NUTS weekend at Bastogne Barracks


I and the running Panther of the Musee des Blindes in Saumur (that if you remember was the poster boy for this year’s Tankfest), will be participating in the NUTS weekend of the Bastogne Barracks War Heritage Institute.

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On 14 and 15 of December, the Panther will join the Sherman Jumbo ‘First in Bastogne’ and other vehicles from our collection in a number of dynamic demonstrations at the Vehicle Restoration Center – War Heritage Institute / Bastogne.

The Panther will also feature in the official ceremony on Monday 16 December at the Mardasson Monument, together with our Sherman Jumbo as a symbol of reconciliation.

This will be the Sherman Jumbo’s first-ever attendance and is currently receiving the last restoration touches for the NUTS event. I got to see it 2 months ago when I visited the Bastogne Barracks and its condition is impeccable!


Currently editing footage from my trip to Belgium!

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The Renegade Challenge:


How to Get the M54

Are you ready? From November 29 to December 9, the Renegade Challenge will be available in World of Tanks. There are ten stages with missions for mastery and commitment. Complete them and get credits, equipment, days of WoT Premium account, and much more. And most importantly, after you complete all 10 stages, you’ll receive the Premium Tier VIII heavy tank, the M54 Renegade, adorned in the unique ‘Dead or Alive’ style.

Sandbox: Rebalancing SPGs and Their Shells


Commanders, the Sandbox server will be launched on November 25 to continue testing the global shell rebalance, and will be up until December 9.

In previous iterations, we assessed the changes to all shell types for non-SPG vehicles. Now it’s time to move forward; in the upcoming version, we will keep all the changes from previous iterations. You can read more about them here, here, and here. However, this test will affect SPGs, another important aspect of the game that has remained unchanged through previous iterations.

Thank you to all those who participated in the previous test. The data we received and your perceptions have proved to be extremely valuable.

The new test iteration will include changes to SPGs.

In this Sandbox iteration, we will not change the parameters of the economy, Personal Missions, or the display of players’ statistics. We will get to them only after finishing the work on shell rebalancing.

Our Plans for the Test

Under the conditions that have been previously tested on the Sandbox, the parameters of SPGs became completely irrelevant. The results of the previous tests support this conclusion. Thus, they require changes. The main goals of these changes are:

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I you want a good giggle and to screw up Tier VI Match Making worse than when the E 25 gose on sale. Then join Jingles and QB on Saturday night with one of the TOG rental codes if you don’t already own a TOG.

WoT: Developer Diaries: Anonymizer


The Anonymizer will hide a player’s nickname, generating a new one with every battle. Do you suffer because your stats stand out? Are you tired of hearing “noob”? Or is your nickname so well-known that it just draws any and all enemy shells? Remedy all this with the Anonymizer. By using it, you’ll be protected from unwanted attention and enjoy your favorite game even more!

Ring Commanders–Claim them Inside!


Commanders, thank you for participating in “The Ring” competition last year! In “The Ring”, community contributors competed for the honor of becoming a Commander in World of Warships, with the help of you, our players.

Now we’re ready to introduce the victorious Commanders with their unique voiceovers!

Who are the new Commanders? Find out in our video!

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