On NA “Oh, Behave”

The result of the Good Behavior Program.

We improved our Rule Violations process last year by introducing rewards for good player behavior and issuing strikes for poor behavior.

The second round of good behavior rewards were distributed April 11, covering a three-month period. Players who continued to be positive members of the community and received no strikes far outnumbered delinquent gamers.

All players who logged in and played at least one battle from November 2016 through January 2017 and received no strikes in game, chat, or the forum were awarded five +200% Free XP boosters.

A total 2,502 strikes were given out for chat, game, and forum violations, but we continue to see fewer repeat offenders overall!

We remain committed to improving players’ experiences, and providing a fair, fun, and supportive playing field for everyone!


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On NA “Oh, Behave”

32 thoughts on “On NA “Oh, Behave”

  1. The thing is, the NA mods give out strikes for anything…most of them are nothing but snowflakes that have no common sense…….they are sooo…..easily triggered….shoot i got a strike for criticizing them in a post, my post read something along the lines of “These new moderators have no common sense, and cater to the snowflakes that get triggered”………..That strike was for “discussing moderator decisions”…been spamming customer support with tickets….always getting the same guy….(at this point im doing it for the sport and the support guys seem to know it…..had one of them offer me 5k gold just to shut up) NA…..wealthiest player base, shittiest mods/customer service

    1. Velter says:

      As bad as you make it seem, it seems the NA’s playerbase is also easily triggered if they’re clogging up the support queue just for the “sport” of it.

      1. Touche, but alas its not even being triggered as my account now has 2 strikes, 1st one was for posting a clown of war gif (was tagged as offensive, look up the gif on google) And the second one for “Discussing moderator decisions”…….and if you know anything about the strike system a 3rd and your’e out……..doesnt matter what you do, support will back them up, no matter how trivial it is……in one of my support tickets they couldnt actually point out the rule i actually broke and just referred me to eula….there is a very gray area section that reads something along the lines of “We reserve the right to interpret the rules as we see fit, no matter if its this here document or not”…….but not that exact wording……but basically it is a “we can lock your account for nothing ” type clause…..its near the end of the eula…..And for some reason its only on the NA eula….it seems there are slightly different eulas for EU and RU….and SEA….

    2. Can’t blame them for giving you two strikes, you’re not a pleasant person to read about and all the pauses make me think you’re taking a swig from a whine bottle. If you really want to demand attention, you should act like a saint and appeal to people’s better nature rather than acting like an indignant teenager.

      1. So what im getting is “That im not being “PC” enough”…….If I am a snowflake, what does that make you? Cant stand people/players whose only response is basically “Yea kiss their ass in the hopes of getting something out of it”……..Fuck that.

      2. It’s very rare to find someone as bad as you are at reading. You’re getting what you deserve because you lack empathy. For instance right now, you’re throwing a tantrum at some constructive criticism. And why so hung up on a clown gif? It’s obviously not why you got a strike and you’re just trying to mis-frame the situation.

      3. Uhhh, your’e one of those people…….

        Its not a tantrum that im supposedly throwing….I dont call telling someone that they deserve the strikes “constructive criticism” I use the pauses to act as a break, to split the text instead of a wall of text…..Its people like you that assume alot when you yourself have very little to actually go on……..Do you even visit the NA forums? Let alone actually have an account with NA servers? If you do..fine…………If you dont, you dont have a leg to stand on when criticizing others on what they dont and do deserve.

      4. *facepalm* apparently you’re a stoned teenager. “UHHHHHHHHH” looks like you’re fucking orgasmic.

        I told you to stop using pauses, those “………….’s” are very annoying and create an awful tone in your message. If you want people to read your work with more respect, just use commas, periods, and the enter key for goodness sake. There is no reason for you to have a pause after every sentence like you’re trying to build up to an academy award. Yes it breaks up the text, but it breaks it up with a disgusting sound. You know how some people read how they perceive a writer’s voice? That’s what’s happening right now and the pauses still make you sound like you’re whining about how your parents didn’t buy you ice cream.

        This is why I said you are an awful reader because not only can you not read, but you cannot learn from how other people write to better yourself.

        As for the NA forums and server, yes, I participate in both. I frankly find you to be one of the toxic people that turn so many people away from there. Just because you believe other’s are being jerks does not justify any of your asshatery.

        Any person is allowed to voice their opinion about any subject they choose so long as it does not befall harm upon others. The big thing is deciding what is worth engaging in and what is not. I am very much hoping to help you improve as a more ethical person rather than being one of those tyrants that tell those that disagree with them to shut up.

      5. Dude, this is the internet, not english class, you are the one that is toxic……the fact that you are going to all these lengths to shame someone for how they type/write whatever, it reflects on how you view others as you are not better than anyone………… here on the internet your opinion carries as much weight as everyone else…Soooooooo your argument is completely moot regarding that…..

        I have no clue where the hell your argument for being ethical comes from…..ffs how is it unethical to have an issue with how a forum is run? And you act like you have every piece of info on me. I dont post with with my wot info. I have personally been on the forums for a better part of 5 years, i have seen the shift in tones from each moderator “generation” each one getting more and more tense, rules at this point are becoming arbitrary to each different moderator. This new batch of moderators is the epitome of “PC”. Only thing next is handing out construction paper and crayons. On the NA forums i am very rarely an aggressor, as I often err on the side of reason and caution, but these new mods look for any reason no matter how “grey” the rule actually is and often more times than not strike you…for something as little as posting a clown gif………..

        So unless you can come up with a better argument other than (Hurrdurr you suck at writing your reading skills suck hurrdurr) Your’e the one that needs to shut up…………But this is the internet…..so odds are, you wont.

      6. “Dude, this is the internet” gives me just as much reason to hold you in discontent for saying “Sooooooooo” and “…………..’s” like someone’s teenage daughter. You can say you are in any place that you want, you still look like you’re masturbating on your keyboard. Keep in mind this is my opinion and not a fact. I would be disturbed if you informed me that your “.” key were sticky because of your body fluids.

        You are still ignoring my advice on how to create a better impression with moderators and your tantrum only continues to help me understand why they so readily gave you a strike. If you wish to create a better impression on people then you cannot patronize them with swearing like “ffs” and you certainly cannot say “Hurrdurr you suck” because that is a one way ticket for ticking someone off anywhere you are in the world. Not only that, but you do realize the irony of saying “I am very rarely an aggressor” when you have been aggressive against moderators and myself for every comment in this post?

        “these new mods look for any reason no matter how “grey” the rule actually is and often more times than not strike you”

        By that logic, everyone who has said anything on the forum should get a strike. Sadly, only a select few have received a strike. It could have been out of bad luck but then again, you received two strikes for your behavior implying either you are remarkably unlucky or your behavior is just that toxic. Personally, I am not a superstitious person.

        I will continue to repeat myself, I have never implied nor have I made any demands for you to “shut up”. I merely criticized your use of “…………’s” and your hostile behavior toward me. So far, you have been the only person in this conversation to demand the other’s silence because of their criticism toward yourself. Perhaps I must speak to you in your own words: “Dude, this is the internet” and “Hurrdurr you suck at writing your reading skills suck hurrdurr.”

      7. Tantrum? Nah, just annoyed that someone will go to these lengths to defend their reasoning for why mods would hand out strikes because of supposed toxicity………….If i am as toxic as you say i am, I woulda been banned aloooong time before this strike system was in place…….And your continued attack on how I structure my writing, leads me to conclude that it is you sir who is having a tantrum issue, but do i care about that……nah….not really, im getting more and more amused on how someone in a completely different part of the country seems to have an in depth knowledge of my habits, all the while trying to make the other sound as horrible as possible…….At this point its prolly just me and you on this “oh behave” post. But here is what i will indulge….

        Those 2 strikes that i have, are more than a year apart, and given that your posts implies that i got them back to back….

        On the NA forums my account always been in the green (i know rep means jack squat) but compared to Gseries and Garbad im a friggen saint

        And for the people that do routinely see me on the forums, my messages are usually very well received, im the farthest thing from a troll you will ever see, and you are the very very first poster to ever “care” about how I structure my writing…………..which tells me that the general population that does read it, either doesnt pay attention or just dont care about it.

        And when i “agress” its usually someone posting a really really asinine post about arty, and my usual response is “Suck it buttercup, devs dont care unless their bottom line is at stake”

        So please, take more stuff out context. (………….) I will be more than happy to check back and explain why you are either wrong or misinformed

      8. Understand me well Mr. Courtney, my replies take at most 5 minutes to send. This is the benefit of writing with a structure. If you’ve ever taken a grade school class, your teacher should have provided weekly or daily assignments to at least help you write in the 250 word range. I suppose I should start saying things like “this is not an insult” but an example for efficiency to help inspire you.

        You also assume a great deal. I do not know where you are getting reasoning to infer I said you should be banned or that you got your strikes back to back. I have repeatedly been an advocate to hear you out hence how I have never demanded your silence as you have in the first place. This is also not an insult. Assumptions are not a bad thing to make but there must be clear backing behind any assumption that at the moment, are not clear.

        I also do not know who Gseries or Garbad are and your reputation is indeed irrelevant to our conversation. The world is small, but certainly not that small that you are famous. Just because people agree with you when you say the world is flat or trans-gendered people are devils does not make what you say the truth. Just because someone has opinions on the flaws of artillery, you attack them, and people commend you, this does not necessarily make you right. This is, of course, another example and not an insult unless you find my implication that you are not famous, offensive.

        Also, if you did not understand from my last reply, your “usual” behavior is irrelevant, at best, ironic. If the pope were to attack someone for their opinion of himself, he would not be excused. You are held to your actions here and now, there is no history but the one you build in the moment. This is not an insult but the blatant truth that every new acquaintance is like a fresh slate. Or once again in your words and not out of context, “Dude, this is the internet.”

      9. *sighs* Im just gonna snip the 1st and last paragraph from my response

        I know what i wrote, my statement stems your very first response withe the whole “Cant blame them for giving you two strikes.” My whole issue is context………..And i try to reflect that in my writing (and in my hasty responses a few more than I would care to admit slip thru the crack and havent the slightest clue how to edit, if you even can on this) And you seem to have built your whole argument over how “I carry myself on the NA forums”……….And alot of it appears to reflect in your responses, coming mostly in the form of an attack of how I structure my writing……..Call it what you will, but it serves a purpose for me and serves it very well……….. even to the chagrin of others.

        I can agree just fine that assumptions can be made if you have a solid backbone of reasoning…….and from my point of view i think ive done that…..

        As for those guys, those were names i used as indexes to gauge about how long you’ve supposedly been around the NA forums, Garbad was a notorious troll (altho quite amusing at times) but got himself banned around 4 years ago (and anyone who perused the forum at that time knows that user name), Gseries is just a shortened handle that anyone that has spent any major time on the NA forums knows him by, he was too was a troll but tbh,……. I dunno if hes been banned but havent seen him for the better part of 6 months……my reasoning for listing those names is…If you knew who Garbad was than you’d know the old forum mods, If you knew gseries, then thats around the time the usernames for mods became unfamiliar and all of a sudden very grey rules were being enforced for the sake of a “safe place”……………..

        And that’s my core problem before this became an argument over who sucks at writing/interpreting what is written

        Moderators have waaaay too much leeway in dictating what is right and what is wrong.

        Starting to have issues finding the reply function, my eyes suck.

      1. Really? Now you gotta resort to name calling…classy. No NA mods take trivial matters to a whole new level, you can have a perfectly civil conversation and a NA mod will try to find an issue.

      2. BoBo The Wonder Chimp says:

        Sean, you’re the dude getting the strikes. Maybe own up to your own actions instead of whining about triggered snowflakes. Irony indeed.

      3. Thats the thing tho, the whole issue here is weather or not mods have too much leeway in dictating what rules are and are not being broken, the strikes imposed on my account (almost a year apart btw everyone is making it out like i got them back to back) First one was for responding with a clown of war gif in a t49 post regarding its derp (perfectly appropriate response given the topic that was being discussed)……, and the mod in question and gave me a strike because “The gif was insulting to veterans”………………The second strike i got for a post regarding criticism of the game (can provide the post as its still up with just a red post saying “content has been moderated” but nothing was ever deleted………..

  2. since wg itself keeps doing the usual shit , on witch takes then 10/12 patches to realize they done crap, ill keep getting warning point on forum, but really, thats a poor reward for the well behaved money poring players

    1. It’s good to bring problems of the game to the attention of other players and wargaming. Nothing wrong in trying to make the game a better place. Just be sure that you’re not leaving a muddy trail wherever you go. Presentation goes hand in hand with good ideas but more importantly, keep writing, it’s the best practice for improving yourself.

      As for a reward, I do suppose it depends on perspective. Positive and well behaved players will generally be grateful for a free reward for just having fun. People on the other side of the coin might be trying to convince themselves that it’s not worth the effort as an excuse to carry on as they have.

      The deeper psychology of the idea is probably a skinner box. Keep the rewards small and random per positive action and you will induce a habit in your audience to be inclined to repeatedly engage in the same action. This is one of the few good uses of a skinner box. Far from perfect, but well intentioned.

  3. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    So if any random player on NA, every day, spend unused reports during the last battle reporting misbehavior on chat, number of rewards would go to 0? WG at their finest, as usual.

    WoWP seems to be much better source of free exp.

    1. It’s an easy thing to confuse, strikes and reports. Reports need to be confirmed as a violation before resulting in a strike. A very rare case without a good 4-5 reports on a person over the course of an hour or two I would assume. It certainly would be a terrifying scenario like giving every person on the planet a gun and assuming they would all kill each other. Possible, but unlikely. It just falls down to statistics and there are ways to tweak report and strike amounts so the minimum number of people need to receive a strike to keep a community from getting too toxic.

      Your average moderator for example will have an average number of strikes given out in a week. A system of checks would ensure he or she does not give too many strikes or too few strikes out without an acceptable explanation. Such being, more strikes will be distributed after the leak of patch notes or super tests because there will be an increase in belligerent attention hunters. Strike averages would decrease if it is a quiet week without major events or news being spread that good behavior is rewarded.

      I did not know that about WoWP. That sounds like a creative idea. neat dude.

  4. wolvenworks says:

    so typically american, having to be incentivized to behave like actual mature adults.

    “Oh behave” please no racism

  5. cuminyomouthvegan says:

    If part of the disgusting, misbehaving NA playerbase is represented on European blogs comment section then how bad is the actual situation on servers? lol
    Anyway, good to reward good behaviour, keep it up!

  6. A Dude says:

    I usually am a damn renegade on the battlefield (to express it in Mass Effect terms, kinda hooked to the game series right now), shoot idiots in the butt if they block me or sometimes when I’m frustrated I shoot them without reason. Yea, I am an absolute asshole, and I won’t change that. Seeing how idle and simply bad some players are really made me turn to the bad side. Tried to be a good guy in the first two years, now I’m here. Hopefully the new patch will solve this by making me less frustrated. These boosters also seem damn nice. Perhaps there’s more to it than just a few worthless “battle buddies”.

  7. Bill grey says:

    Better than eu forum,
    I reported a players pedophile grooming post…
    I get banned +the pedophile groomer, is still posting.
    (maybe the fact hes a shill, means wg accept any other behaviour?)

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