Osowiec. Attack of the Dead Men

Wargaming Short Film. Premiere with English dubbing!

We’re going to premiere the famous 30 minutes short film with English dubbing for the first time—exclusive for World of Warships channel. Watch this in a format, similar to movie premiere. Chat, subscribe to our channel, and click the bell so as not to miss the start! The short film tells about a significant episode of the First World War – the defense of the Osowiec Fortress. Our team was trying to reconstruct the historical events in detail investing “all the accumulated video creation experience” in it. Prepare to immerse yourselves in the deeds of brave souls.

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Osowiec. Attack of the Dead Men

One thought on “Osowiec. Attack of the Dead Men

  1. Lunara Wright says:

    I think I blame Sabaton for this. Amazing song, amazing history and I’m sure this is an amazing video!

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