Overmatch not cancelled


It came to my attention last night that the community, at least from the European side, had the idea that Overmatch had been cancelled.

It hasn’t. When the news initially came out it indeed said cancelled but it was a minor translation error from the EU office which since then has been rectified.

Overmatch has been postponed.

Hope this helped.


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Overmatch not cancelled

29 thoughts on “Overmatch not cancelled

  1. betterdead thanred says:

    postponed indefinetely would have been better

    changing the meta/game to accomodate 3 tanks out of 400ish tanks?

  2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    It doesnt change the fact that they’re about to release new tanks without releasing the mechanic they rely on to be effective and survive, and this after they destroyed them with a huge dpm nerf and a rather big accuracy nerf.
    Now they have average / below-average dpm, absolutely no armor, the siege mode handicap, and yeah basicaly they’re Object263’s except without front armor, and with worse dpm. Doesnt sound that bad until you’re spotted, in which case it’s garage within seconds.

    So “cancelled” or “postponed” is the same if they release the TDs without it and without a huge armor buff to compensate.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Also as mentionned in other comments : postponed and cancelled are the same word in WG’s dictionnary – aka we will never see it again in the game but they’ll make a little video every year or two saying they’re still working on it.

      1. betterdead thanred says:

        im no unicum, but i am doing nicely with kranvagn, only done 6k dmg with it so far i think, but im not really interested in it though. but i think its far from UP.

        103 series is ”unstable”. difficult to balance. my opinion about it changes from game to game, but UP was never one of them. highly interesting tank. will definetively get it.

        not by chance a sweed are you?
        seem so passionate about it.

  3. Renarde Martel says:

    I still think the overmatch in it’s current form is just not right and it should be changed. Doesn’t make sense for a supposedly armoured tank to have a glaring frontal weakspot that even popguns can penetrate, so clearly the current implementation of it is wrong.

    However, the new mechanic definitely needed tweaking and IS-3 would definitely need to have been nerfed.

  4. Bricktop says:

    You seem to forget one thing; No tier X medium except 121 can overmatch S tank. American and British HTs cannot overmatch S tank. AMX 50b can’t overmatch S tank. Each and every of these tanks have to snipe little hatch or they got no chance of penetration. So what’s left? 2 russian HTs, chinese HT, 2 german HTs, a japanese POC and TDs, which cut trough heavy tanks like butter anyway. AND even then, all they can overmatch is lower plate and tiny spot on upper one (except 183, but yuno, it’s 183) So what you get is mobile, high concealment and firepower TD that can be easily damaged only by tanks which are not popular in random battles (except TDs, but they pen everything anyway). Stop fucking complaining.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Just a bunch of S Tank fanboys went full crybaby when it turned out that they won’t get an invincible, fast TD with super accurate gun and insane pen.
      Because let’s fuck up the gameplay for hundreds of vehicles because 3 new tanks are coming.

  5. Soifon99 says:

    Why do people like this stupid over match rule so much? it’s unrealistic and really should be changed.. why should all those big guns have such a huge advantage over the other guns? it’s a lame rule and in my opinions takes skill away.. just drive around with a big gun and you over match so much in this game (clear advantage over other guns)

    just tweak the rule a bit but please implement it.. chuck this lame unrealistic old rule out of the window and think of something better.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Overmatch requires good knowledge of both the armor thickness and caliber of the shell fired at it, giving huge guns advantage for not being able to dictate the pace of the combat due to usually long reloads and lower DPM. When you load for over 10 s you want to be certain the shell will go in and do damage instead of looking dumb after you bounce and wait for reload while getting torn apart. It also gives huge tanks an advantage, as they are able to shoot enemy roofs in close quarters in exchange for being an easy target from afar.
      Let’s not even start with bullshit light tank bounces because clearly we don’t have enough of those already.
      Sorry that your tomato brain gets overloaded with too much information when met with this mechanic, but it’s good for the gameplay and rewards knowledgeable players while keeping certain tanks from being absolutely broken (140, 430, T-54, IS-4, IS-3, T29 and so on).

  6. Soifon99 says:


    omg man get your head out of your ass.. i counted 65+ tanks that overmatch 40mm.. and those are all the classes and 8 to 10..

    so yeh i understand why people are mad about this…

    1. betterdead thanred says:

      excluding those tier 8 and below?
      90% of td’s will overmatch 40mm, but will wreck u anyway how much armour u got.
      tier guns:
      tier 8+/9+/10+
      german 8+ 128-170mm guns-12 tanks
      ussr 8+122-150mm -13 tanks
      US 9+ 155mm-4 tanks
      UK 10+ 183mm-2 tanks
      China 8+ 122-130mm-6 tanks
      france 10+ 155m -1 tank?
      czechs 0
      japan 8+ 140-150mm 3 tanks
      sweeds 0

      39 tanks, excluding arty, that can meet 103B, can overmatch?

      or am i fumbling around here?

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Yeah so basicaly :
        -all german tier 8+ TD
        -all german tier 9+ HT
        -all russian tier 6+ TD
        -all russian tier 6+ HT
        These 4 categories are already the large majority of tanks met on the battlefield because first tanks grinded by most people.
        Also all tier X TDs in general can overmatch it (and no, they dont “autopen all tanks anyway”. You’d be surprised how many JPZ/Grille/T110/Foch you can bounce if you either angle well or the ennemy is too lazy to aim because he thinks he can autopen anything anyway…). And all arties at these tiers will most likely oneshot it (or kill the whole crew in one shot). So at tier X basicaly what remains is :
        -MTs (except chinese) : flank !
        -Autoloading HTs : flank !
        -Big dpm big armor HTs : flank !
        All of these tanks are mobile enough to not just stay in front of it spamming gold at its center.

        Basicaly you’re immune from meds FRONTALY (1Ā° angle of side armor is enough tho, and meds are supposed to flank and not spam gold at the front of ennemies…), 120mm HTs (aka the usual gold spammers with broken stats in either armor or dpm, hi american tanks for exemple, so they deserve to finaly have a tank they cant brutalize from the front – but these heavies aren’t the slowest).

        Oh yeah, they’re also immune to gold noskills. Because HEAT cannot overmatch. So that’s an anti purple tank and that’s it, other than that if you see one either aim a the weakspot or go around it.

      2. Tommy_Gun says:

        And what about light tanks ? We saw that (if new OVERMATCH will be introduced)
        1 mm of armor can bounce a 183 mm gun (largest non-arty gun in game).

        Some light tanks will become absolutely ridiculously OP. ELC – AMX will have better armor than some tier 8 heavies. AMX 40 will be indestructible even by tier X guns.

        And LTTB and T-54 ltwt. will probably bounce literally everything (except arty).

  7. WOZ says:

    The new overmatching rule is ridiculous.
    Has anyone seen the quickybaby video of the American scorpion bouncing the deathstar?
    1mm of armour? HELLO!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s just too retarded this overmatch rule…so the 122mm gun with 173 mm pen, from su100 gun will pen due to overmatch rule the front of 103b anytime of day but the 100mm and 105mm gun with 256 mmpen

  9. Rombat says:

    It’s just too retarded this overmatch rule…so the 122mm gun with 175 mm pen, from su100 gun will pen due to overmatch rule the front of 103b anytime of day but the 100mm and 105mm gun with 256 mm pen from tier 10 meds woun’t pen the front of 103b. Dude…is so sick!!!

  10. The overmatch mechanics should be fine, just gotta actually render the quapola’s on tanks like the IS-3 and soften the quapola on the obj 140 and stuff like that for tanks where the buff is a problem. I was going to be so happy that my M4A1 Ravioli wasn’t going to get auto penned in the sides anymore.

  11. This mechanic shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.

    It doesn’t matter if you have a 300mm round if you’re hitting a piece of armour at such an angle that it won’t hurt the tank.

    So you gouge the 1mm armour across a 3m section. Who cares. Does it actually hit anything worthwhile or not? That should be the question. This whole excuse of a system where you can die from a hatch being shot is poor. To further exacerbate it with the equally crass over matching mechanic just keeps the game simple. I’m sure the kids appreciate it and I know the stat focused “players” love it as it’s another thing they can exploit but it keeps the game from being really great.

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