Official IS-6 Armor Changes


A NA Community Coordinator, GhostPrime has written his version of the IS-6 armor changes coming soon in the 9.14 patch, which by the way, according to RU sources it should be coming in the next few days.

Here it is:

“The IS-6 will be getting the HD treatment along with armor changes in the upcoming 9.14 Patch.

We would like to share with you the changes being made to this tank in the next patch.


First, lets examine the front of the tank:


Pre 9.14 patch:


Post 9.14 patch:



Pros and cons regarding dimensions:

(+ improved; = has not changed; +/- partially improved, partially worsened, with the overall balance as the result; – worsened):

+ Cupola has been decreased in size

+ Turret roof has been decreased in size

= The Lower glacis is decreased in size, but is also slighter weaker

= The height of the vehicle is slightly shorter

+ The driver’s hatch is now increased in size (this is a good thing, as you will notice in the next section)

+ The gap between the track and the fender has been decreased slightly

= Tracks have become noticeably bigger and now comprise external elements of the suspension. This will also make the tank easier to “track”.


Armor Protection

The values displayed in the next images DO NOT factor in normalization. It should be understood that these values are given for comparison purpose only (previous/new model). They should not be used as a basis for conclusions on whether a particular gun would penetrate a certain area of the vehicle’s armor.


Front Armor Pre 9.14 patch:



Tront Armor Post 9.14 patch:



Pros and cons regarding armor protection:

+ Armor thickness of the top section of the upper glacis plate has been increased

+ Armor thickness of the driver’s hatch has increased significantly.

+ Armor thickness of frontal curving sections of the turret has slightly increased.

+ Thickness of the armor strip at the top section of the upper glacis plate has increased.

+ Armor thickness of the lower glacis plate has increased a bit.

+ The part of the fender, which was visible in the frontal view (marked with arrows) could be penetrated following the rules of two and three calibers, was removed.

= Armor protection of the cupolas has not changed in a noticeably fashion

= Turret inclination has improved, but it will have no effect due to the rules of two and three calibers.

= The armor strip between the lower glacis plate and the upper glacis plate has become wider, but armor thickness of the stripe has decreased.

Armor protection of the lower section of the lower glacis plate has been decreased, due to its decreased effective armor thickness


Armor of the Gun Mantlet:

It can be seen that the size of the embrasure behind the gun mantlet has decreased more than twofold! Therefore, the area where the gun mantlet overlaps the turret armor has been increased significantly, with the resulting armor thickness of 300mm or more in these sections.

Armor of the mantlet Pre 9.14 Patch:



Armor of the mantlet Post 9.14 Patch:




Turret Damage Model:

Turret armor protection is displayed in the image, with areas of effective armor less than 220 mm highlighted—these areas can be viewed as vulnerable spots compared to the rest of the turret’s armor.

The armor protection pattern is displayed this way due to the complex structure of the surface. This variant will be easier to perceive, since we are only interested in weak spots.

It can be seen that the pre 9.14 model had one large weak spot on the left-side of the gun. The new model has two such areas—at the left and at the right of the gun, but each of them is slightly smaller than the weak spot in the previous model. Moreover, the new model does not have the weak spot on the gunner’s sight.


Turret damage Model Pre 9.14 Patch:



Turret damage Model Post 9.14 Patch:



Side Armor Changes:

Lastly, we examine the changes made to the side of the tank int he new patch, and give the Pros, and Cons of said changes


Side Armor Pre 9.14 Patch:



Side Armor Post 9.14 Patch:



Pros and cons regarding Side Armor:

+ Main side armor plate has has been increased to 142 mm instead of 138 mm.

+ A stripe of reinforced armor has been added (screen of 56 mm + side armor of 136 mm).

+ The prominent part of the fender, which could be penetrated following the rules of overmatching, was removed.

Effective armor thickness of the side frontal plate has decreased a bit, which is balanced by the fact that the effective armor thickness of this frontal armor has increased slightly.”


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Official IS-6 Armor Changes

68 thoughts on “Official IS-6 Armor Changes

      1. ThePixelPanzer says:

        It’s good that it’s bigger than it was, because it now has better effective armor than the normal upper plate. It’s not a weakspot anymore, it’s actually a strong point.

      2. Hatch became bigger, thus covers a larger area on hull. But it also became stronger than the basic hull (pre patch it was weaker than the hull), thus the fact that it covers more space means a bigger part of the UFP is more armored than it would if it kept the same size

  1. Baldrickk says:

    So… Massively buffed all over.
    Even on the (2)”-” parts:
    ” which is balanced by the fact that…” – so not really a negative
    “Armor protection of the lower section of the lower glacis plate has been decreased, due to its decreased effective armor thickness” – but the pic shows lfp is stronger. big negative,

  2. xXxHellsxXx says:

    Yeah i knew it, another buff comes with the HD-model to Russian “OP” tanks, preferencial mm and overpowered as hell… more further Investigation by myself needed, to see that this tank will be removed from the premium shop after this buff to milk the “cashcow” to death xD

    1. Anonymous says:

      everything would be okay-ish, if they kept the drivers hatch at 200mm. Non-premium tier 8 HT (usually about 220-230 pen) cant get through front now.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I almost never pen the IS-6 through the drivers hatch, Usually I go for the turret roof (if on higher ground) or lower plate (On even or lower ground) This buff really won’t affect my ability to destroy them much at all. Just that I may miss the weak spots more often than before.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ok, so how the fuck am I supposed to pen this shit without gold ammo from the front?
    Drivers hatch removed. Cover LFP and it’s god mode. Without gold, Tier 8 TD cant get through reliably. Tier 8 HT cant get through at all (except for T34’s 248 pen). Tier 6 and 7 have no chance. Heck t6 cant get trough sides.
    And this all in a tank that you regularly meet in almost every battle.
    It keeps its pref. MM right ?

    There are tier X tanks looking at this sit with envy.
    And pls dont tell me the balancing factor is the gun. 170pen is more than enough for a tank with this armor and speed. T26E4 has lousy penetration as well, yet I have never ever fired single gold shell. The armor lets expose and do shit you cannot in another tanks. And IS6 has mobility of a medium tank.

    1. Domo says:

      170 pen more then enough to pen copulas

      210~ pen will get through lower glacias (as long as you are both on flat ground and he is not angling)

      240~ pen will get through the lower portion of upper plate (just not that strong bar where the lower and upper glacias meet) as long as its not angled

      if you have the high ground and they are on a flat surface aim for the upper plate it is butter (at least 170 pen)

      if you are shooting its side and it is perfectly horizontal to you (like in this pic ) DO NOT SHOOT THE TRACKS. those tracks are fatties and eat everything. do not shoot the spaced armor above the tracks as well. shoot the hull. very easy to pen especially if you catch it at that perfect angle

      1. Anonymous says:

        “if not angled, if not angled” … lets talk about real ingame situation.
        Panther 1 can wreck E100 if not angled.

        I’m talking about tier 8 game, where 1 IS6 covers LFP behind rubble, angles and effectively holds entire flank. Good luck hitting that cupola 4-5 times from 200 meters.

        No, the armor is not invincible, I know. But compare it to other tier 8 heavies. Drivers hatch should stay at 200. Now it does not have a weakspot. And we are talking about other tier 8s fighting it. Imagine Shermans E8, panters, or comets. You dont even have to try.

      2. Domo says:


        if you are engaging a tank that is in a position like that where you do not feel like you can reliably engage the target then…. dont do it. go another route. back up and hide until he thinks you left and then pop out and start shooting him when he is advancing.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I dont know then.
        I can take on is3 frontally in tier 7 med without much poroblems, reliably pen 3 out of 5 times. But this shit, I just cannot pen it anywhere from the front. Well sure, if exposed LFP then its no problem.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Does no one know to hit the turret roof on the IS-6 it is 30mm thick. You partially over match with 75mm guns, can hit it if you’re level with it (Though it is smaller now.) and if you hit it with a 90mm+ gun it’s practically a guaranteed pen.

  4. Comrades IS6 just Buy it Now!!!
    before its removed from sale in shop
    preferential MM
    now even MORE OP to penetrate reliably and especially by lower tiers, Stronk solid!
    Shit loads of Credits guaranteed
    Shit loads of XP by the bucket
    Soviet goodness and value for money all around
    Suits current WG meta for small brawling Corridor maps and brawling City maps
    Noobies to Unicum fast – pad those stats like no tomorrow
    Buy! Buy! Buy going fast hurry, hurry!

  5. Just Call Me Zo says:

    Gotta ask what you think about this, Rita. WG says balance is what they are seeking, but if the IS6 is buffed and immediately removed (surely to be replaced with an inferior tank without pref MM) from the shop only to be sold later for various weekends/holidays, isn’t that a bit more anti-consumer? Please leave your thoughts on things like this! We love to hear your opinion!

    1. People are buy this tank a lot because is so newbie friendly, you can only imagine how its going to be after this buff even if they remove it from the store and only sell it in special occasions. This is just another reason for me to dislike this vehicle existence in the game. Its wrong.

      1. wfschepel says:

        You (all) seem to forget the IS-6 is blessed with a very bad gun. In the current meta, it is – even with this mild armor buff – underpowered and everything but newby friendly. 175 pen versus IS-3 2.0? O-Ho? KV-4? Tiger II? The IS-6 is a tank for people who know what they are doing and therein lies the problem: speed and agility is usually preferred over armour. If they had buffed the gun, then you might have had a ghost of a point. This is just unjustified rabble rousing. Please don’t.

      2. Domo says:

        @WFSCHEPEL (dunno why i cant respond to his comment)

        there is only 1 real problem with the gun. its gold pen. (some say its handling which is bad… but its rof makes up for it imo)

        all of the tanks you listed can be reliably penned, some with gold and some with out (and yes i am talking frontally)

        • is-3 can pen lower plate with 175 pen, high ground aim for the weak spot on top of its turret
        • kv-4 gold at the plate with the view ports on the hull, if angled the flat part below the gun mantlet when aiming at you. the turret on top of its turret can be penned with gold but i find the previous 2 weak spots more reliable as they are not rounded (all 3 weak spots are with gold, but i have a few lucky shots pen with AP as i was just firing because i was going to back into cover to reload either way)
        • tiger 2 with AP you can reliably pen lower glacias and copula. with gold you can pen the turret front
        • o-ho frontally you have to use gold. unangled the lower glacias is the best option. angled the turret. however as the o-ho is a unique tank to play and only has -1 gun depression frontally and -10 when its boobs arent blocking its gun depression you can trick noobie o-ho drivers into allowing you to pen their weak side armor by simply waiting for them to come around a corner or even angle them self to get their gun sight on you. when engaging an o-ho you want to get on its left hand side. it has to angle its self at a tasty angle in order to get its gun on you when you are on its left hand side

        its main threats (heavy wise and once again frontally) are vk45b, e75, and st-i. vk45b, type 4 and e75 only hope of penning frontally is the copula dead center. st-i… some people say they have penned that OP 200mm copula with gold… personally i havent only reliable way i have penned it is an unangled lower glacias. type 4…. 0% chance of doing any amount of damage regardless of what you shoot at it. if you encounter it try to get to its side or rear, never ever ever engage it frontally. (rear still has 150mm of armor so if he is skilled he will try to angle. side is more reliable just aim above the spaced armor and tracks)

        i know i know lots of gold in this post. but its a fact that you will need to either load gold or get to the rear/side when facing the tanks. also even with out a premium account and you encounter these tanks and spam gold at them as long as you pen them you will make credits. the key is to know when to use gold, as gold is not meant to be spammed but to be used when you can not penetrate your target with out it.

        shit.. long post…

      3. I own a PZ II J but I don’t play it for the rare exceptions when people ask for it during Tank Request streams, that’s like once every 2 months maybe more.

  6. pixywing says:

    Been too busy playing other games, stuff like this T-22 rigging, Waffle still in the game, giving out rental tanks to players that just created an account so we have gold selling spammers in tier 10 games (guy had 1 battle in T1 cunningham and 2 in his mutz), Russian bias, arty still left unbalanced, troll platoons are still allowed, no ranked mode (world of warships has this ffs), XVM still in game and causing a lot of toxicity (sad to see the “good” players being more toxic than the players with bot like stats), Aim bot is legal and no one is banned for using Warpack on the NA server because of incompetence, on-tracks no longer give gold, anyone who bought the e-25 got screwed out of 3.1k gold, and the list goes on and keeps getting longer.

    1. Anonymous says:

      t22 rigging – i dont give a dogshit what others have in their garage.
      gold spammers – haven’t seen them for a while.
      russian bias – maybe.
      arty is not unablanced, its broken. Trust me, its more frustrating to play it than being hit by it. Been trying to do the missions. 8sec aim, missed by 15 meters, 50sec reload. I cant wait to finish missions and sell this shit.
      troll paltoons – idk, KV-2 in tier 10 match doing 4k damage is fun. ELC amx spotting 12K in tier 10 game is nothing rare.
      XVM is cancer for the reason you said. “good” players think they have bigger penis and usually act like cunts.
      mods should be forbidden. Not banned, the game should not support mods at all.
      on-track – we never got gold for “on track” in EU. just lousy 15% discount for buying that tank and crew xp bonus,.

      1. pixywing says:

        When it’s the most overpowered tank that is needed for clan wars most of the server cares, and the ones that act like they don’t tend to be the rigging clans.

        Premium ammo spam you should play more games because they tend to be the 2000+ wn8 players which is funny because the 1500+ are the ones spamming AP.

        Arty should be similar to Armoured Warfare in that it does consistent damage and can’t one shot tanks. Arty should have to come up with the battle and interact and the closer they are they get far better accuracy thus giving them a reward to follow the battle as well as a risk of how far can they move up such as with the Bishop and FV3004.

        Troll platoons with the tier 8 rentals usually have 2 tier 1s, 2s, or 3s with them. This problem is worse due to people playing 1 game on a new account and getting a tier 8 premium thus making it easy to do it again if they happen to get banned.

        I like Armoured Warfare’s stance of no mods and thing this would be far better for the game as E-sports World of Tanks has no mods and this would bring the game closer to that.

        EU and NA’s specials are terrible compared to the Russian server and even the Chinese server which is extremely frustrating.

  7. Laserguided says:

    Funny they have WZ 111 rental going on now. I guess WG is using WZ 111 as a comparison to demonstrate the superiority of USSR tanks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    any other tank games you can suggest? apart from AW ….which I cant play, gave it a go and I just cant….too mind numbing…….. Jingles got me interested in XCOM……think ill give it a go…….after 40k battles in WoT…..time to take a break

    1. I bought xcom because of jingles. What he doesnt show you is a bug infested rng fest. Theres a lot of mechanics that need some work…just….ugggggh, it wants to be a fun game ,but the frustration fest is real.

  9. Right.. I have a IS6 in my garage but how am I supposed to pen a fellow IS6 on the enemy team? Even with gold it looks like more miss than hit because of this armour buff. I would be happier if they NERFED the armour but buffed the pen on the gun to 180 or so. The aim and accuracy is not that bad to be honest.

  10. septfox says:

    “Sir, we have a problem with the IS-6.”
    “What? Did Sergei fuck up the damage model *again*? Cut his vodka rations, we almost didn’t catch the last time.”
    “No, sir. Its global winrate is only 51%. In this metric, it is below its French counterpart, the FCM 50t.”
    “You know what to do, comrade.”
    “Buff it until it completely outclasses even normal tanks of its tier, yes sir.”

  11. wfschepel says:

    @ Domo, I cannot reply to you, either. Maybe some setting you got? Anyway, you pretty much proved the point: if you know the weakspots AND fire gold AND get lucky with your pen rolls, you can deal with those tanks frontally. I know. New and/or bad players don’t. And really, who in his right mind is going to play a premium tank to spam gold?

  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny that I usually bounce their IS-6, but they usually pen mine =]]
    IS-6 has the most stupid gun among tier 8 ht, that’s its weakness, from that you can counter this tank by:
    1. Keep your distance
    2. Bait him to shoot and miss (unless RNG hates you)
    3. Drive a tank that he cant do anything but cry (IS-3) =]]

    Honestly, I dont find much trouble pen an IS-6 with a 200mm pen gun, if your gun is below 200mm pen, then
    4. Damn just ignore him, I never saw a game with all IS-6, go find another target, guys

  13. Oooh, it was by far the best Tier8 prem out there. Now it will be broken-OP and people will start to drive it like in the old Type59 spam days. And it still is available in the shop!
    Awesome marketing (cough.. milking.. cough) as usual.
    I could even bet that after a month WG will “understand” that this IS-6 version is OP, simply will pull it off the shop and put that Kirovets HT with somewhat similar OP stats but full MM.

  14. Stevoooo111 says:

    Any one defending the is6 buff forget that there are way more deserving premium tanks for this treatment: the 112 has lower plate can be penned with tier 5 tank guns and dpm worse than tier 7. people who say this tank is underpowered foget that this tank probably has the best tier 8 premium heavy tank win rate probably better than almost all tier 8 premium tanks. People who say that only skilled players use this ‘terrible’ tank forget that skilled players arnt playing it because its a bad tank, if skilled players were doing this we’d be seeing more t 34 3 and 112 being driven around – because they are bad tanks (at least worse than the is 6)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Rita, tell me, what’s the point in giving armor values without normalization, values u will never encounter in the game. Now ppl will belive, that weak shit tank is-6 will now magicly become god premium tier VIII tank, when in reality it just recived frontal nerf.

  16. Rita, tell me, what’s the point in giving armor values without normalization, values u will never encounter in the game. Now ppl will belive, that weak shit tank is-6 will now magicly become god premium tier VIII tank, when in reality it just recived frontal nerf.

  17. Patata Caliente says:

    Seeing that the hatch was *the* dominant weakspot of this tank, this change does indeed amount to a massive buff. Of course, there are still others weakspots, but all things considered it will be much harder to crack IS 6’s now, especially at a distance. Since the tank is already doing very well as it is, I find it hard to understand the reasoning behind this decision.

    It’s weird. Tanks that are good already (and yes, mostly Russian ones) are getting buffed, while others that desperately need buffing are consistently ignored (for instance, I am just grinding the AMX AC mle. 48, and god – that is one lousy tank). Idk … are Wargaming game designers just ignorant, or is there a strategy behind this?

    1. You need to shoot down the center more on the roof. So you arent shooting at the cupolas but rather the box in the center of the turret. Hit that and it should pen 100% with any 75mm gun

  18. Anonymous says:

    Everybody is moping about how OP the tank is gonna be, but the turret still appears to be garbage and the values given are A)Not normalized and B)shown from an angle you should never be engaging at unless you’re below the IS-6(it’s basically shown from a perspective where your turret roof is level with the hull roof, which is almost never the case). Literally every tank except maybe an ELC or Obj416 will be shooting down on your UFP. If you go by’s model and look at the UFP from an angle you’re likely to be shooting from, the UFP is merely ~190mm’s effective. Still a buff, and still good enough to stop most non prem med shells, especially with the loss of the drivers hatch weakspot, but nowhere near OP and still far worse than many normal heavies of its tier.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Can I just point out a little error Rita?
    You said you never play the pzIIJ unless requested on the stream. Should that not be “unless requested or there is a goodie bag reward to be gotten”?

  20. Juraj Hojcska says:

    T32 with 200mm of penetration. Well now I just have to flank a heavy tank from the back with another heavy tank to stand a chance -,- Oh wait.

  21. Jognt says:

    So, just putting this out there, this info is pretty useless. No mentioning of changes of angle or plate thickness, no normalization taken into account for the numbers that are presented, etc.
    Current IS-6 can be penned by 175+ pen guns when firing at a plate that is pointed towards you, these numbers make it look like it’s OP.

    The only thing that can be taken away from this is that the drivers’ hatch isnt a weakspot anymore, anything else is guessing.

  22. Anonymous says:

    As noticed by some, removing the one major weak spot makes this tank nig OP among the premium tier 8 with preferential MM. In many situations you need a quick clean shot at weak spot and cannot count on aiming for the rooftop or cupolas etc. So don’t the theorize with someting which cannot work most of the time. All what is6 driver must do now is just rush at you with a bit of angling and elevated gun moving slighty the turret and tier 7 and most tier 8 tank cannot do a thing to him. If this is not OP don’t know what is!

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