Pagan Online to enter Early Access

Greetings everyone,

Wargamings new title Pagan Online has just been released into early access available on Steam and in the WG-Store.

Being part of the Trials players ( Testers)  for PO myself i already had the chance to play this game before and i personally really likes the gameplay which is only PvE with co-op coming at a later point. Each Hero you can play has its own playstyle and adds a lot to the replayability, even if you have to play the same Story over again with each new hero you unlock. It will also have no microtransactions, so all you pay for will be the initial purchase of 26,99 Euros and nothing else. Ingame you can get various customisation options like Skins, Emotes and Pets just by playing the game.

All in all i can recommend PO but please do not take my word for granted, watch other reviews of it and only then make your decision whether you want it or not.


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Pagan Online to enter Early Access

10 thoughts on “Pagan Online to enter Early Access

  1. Partybooper says:

    Personally not interested at all. Even if it would be free.

    Stuff like World of Tanks is interesting for me because I really don’t like all these clicky-clicky-colorful-magic-wee-wee games these days. That’s why I also don’t like things like WoW and so on. Too colorful, too many things like magic etc. which is just boring for me personally.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Can also be used as trash talk : “Gonna clicky-clicky-colorful-magic-wee-wee your arss biatch”

  2. Anonymous says:

    The problem with modern games with a price tag such as this is that there’s nothing stopping them from becoming F2P and switching to a microtransactions model 3-12 months down the line. You might be able to say that the initial buy price is worth it to be able to play for that time, but the shift in business model creates a shift in community, which leads to a shift in the meta and gameplay.

    I’d actually rather play a game I can buy once and unlock as I play, but the modern development environment sees too many of these kinds of titles open up later to F2P and microtransactions. I don’t have enough faith in WG to believe they will stick to this model either.

    1. WANKATANKA says:

      right, never trust WG; they are russians! … Russians dont like fairplay, rules or moral, they like to win with all means.

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