Onto the Supertest: CS-59


The second Pole to be put to the Supertest is the Tier IX medium CS-59. Not unlike other Polish vehicles, its largely a universal type having no pronounced downsides. Everything about it is medium, including its view range of 390 m and 105mm gun. The latter deals the alpha damage of 390 points. It pierces the enemy armor 252 mm deep with a standard AP, then reloads in 8.8 s, and takes 293 mm with a special APCR round.

With 1800 hit points, its survivability is medium, too. As is its armor which values are typical of medium tanks: The turret has 130 mm in its front area while the hull frontal armor is 110 mm thick. With the thrust-weight ratio of 18 hp/t, the vehicle accelerates to 50 km/h.

Wrapping up, the CS-59 is a regular offspring of the Polish branch. Its characteristics are balanced between firepower and mobility. And when in artful hands, the vehicle reveals its multi functionality to the utmost.


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Onto the Supertest: CS-59

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