money to any game developer, as long as a decent product is delivered. Sadly WoT in its current state can’t more further away from being decent.

    1. I don’t know, the russian heavy still feels underarmored compared to type, e100, even IS-7 if both played properly. I still think that maus, type and wz are going to be the best tier 10 heavies by far for awhile.

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