Mighty Jingles for WOWs Commander



World of Warships has started a Community Contributor contest called The Ring and the winner will have his face featured as a World of Warships Commander.

Well, I obviously don’t see any winner other than the one and only, our mighty glorious sea gnome and overlord The Mighty Jingles!

To all respect to other contestants but Jingles is the perfect candidate, he has served in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy for 22 years, he’s old, he has a handsome sailor beard and his own sailor hats!

In order to support our Rear Admiral, all you need to do is watch his contest entry, press like and drop (if not spam) a comment in his video!

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Here’s some screenshots of the reworked Kharkov map, currently in supertest:

Unsure how to feel about the open (5) area, feels rather too incomplete and too much of an arty fest, it perhaps wouldn’t hurt a few extra small houses even if destructible. Besides that, I don’t see anything that would show drastic changes on the heat map. One thing I do notice, however, they are definitely paying more attention to all tank roles as the map now is very much divided into a 3 section way of fighting.

What do you think?


Lost City Map in HD


The area looks like it’d been deserted for a very long time and has been taken over by the desert. Note the blowing sand and dust devils from 0:37 in the video. The map is being tested in two versions. One for full tier X MM and one for up to tier VIII only.

A free cam video of the HD rework of Lost city.

Our previous post about this.  Thanks to WoT Express for posting to YouTube.

In Supertest Polish Tier V 25TP KSUST II


Polish tier V medium tank 25TP KSUST II is in Supertest. The basic stats and some pics “leaked” in the forums.

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