Old RSR is back up


arrived back home to the great news that Status Report at Blogger is now back up, great news because I had committed myself to repost all the historical articles and Slava L. Q&As which I’ve kept stored (most likely will do it still but at a slower pace).


Many of you been asking through various pages…I’ve decided to stay here at WordPress, not only I have more tools which will improve your experience but also more control over the comment section as many of you been begging me to get rid of “Mark Wests” (yeah, I’ve noticed you actually made this a thing), here I’m able to (Google comment section isn’t optimized whatsoever). I wanted to do this for a long time and was given an excuse, what they say about being given lemons?

Please note that the appearance of this page will be changing in the near future, today I already modified the blog tones but I’m still getting familiarized with everything.

I need to thank SilentStalker, Jingles, all historians/tank connoisseurs, translators and  Wargaming EU/NA, Obsidian/My.com for their support on these past days and thank you as well!


Feel free to give suggestions or ask any questions, I’m always reading. 🙂

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Old RSR is back up

49 thoughts on “Old RSR is back up

  1. Pierre says:

    You’re doing a great job Rita. Let’s hope the wankers and whiners of this world don’t find this site. This is only for the people who appreciate the work you are doing for us.
    Thumbs up Rita, keep up the good work ☺☺👍👍

    1. SMGJohn says:

      That is only like 80% of the WoT community today, good luck with that. The forums are cancerous though speaks for itself.

      1. Thankfully, our IT people seem to only be as smart as the average WOT player, and they didn’t think to block the “Google Translate Proxy” as I’m now calling it ;). Nothing will stop me from reading WOT news, NOTHING!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. yurrasickpark says:

    As the ol’ Winston once said: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

    Good to have you back, Rita 🙂 don’t let any cheeky scrublord mess with you

      1. SMGJohn says:

        I thought it was some hidden reference to me or something.
        Though I am probably on the hit list too, though I went back and spotted Mark West he does not seem to be very noticeable and his English is more broken than mine imao.

      2. Nope, you are a different commenter who posts mostly negative stuff but you make your point/opinion which I respect and don’t mind, I meant falmers who are incapable of being respectful to me and everyone else.

  3. Håkan says:

    Hey Rita, welcome back, I adore your work! This theme is really hard on the eyes with all white, will you style it up a bit more?

  4. zav says:

    This is also free hosting and a similar situation may be repeated. If you make money from this, it is a time for step further and buy a domain, move old content to comercial hosting and make new website

    This new wordpress hosting will not bring any improvement in the work ..

  5. skivster says:

    Will there ever be a way to edit your comments? I do a LOT of typoes, and would like to fix them, rather than making a new reply below my OP

  6. Conrad. says:

    Welcome back, and keep up the great work. Quite shocking amount of trolls out there, who seem to get off on being negative and hateful. Glad to see you are able to rise above that filth. Your time and effort is appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Clubsport-R8 says:

    Can u just confirm that I don’t need to have the blogger page link any more as Your postings are now only to this blog ??
    Great to have u back 🙂

  8. MajorRenegade says:

    It would be funny is Mark west some here just to comment. And the get blocked. I can almost see the look on his face =P

      1. I hate to be ‘that guy’ and I didn’t like him as much as anyone else, but isn’t anyone allowed to voice his opinion? Or was it because he was just plain obnoxious at times…

  9. Are you gonna bring back some of the articles that left in “Status Report. In case of a “second false report”..? Otherwise I might try save pages(mostly historical, pics, and some scandals).

  10. As1anBeasTagE says:

    I would suggest making the pictures bigger or linking them to an outside source. The way they are now, it’s hard to read the text on them and you have to manually zoom in to see what it says.

  11. as1anbeastage says:

    Hey Rita, might I suggest that you make the images bigger or link them to another site. The way they are now, we can’t read the text on them. Sorry I know, it’s a nitpicky thing but I think that it might save you in the long run.

  12. Hamlet_dk says:

    I’m glad that your blog is back and in better shape than before. I’ve been reading your blog since you started, and I like the news and the reports, together with links and videos . I am impressed with the amount of work you put in to this and the quality.
    Keep up the good work, and I will be watching you on twitch 🙂

  13. Hi Rita.

    WordPress kicks the arse out of Blogger big time as a platform. I would recommend you buy a domain name and a hosting package though as you are still under the control of WordPress at the moment. Plus having your own fully hosted site gives you far more control than you get on WordPress.

  14. looking god!! wordpress is one of the best systems for blogs (and smaller webpages)
    want a tip or advice just say so 🙂 – one of the best tips is child themes 🙂 but jingles has most likely said this 🙂
    /Wood DK

  15. I think there is an addon that lets your ban commenters so you don’t have to deal with those morons.

    Also, don’t feel bad, there’s been a trend going on that involves reporting or flagging someones YT Channel or Google Account to the point of it getting banned. A lot of YouTubers are standing up to it. #WTFU

    1. I actually been manually approving everyone in. You still have the freedom to comment and share your opinion as usual but just to make sure I get rid of a couple polluters who never bring anything constructive. 🙂

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