Onto the Supertest: CS-53


Let’s start with the Tier VIII medium CS-53. In the top-end configuration, this Pole is armed with a 100mm gun dealing the alpha damage of 300 points. Reloading in 8.6 s, it takes 212 mm off of the enemy armor with a standard AP round, while a special HEAT round goes deeper up to 290 mm. Turning to other characteristics, the dispersion is 0.38 at 100 m, the aiming time is 2.5 s, and the view range is 380 m.

So, the Pole can deliver damage. What about enduring damage? With 1300 hit points, its turret has 190 mm of armor in its front area and the upper glacis plate is 90mm thick. With the thrust-weight ratio of 17.8 hp/t., the medium develops the top speed of 50 km/h.

All in all, the CS-53 is akin to the previously announced CS-52, being a classic medium jack of all trades. Its dynamics and firepower enable it to tackle diverse tasks from flank maneuvering as part of the flock of mediums to support of heavies in defense.

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Onto the Supertest: CS-53

4 thoughts on “Onto the Supertest: CS-53

  1. Jacefaceyo says:

    290mm HEAT on a tier 8 medium? That’s pretty insane. This literally looks like they took the T-54, nerfed the hull slightly and just swung it down a tier. Seems like a powerful tank on paper.

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