Out with the bonds, in with the Tokens

Hello everyone, while i originally planned to make an article about swiss premium vehicles, i decided to do something different.

As you may or may not know: I do play Wowp and i really enjoy it, but i’m not gonna focus on the enjoyability of the game, but rather a part of the game which could be easily implemented into WoT.

Also for anyone who doesn’t know what Bonds are: they are a new kind of currency in World of Tanks which at the moment can only be obtained by playing ranked battles. These bonds can be exchanged for improved equipment or directives which has the nasty problem that they will increase the gap between good players that really care about improving their tank as good as possible and bad players who simply don’t really care.


World of warplanes on the other hand has something that’s called “Tokens” which can be obtained by really everyone, at the start you can only earn them by getting epic medals such as “Ace” which is Wowp’s version of “Top Gun” you get a token for the first time you earn a certain medal, so you can earn a token through earning Ace once a day.


As you can see, everyone can earn them at the start, but good players will get them easier.

The next way to earn tokens, for which you need a decent amount of planes on each tier, is through completing daily missions and 3 mission per day. Each daily mission has 3 Stages, one stage for tier 1 to 4, one stage for tier 5 to 7 and one for tier 8 to 10. Each individual stage gives you a bonus such as credits, equipment, normal and premium consumables or  bonus to exp like up to 2000 exp for the aircraft which completes the daily mission, which can be as easy as damaging and destroying  3 aircraft of the same class.shot_001

When you complete all 3 stages you get tokens based on the difficulty of a mission.

For example, the missions which i have today would give me a total of 6 tokens as well as 5200 exp bonus, 100k credits and a handful of premium consumables.

At the moment the way to use your tokens is fairly limited as you can currently only use them to buy premium time ( 180 tokens), a hangar slot ( 18 tokens) , a 25% EXP bonus ( 1 token) or a 50% credit bonus ( 1 token).

Another way to spend or even earn tokens are special events such as the latest confrontation event called “Battle for Thor’s hammer. In this event your main objective is to gain as many points as possible while helping your side ( Allies or Axis) to win the daily confrontation. The better you play, the more points you gain, merely participating gives you 3 points each time. however by killing as many enemies or ground targets as possible you earn more points with which you gain more crates which can be opened once the daily confronation is over. Being on the winning side also doubles your loot. These loot crates give you the chance to win nice things like: gold, a lot of credits, premium consumables, tokens, equipment and just for this event: the chance to earn either missions for one of six new high tier planes tier 8 to 10 for both the USSR or Germany or the planes directly.1cce4a370884a0f0be6b73c5ee5c5f49

The last confrontation event “ Japanese Threat” gave you the chance to win a new japanese fighter from tier 2 to 7.

Aside from the standard loot crates, you could also spend tokens (which can be bought for gold for this event only)  on different loot crates which could also give you the chance to earn the same bonuses as the standard crates.

Also from what an image in the token section is hinting towards is the ability to buy tech tree vehicles or missions for planes for tokens in the future. Which again, means that you can get free stuff just by playing the game and when you’re good at the game you get the same stuff faster.51253e49711aae033480d537671c1801


So long story short, what i tried to say with that is: WoT could pretty much copy both the Token system and the Confrontation system from Wowp and give everyone the chance to win something neat while giving unicums the chance to earn the good stuff faster or give them a higher chance to get what they want.

Tokens could easily be a currency which can be shared with all “Wold of” titles and can be implemented in World of Warships and WoT’s ranked battles instead of the Bonds system.

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Out with the bonds, in with the Tokens

49 thoughts on “Out with the bonds, in with the Tokens

  1. qwertypresser says:

    In your initial statement about bonds, you said “that they will increase the gap between good players or player that really care about improving their tank as good as possible and bad players or players who simply don’t really care.”

    My question is, where do the decent players, who just don’t have the time to play WoT everyday and will not be able to earn bonds fast enough to keep up the increasing power creep, fit into your assessment?

    1. Mizutayio says:

      yeah, that was kind of a dodgy sentence, i did rephrase it to make more sense.

      With my initial sentence i meant to say that the gap between 2 major ghroups gets bigger.
      Group 1: Unicums or average players who simply want to put the best equipment on their tanks
      Group 2: Bad players or average players who simply don’t care about ranked battles or advanced equipment.

      1. Nafre says:

        The ranked battles require a tier 10 or more. Players like me that opened multiple lines are prevented from joining.
        Think the improved equipment and directives are an awful design. I’d rather have to fight 5 chrysler every battle than 5 unicums in their improved tanks that are ridiculous. Improved repair kit is 40% repair time, good luck keeping unicums tracked

      2. Mizutayio says:

        Well the tokens atm don’t do that, you can earn them with every vehicle, even tier 1s can earn them and they don’t give any performance upgrade. In addition, if you want to spend tokens to get an EXP or credit boost, you can’t use any other consumables.

        Also for Confrontation you need at least one tier 4 plane, but that’s easy to get.

      3. Ragnarokbazil says:

        Bad players just make me wanna puke at times… Right flank has 5 tanks… They all die by 1 tank.. So I say let them grow a pair and get good in the new mode to remain competitive as the equipment could spell life or death to the one who has to carry there POS weights.. Who feels the same way? The thing im not ok with is pay to win perms and ammo..

      4. Ragnarokbazil says:

        Hey im not a good player my self but who here feels the same way? They all go one way and don’t look at the map? I don’t mind if they did the bonds to public but if rather have my team beagle to find there ass in the dark with a flash light over someone that thinks wit is warthunder and press the V key and fail there team… So again I hate pay to win stuff but this im fine with..

      5. Anonymous says:

        It’s a dodgy complaint really. Of course there is going to be a gap between players that care and try hard, and those who don’t. That’s unavoidable. If anything, a separate ranked mode might keep some of the players from those two groups apart a lot more than now, with the players who care being found more often in ranked than random battles for example.

        More importantly, Wargaming has stated over and over that bonds will be available to everyone in due time, but that it will be a “carrot” to jumpstart ranked battles with for now. And the community keeps ignoring it over and over, and goes on and on about how this is only rewarding skilled players.
        I’m sure the other sources of bonds will be far more limited than ranked battles, but they will be there nonetheless. Thus even people who don’t care much, will eventually be able to afford the occasional improved equipment piece or some directives.

      6. RagnarokBazil says:

        Yeah i Agree after trying it… Yeah… im Against it… Make tokens instead…

      7. Lets add to the list of people who have just started playing. Are they bad players? Do you have any idea how long it takes to grind to tier ten? Do you realise how this will affect new players? This was a horrid article that is an insult to newer players.

    2. Da_Zohan says:

      Pay 2 win is supposedly the problem. But now it is Time 2 win.

      As in, those that have the most time, can win the most bonds. (skill will win more, but quantity over quality will also win a lot)

      So WG believes that those that play the most should gain the most. If this is fine, then why not reward those who are willing to pay the most?

    3. Matt says:

      Very arrogant and wrong words from Rita.
      The world is not only black and white, there is a huge ammount of gray tones in between.

  2. Renarde_Martel says:

    Nice idea, but WarGaming has already stated that alternative ways of earning Bonds will be implemented later on (right now they want to use them as an attraction to get people into Ranked Mode).

    1. Mizutayio says:

      I know that, but my question to counter that is: why would you need multiple currencies which do the same thing, same with Wows doubloons, why would WG do that?
      Also most people are really pissed of what WG plan to do with bonds, which is the improved equipment and directives. WoT can do just fine without them.

      Also look into my article:
      “Also for anyone who doesn’t know what Bonds are: they are a new kind of currency in World of Tanks which at the moment can only be obtained by playing ranked battles. ”
      i know what i was saying, don’t worry. I know they have plans to add other ways to earn bonds, but nobody knows what they will add. maybe it will be extremely hard missions for which you need to take a week off to get it done, it has happened before.

      1. Renarde_Martel says:

        Well, on the other hand… why would we need all the currencies unified? That only really makes sense for gold.

        Sure, it might be convenient to unlock things in Warships by playing Tanks… but do we really want that?

    1. but seriously, a single unified currency system across all games is something I could also get behind. Although I don’t see credits and free exp transferring from WoWs since everything there costs a lot more but you also earn a lot more… and also gold conversion rates are also higher in WoWs then WoT.

      And since I play on the Asia server there’s no WoWp server for us to have a unified currency with so at the moment unified currency doesn’t overly concern me too much.

      But I can see and understand how tokens being unified for other servers makes sense and support it over bonds

  3. WG’s just unnecessarily fudging this whole bonds thing.

    Make them available to win by playing and make them available in shop for cash. Problem solved.

    I’ve limited time to play so if I can only win bonds by playing the game I’m SOL and it’s not fair.

    Make them come in bundles and I’ll be happy.
    For exemple:
    1€ 100 bonds
    10€ 1000 bonds
    100€ 10000 bonds

    1. yer… no. see that would actually be 100% undeniably pay to win then. Either need a tier 10 or pay for it? fuck that shit man.

      This whole post is essentially this: replace bonds with tokens and make it easier for every to earn, including those that have limited time

      and then the ideal would be to remove improved equipment and directives. Then those tokens would be used to buy things to benefit the player without destroying game balance. Should that happen it wouldn’t matter if you only have limited time to play, you would never be at a disadvantage and there would be no need to buy tokens/bonds since they would be easier to get for everyone.

      1. I don’t care about limited time. I want to pay for and get them. What’s so hard to grasp in this concept?

        If you can *get advantage* for playing than *I want that advantage too*. You get it by playing and I get it by paying. Everybody’s happy?

        Otherwise I wouldn’t care but if this special equipment is coming to stay I want it too.

      2. that’s called pay to win. No one likes pay to win, so no, no one’s happy.

        you have players that don’t want to pay and remain free to play players and you also have people that don’t have tier 10s… what you want to do is essential fuck those hundreds of thousands of plays over just to make privileged cunts like you happy?

        I’m sorry but you can take your pay to win thinking and fuck off. It’s not needed nor wanted. End of discussion

      3. Anonymous says:

        @wot121 and EVERYONE who is willing to pay for them gets the same advantage over the ones with no tier 10 or time and who dont have the money to buy it way to think only about yourself m8

  4. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “They will increase the gap between good players that really care about improving their tank as good as possible and bad players who simply don’t really care”.

    What about those who DO care about improving their tank but DON’T care about the new game mode? There is no middle ground in your statement. Are they bad players too?

    1. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Make the special equipment available for everybody either by playing or by making it available in the shop.

      1. VladCelTroll says:

        Making it available in-shop is P2W. This way we’d get back to square one and solve nothing.

  5. Nya-chan Production says:

    WoT already has tokens – look at the current daily missions. It’s just that they don’t offer as many rewards as WoWp and they aren’t as common (i.e. daily). I wonder why that is, certainly not by WoWp’s lower popularity and need to bring in more players, riiiiiight?

  6. Stormcloud says:

    The basic exchange of player time (invested) vs (paper) rewards can be done in multiple ways. The token concept from WoWP is merely option number 10 out 100 possible ways.

    Is it the best? I have no idea. Reason, I never touched WoWP since its botched release, I’m more of a ground pounder fan. No pure WoT players will understand the value of each token per time spent grinding them, they’re two different games. You may suggest to WG to work towards unifying it all under one system, however, care must be taken towards time vs reward balance per specific game

    I remember early 2012 or so till to around 2014 (iirc), WoT time vs reward balance had been much more generous. You could say the avg server population breathed easy with credits rolling in from the various events and deep 50% discounts on T7-T8 tanks. It was _worth_ playing as a non-premium player.

    Compared to now, staying as a non-premium player is more pain than it is worth. Little interest in getting FU by the MM with nothing worthwhile for reward. WG, in it’s quest for more revenue returns, gets unreasonably greedy by squeezing as much as possible the the work done by these non-premium players. Do it more, they’ll soon find a desert.

    Free to play is a misnomer. Time is never free, regardless whether it comes from an unemployed person or a salaryman.

  7. Doc says:

    WG should just delete the improved equipment and give some individual stuff (camos, emblems, etc.)

    THAT would be great and fair.

  8. Flames2Live says:

    Didn’t WG said that after this beta for ranked battles, they were going to make bonds be available to be earned in regular pub battles by completing a set of tasks, just like daily missions or some of the sort?
    Now yes I understand that the idea behind improved equipment and directives is bad to the balancing of the game, but I thought I saw in a Q&A, that they were only going to work in the ranked mode only, or am I wrong?

    1. Yes, they did. But that’s a waste of time for people who’d prefer to buy them directly from the shop.
      I don’t want to grind stupid bonds for stupid equipment. I want to buy the equipment and put it into my tanks.

      Is WG really this stupid they don’t understand this?

  9. DickHerMax says:

    Make Bonds/Tokkens come from medals and watch random becoming one big teamkill and killsteal proving grounds, just like during marathons based on kills.
    Current medals in WoT would need major revision. For now they give everything to lucky idiots and nothing to a person which made such medals possible for the rest of the team.

  10. No_Quarter says:

    I try to be objective as possible.
    Current way of earning bonds will mostly hit newbies – stat-padders will ruin them with some already OP tank on lower tiers plus improved equipment means pretty much 100% death for newbies.
    Which feels really bad for them game, you need to boost your new audience, make them want more and not do this….
    For any other player it is not a big deal, even if you do not want to invest time in ranked you can play few matches every week just so you earn some bonds and after a while you will get enough to equip your favorite tanks..
    It is lame that at the moment you are forced to play ranked, in a while clans will put in the requirements from ranked as everyone wants good players WITH good equipment.
    Pretty soon Batchat without 12.5% optics and that directive and 7.5% vents won’t be that useful for CW OR any other sort of “competitive” play – ESL, Skirmishes, Advance, “E-Sports” – all will depend on those bonds heavily.

    So at current state, ranked system feels more like a disease for already crippled game.
    Unless regular players get to grind fair amount of bonds quite often trough missions in random battles than it’s bad, no newbie will be able to have 50% win ratio in first T10 tank simply because of this game mechanic.

    I really hope this gets balanced out but I kind of see no way out, most games reward their high-ranked players with awesome skins, titles they can carry in matches, emblems, some crates with some sick drops for them to show off but in World of Tanks you get to be better than everyone who doesn’t play that.
    Which really comes down to on who pays for premium time and premium tanks because if you do not spam full premium ammo on ranked you are doomed.
    Also free EXP Maus and there is 95% chance you will end up in top rank no matter how good player are you, 48% or 60%, doesn’t matter.
    Never have I ever seen such bad balancing, ever.

  11. Lorddiable says:

    one thing thats rather important to note for world of warplanes tokens.the fact that you cannot gain the tokens for the missions unless you’ve got a tier 8 and up plane as missions Steps go 1-4 5-7 8-10

    Considering that ,at least here, on NA, theres about at most 400 players online, all are hidden amidst bots and few play past tier 5, Tokens are but a fever dream .

  12. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    From business point of view, attempt to save WoWP by merging gold and free exp with WoT was a disaster.
    WoWS shows that it can be independent and bring more money.
    Then tokens were added, and one can obtain for them things that can’t be won in other games, simply because WoWP is on the edge, so this isn’t a big loss of income for WG that maybe 10% of player population, like 200 people on EU server, will farm 150 tokens and buy a premium account (month of premium costs 150, not 180 tokens).
    For WoT or WoWS it would be a disaster.
    Same reason – low player population is a cause of daily missions and birthday missions – 10k free exp and 5 premium days after winning a battle on a tier X bought year ago is a top.
    As well as economy – WoWP prices are almost direct copy/paste from WoT, with some changes like free basic ammo, and after all it’s easier to play WoWS – battle with over 100k income without premium in WoT are really rare, in WoWP happen much more common. Along with premium account and birthday bonuses there can be battles with more than half a million income.
    WoWP is the most rewarding game of World of Whatver, the only requirement is a certain level of skill.

    WoWS also has their own system of encouraging players to play, containers, and WoT has some own shit as well.
    From my point of view, both systems are too time demanding to consider them an option.

    1. Seth says:

      I’ve said that for a long time now, add player tiering to MM and allow +/-1 player tier. That will allow players to play fairly similar levels and be able to move up. It is crazy that they expect new players that bought a prem tank to be able to compete against a uni even in the same tank. WG has stats on the players, they could used player ranking for the tiering (ie 0-1k, 1k1-2k, etc).

  13. madogthefirst says:

    I got one question about the game that we don’t talk about, and neither does WG, do they now fly like planes or do they still fly like bricks?

    1. Seth says:

      I have no issue with the bonds, it’s what they can be used for and where that equipment can be used that is the problem.

      IF they are going to allow them to buy the improved equipment, then that should only be able to be used in Ranked, Clan Wars, and maybe in Strongholds. The equipment should only be able to be used on tier 10 tanks, since they are the only ones that can be used to earn the bonds that buy the equipment.

      The better idea is to be able to use the bonds on special camo (that has the exact same camo rating as regular camo) like Gold, Silver, etc, special emblems and inscriptions, or to buy personal reserves.

      1. Seth says:

        Another idea is to allow bonds be used to buy premium tanks, just the tank not bundles. This would give players the chance to get premiums without having to pay money. WG could still sell the tanks in the shop and still do bundles, since there will be those that fail their way to tier 10 and won’t be able to earn bonds.

  14. wolvenworks says:

    Agreed. Bond system is flawed. good casual players like me know that tier 9 and 10 is not a good place to grind money for tanks, so even though i’ve been playing for 5-6 years (depending if you count in my brief stint in NA before SEA server existed or not), i never have a tier 10, and only recently got my first tier 9 (E75) out of bare necessity so that i can play that tier with my friends. the fact that ranked will be locked to tier 10 means that i have to lose too much money to get one (providing i finished grinding for the E100 from my E75), and lose more money from playing tier 10 in ranked, all for some equipment that performs better than the usual ones.

    you’d thought they’ll just give you some all-tank perma-camo or something already like AW (not like AW is improving anyway. we’re talking about Russians here after all)

    1. wolvenworks says:

      footnote: this opinion is based on my grinding needs, which may not agree with other people’s views. i got a long list of tanks to buy, and the equipment to fit them all. i estimate that 10 million credits might cover everything, considering that half the list are tanks on the tiers 7 and 8, and i always fit in the Holy Trinity in all of them when possible

  15. WoT does not want to give it’s players free stuff anymore. that is as simple is it.

    i remember the good old days of easy missions with gold/silver and even premium account prizes.

    for example in Super pershing marathon (if a remember correct), there were premium account bonuses for every mission you completed. i remember i got 21 days of premium for total (7 nations * 3 days per nation as i remember).

    all they give is that “presonal reserves” for now. and they are some kind of useless when you have almost all tier 10 tanks in your garage.

    just face with the truth.


  16. It’s not only this whole crap of getting bonds and upgrading your tank. I just discovered that you can only play it in the evening hours from 2000 untill 0000. What the fuck, I work and at that time I am in my bed already because I have to get up at 0200. I am off in the afternoon and I don’t get a chance to get these bonds. Good job WG.

  17. Jobe says:

    Token event is 6pm (uk) to 9ish so same problem. Wowp events are just better and more generous than wot. But thats cause its the cash cow

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