Old RSR is back up


arrived back home to the great news that Status Report at Blogger is now back up, great news because I had committed myself to repost all the historical articles and Slava L. Q&As which I’ve kept stored (most likely will do it still but at a slower pace).


Many of you been asking through various pages…I’ve decided to stay here at WordPress, not only I have more tools which will improve your experience but also more control over the comment section as many of you been begging me to get rid of “Mark Wests” (yeah, I’ve noticed you actually made this a thing), here I’m able to (Google comment section isn’t optimized whatsoever). I wanted to do this for a long time and was given an excuse, what they say about being given lemons?

Please note that the appearance of this page will be changing in the near future, today I already modified the blog tones but I’m still getting familiarized with everything.

I need to thank SilentStalker, Jingles, all historians/tank connoisseurs, translators and  Wargaming EU/NA, Obsidian/My.com for their support on these past days and thank you as well!


Feel free to give suggestions or ask any questions, I’m always reading. 🙂

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