“One-sided battles are extremely rare”… Or are they?


Shade1982, who’s given me permission to use his material, has made a graph from his last 100 battles to verify if WG’s statement that one-sided battles are extremely rare is indeed true, the results…although I never believed in WG’s statement, it still surprised me, will quote it:

PS: Let me know in the comment section your opinion.

“Hey all,

yes, just to bore you out of your mind, I am going to create another topic about the matchmaker. But with a bit of a twist. This is about WG’s statement saying one-sided battles are extremely rare and they don’t feel the need to do anything about it. Well, we already know about the new matchmaker which is going to fix the team’s tier and class composition, but that still doesn’t fix the one-sided battle issue.

As to the “it’s rare” statement. As with a lot of things, that tends to be subjective. What threshold constitutes ‘one-sided’ battle? Well, for WG apparently, that is only true with 15-0 or 15-1 battles. But is that correct? In my personal opinion, battles ending with 15-5 are also extremely one-sided. If you count everything up to that score, the ‘rare’ part in that statement suddenly changes to ‘just uncommon’.

So, I decided to do a little fact-finding. Now, there is no clear line in the scientific method as to what percentage constitutes a fair representative number, but I decided to use my last 100 battles. I did no cutting or leaving out, as to not skew the results. Those are my last 100 random battles, not CW or SH and I played mostly from tier VII up to tier X, so it might be different at other tiers. I use vbAddict’s ADU tool to upload all my battles to make it easier for me to get the statistics. After that, I put all the results in an Excel file and counted the difference (or delta if you will) between kills and put it in a chart.

This was the result:



[Clarification: the bar for ’10’ means the difference in kills was 10. This was usually a 15-5 battle, but could also be a 14-4 battle.]

As you can see here, over 100 battles, the difference in kills being 10 was actually *the* most common result. Now that is hardly rare, is it? In a good team distribution system, you would expect this chart to go from high to low, from left to the right. Funnily enough, during these 100 battles, I suddenly had no more 15-0 battles, even though I used to have those all the time…

Now, I hope someone at WG reads this and thinks “hmm, maybe the variables for our analysis are wrong”, but somehow I highly doubt that.

What is your opinion on the matter?

(For full disclosure, I have added the Excel sheet. If you think I did something wrong, let me know.) ”

RG: The spreadsheet wasnt downloadable over the forum so Shade1982 emailed it to me: Here’s the link.


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