Overlord Supertest Changes Video.

An addition to the render posted HERE .

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Overlord Supertest Changes Video.

14 thoughts on “Overlord Supertest Changes Video.

  1. the base locations for standard battles are being relocated? Interesting.

    All the changes look nice, I for one welcome the changes… now we just need Prokhorovka/Fiery Salient to be reworked, among other maps that is

    1. Prok is fine. One map that actually allows scouting and relocation etc and skill actually matter. Not just mindless brawls.
      We have just 2 open maps in the game like that. Malinovka is the other one. Leave them the fuck alone.

      1. mike2051 says:

        Malinovka needs to be reworked. Its one of the worst maps in the game. Just CANCER. It takes 2 min to get on the hill, when you get there, you get fucked by clickers. Almost everybody is camping at base, or trying to sneak past the water on the left side and then drown like retards…

      2. Good let them camp. Any half decent player on the map is able to work the positions and relocate constantly.
        I love those maps specifically because it is so open and campy. It’s like a puzzle. Find the gaps in the defences and take advantage.
        Good players are able to make huge plays that massively influence the outcome of the battle in a scale that just doesn’t happen on the corridor maps.
        Regardless as with all the maps the most aggressive players get the most damage and xp. Camping isn’t very rewarding.

        Out of the entire game there are actually just a couple of open maps that allow other classes than heavies to dominate.
        Seriously, leave these maps alone.

  2. looks like they used agent orange on this one as well. The gardener has trimmed the bushes drasticaly. No places to hide anymore. Apart from the Cliffs on the coast almost as flat as a pancake. Will work great for the new Swedes. Not!. It wasn’t my favorite map but in my opinion this makes it even worse

  3. Legit2me says:

    Have to say I’m really dissapointed in this change – this was one of the few dynamic maps that every tank had a great role to play – the hills and ridges created great pop and shoot spaces for meds and sidescraping for heavies, lights could relocate in cover and get place to place to flank – TD’s had places to stay – arti’s had some good locations depending on where they wanted to shoot (although they were hard to cover the entire map) – now with this change it sees that arti can hit anyone anywhere almost, heavies are caught in the open if they go anywhere but the west, camping TD’s will rule the day, and meds and lights once spotted don’t seem to have many places to get back into cover… one of the few maps I really enjoy in the game currently and they shouldn’t have touched

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