Overlord Supertest Changes

Good day everyone,

A few sources are discussing changes coming to the Normandy themed Overlord map. Heres whats been changed so far:


1. Elevation of the beach has been raised. Hopefully this will reduced travel times from here to other parts of the map.

2. Central hill will be removed, do to it creating excessive elevation in this portion of the map.

3. The village and other structures will be reworked in the hopes of making this area of the map a bit convenient for medium and light tanks.

4. Hills here will be removed or altered.

5. Position will be added to allow players to watch this section of the map.

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Overlord Supertest Changes

26 thoughts on “Overlord Supertest Changes

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Except half of it is useless (the beach) and the middle area aswell. And that’s what they’re reworking.

      Karkov and Stalingrad all they need is removal because they can never hope to make all classes playable on these city maps if they wanna keep them historical.

      1. Anonymous says:

        LTs & Arty have issues on city maps (and even then some work just fine – the Bishop & Bert love a city map), but otherwise they work fine. I’d rather have those than the obviously artificial maps like Cliff.

      2. That’s one of the challenges with a variety of light tanks artillery. If you make a map inherently better for a specific type of artillery or light tank you will inherently make the map over powered for a tank that didn’t need the help ie creating piles of small rubble for light tanks to weave through as cover will also give strong cover for mediums and heavies to go hull down.

        Although finding a solution for light tanks is more manageable than artillery, the problem lies more in part with artillery design itself because they have such high damage potential, it is important to limit their effect on several maps they play since like on maps like prokhorovka they can do excessive amounts of damage so you need a himmelsdorf map to balance out their average damage.

  1. SeppC says:

    Overlord can only be played when both teams have players with brains. When you have 3 TopTiers going Beach it is already gg (maybe in some seldom cases the rest of the Team can carry this, but most likely don´t)
    Same with swamp – when the heavies (North Spawn) go to the Building its already gg too.
    They will be slaughteres by the enemy Heavies and TDs (even Meds try to sideshoot and get easy Damage there).
    But, truth to be said – Ensk, Charkov and Pilsen are even worse and would need a Rebalance too.

  2. mark west says:

    This is a completely shit map and these chgs dont seem to chg it much. This map is still not as bad as Pilsen but way worse than Pearl River, Hidden Village, South Coast or North West. ID even rather play on Sevorgorsk.

  3. sturmi0545 says:

    one of the few maps that don’t have impassable terrain or an open killing field in their centre, which only divide the team and encourage lemming trains. I hope they don’t change it for the worse.
    WG is only smart enough to copy map design from MOBAs, which only displays their design incompetence even more.

  4. jesusvsainz says:

    seasy steps to make overlord great ( again¿)

    remove beach
    enlarge map
    make the middle a bit more flat, but let tanks with depression still have their role there
    make more zones TD & arty friendly


      1. jesusvsainz says:

        – historically correct
        – playable and good balance

        cant get both

        basic rules of this game:
        – NEVER go to the beach
        – Never cross the bridges
        – Never push alone
        – stay away from the water as long as you can(as if you were a gipsy)

        – abbey, line 8-9 you push there? you die/lose
        – fjords: you push south? you lose
        – malinovka: you focus on 1-2? you lose
        – overlord : you go beach? you lose
        – serene coast: you go to the water corridor on 8-9,? you lose
        -artic region: you push south ( water side), you lose/die
        -erlenberg: you cross the bridges? you lose
        -airfield: you push beach? you lose

        these rules also works with some removed maps like south coast, port, pearl river, northwest and dragon ridge

  5. wolvenworks says:

    i’d prefer swapping Overlord with Hidden Village. at least it was workable on its last version. overlord feels like a massive chore to play. definetly on the top of my most hated maps along with Tundra, Redshire, and Prokhorovka/Fire Salient

  6. Robert says:

    They should rework Windstorm – south team on left flank (1-2 lines) has huge disadvantage. Trying to go to the hill means getting shot into side. Same thing with Swamp and east road – trying to go to K0 from south means death from flanking fire

  7. Jeezz, this is 1 of the newer maps and look at the numerous improvements to make it enjoyable and balanced. Whenever I play that map and I see bots and red noobs going the beach I might aswell give up the game, unless you have a unicum or platoon to compensate for beachnoobs.

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