Pacific Rim Map


new map in SuperTest, Pacific Rim:

I’m disappointed on the lack of Jagerus. 😛

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Pacific Rim Map

67 thoughts on “Pacific Rim Map

  1. Looks like they took Agent Orange too the old console map!.

    Though for PC players sake, I hope they put the tier cap on it like the console devs eventually did. Trying to traverse that thing in a Maus isn’t terribly fun.

    1. It’s a pretty bad map, trust me. No matter what tank I play, I just cannot find the best location. Far too small for lights, not enough sight lines for TD, arty can strike whenever, and heavies have to deal with it. Mediums get pinned by heavies and TDs in the few areas where they can shoot.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Gotta love how people complain about map being either “corridor” or lacking cover, and cannot understand that a map cannot have a ideal position for every tank to make people think rather than go to obvious position

  2. Gkirmathal says:

    It has a nice atmosphere to it in the screenshots. Though all that sea, a TOG would feel right at home.

    About it’s size. Is it 1000×1000 or 800×800? The effective real estate seems underused as a lot is taken up by useless sea areas. Enlarging the landmass by a few percent would give the island more usable land areas.

      1. vladceltroll says:

        Oh really? I didn’t know that! 😀 Interesting to find out new things about the Xbox and PS versions of WoT

  3. to me it’s a good addition, I was sort of getting tired of only having new maps based on the eastern front wich in itself is “funny” since some of those were eventually removed
    we know it was to please the russian playerbase but it was too much, the war was also fought in other places and it was time we saw a new map wich somehow relfected those theaters
    a map based on the pacific islands was a basic addition, now I’m waiting for a proper “japanese” map (because the “Hidden Village” was bad, although I understand their idea when creating it), a proper China based map (I liked Dragons Ridge more than I like the current one with the castle in the middle) and maybe even a map based in Australia

  4. Anonymous says:

    5th picture looks like a warthunder map

    ps. pacific rim- OH I WISH…. but i cant see ChernoAlpha anywhere

  5. zombietropa says:

    Like the look of the map, especially the topography. I’ve always enjoyed maps where the knowledge of how to use hills and defilades is crucial.

  6. Patata Caliente says:

    It’s beautiful. Whether or not it will be a good map to fight on is a different matter altogether. I remember the island map in Armored Warfare… I always thought it was pretty weak.

  7. mrwuvems says:

    It’s generally a snipe fight with large areas of no-man’s land in the middle. Heavies generally attempt to push flanks. Biggest mistake is turtling. The team on the hill generally commits this sin and pays for it.

    Stay tuned for the inevitable PC port of Great Wall and Scorpion Pass

  8. Purgey says:

    This looks a lot like Pacific Island on Xbox. And by a lot I mean I recognized it immediately. It’s a very good map IMO though I wouldn’t wanna play any paper TD’s on it. I love seeing it come up if I’m in a medium.

  9. Gieke85 says:

    If this is a 1k*1k map, how does this not have the same problem as Kareilia and Hidden Village had with to much of the map not being accessable?

  10. shankmeyster says:

    off topic: have you seen ESCAPE FROM TARKOV Rita? Don’t know how into MMOFPS you are. It’s supposed to be a spiritual successor to the STALKER series.

    1. Oh, but that looks very interesting. I especially like the part about being able to play as a bad guy and go after players :P.

      I just hope they get the MMO part right and the game doesn’t end up like The Division does, but I’m keeping my eye on that one.

  11. First, i like it…mostly. I do think WoT is long overdue for a more Pacific Theater map.

    That being said, i do think land mass vs open water could be increased without loosing the idea that you are on an island. Maybe a 2nd Island…or two islands as spawn/flag spots with a bigger 3rd island between?

    So far as comments regarding driving a Maus….well, rather than Tier limits, why not limit the map to Japanese, American, British and….ok Chinese tanks? Just a thought.

    Oh…i would have liked some Jaegers tooo 😉

  12. Anonymous says:

    I can’t imagine how a tank fight would take place there in real life.
    Excuse my lack of imagination 🙂

  13. S the K says:

    Huh. It looks remarkably like the Pacific Island map from WoT Console. Don’t tell me the console scrubs have come up with a good idea that is being adopted by the PC gaming master race!

    OTOH, the console scrubs are being inflicted with maps that were removed from PC because they are too horrible, e.g., Dragon Ridge and Port. The console scrubs finally got the good PC versions of Sand River, West Field, and Prokhorovka. (Console got the good version of El Halluf a few updates ago.)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Im just gonna leave this out here…. How many noobs will rush the water and die within the first min and how many arties will just go drown themselves.

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