Out with the bonds, in with the Tokens

Hello everyone, while i originally planned to make an article about swiss premium vehicles, i decided to do something different.

As you may or may not know: I do play Wowp and i really enjoy it, but i’m not gonna focus on the enjoyability of the game, but rather a part of the game which could be easily implemented into WoT.

Also for anyone who doesn’t know what Bonds are: they are a new kind of currency in World of Tanks which at the moment can only be obtained by playing ranked battles. These bonds can be exchanged for improved equipment or directives which has the nasty problem that they will increase the gap between good players that really care about improving their tank as good as possible and bad players who simply don’t really care.


World of warplanes on the other hand has something that’s called “Tokens” which can be obtained by really everyone, at the start you can only earn them by getting epic medals such as “Ace” which is Wowp’s version of “Top Gun” you get a token for the first time you earn a certain medal, so you can earn a token through earning Ace once a day.


As you can see, everyone can earn them at the start, but good players will get them easier.

The next way to earn tokens, for which you need a decent amount of planes on each tier, is through completing daily missions and 3 mission per day. Each daily mission has 3 Stages, one stage for tier 1 to 4, one stage for tier 5 to 7 and one for tier 8 to 10. Each individual stage gives you a bonus such as credits, equipment, normal and premium consumables or  bonus to exp like up to 2000 exp for the aircraft which completes the daily mission, which can be as easy as damaging and destroying  3 aircraft of the same class.shot_001

When you complete all 3 stages you get tokens based on the difficulty of a mission.

For example, the missions which i have today would give me a total of 6 tokens as well as 5200 exp bonus, 100k credits and a handful of premium consumables.

At the moment the way to use your tokens is fairly limited as you can currently only use them to buy premium time ( 180 tokens), a hangar slot ( 18 tokens) , a 25% EXP bonus ( 1 token) or a 50% credit bonus ( 1 token).

Another way to spend or even earn tokens are special events such as the latest confrontation event called “Battle for Thor’s hammer. In this event your main objective is to gain as many points as possible while helping your side ( Allies or Axis) to win the daily confrontation. The better you play, the more points you gain, merely participating gives you 3 points each time. however by killing as many enemies or ground targets as possible you earn more points with which you gain more crates which can be opened once the daily confronation is over. Being on the winning side also doubles your loot. These loot crates give you the chance to win nice things like: gold, a lot of credits, premium consumables, tokens, equipment and just for this event: the chance to earn either missions for one of six new high tier planes tier 8 to 10 for both the USSR or Germany or the planes directly.1cce4a370884a0f0be6b73c5ee5c5f49

The last confrontation event “ Japanese Threat” gave you the chance to win a new japanese fighter from tier 2 to 7.

Aside from the standard loot crates, you could also spend tokens (which can be bought for gold for this event only)  on different loot crates which could also give you the chance to earn the same bonuses as the standard crates.

Also from what an image in the token section is hinting towards is the ability to buy tech tree vehicles or missions for planes for tokens in the future. Which again, means that you can get free stuff just by playing the game and when you’re good at the game you get the same stuff faster.51253e49711aae033480d537671c1801


So long story short, what i tried to say with that is: WoT could pretty much copy both the Token system and the Confrontation system from Wowp and give everyone the chance to win something neat while giving unicums the chance to earn the good stuff faster or give them a higher chance to get what they want.

Tokens could easily be a currency which can be shared with all “Wold of” titles and can be implemented in World of Warships and WoT’s ranked battles instead of the Bonds system.

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