Supertest News: HP Boost for Tier I-VI


Posted today in the Supertest Forum by thePhilX.

Hey tankers!
We are about to start the supertest for a hit point increase to all Tier I–VI vehicles. We assume that the adjustments to HP pools will make low-tier and mid-tier vehicles last longer in battle, and at the same time make the transition to top-tier vehicles more comfortable. The Supertest will show if our assumptions are correct.

Why do we intend to give Tiers I–VI an HP increase?
While researching vehicles and going up the tiers every player can observe (and feel) the increments to their tanks’ stats and overall battle efficiency. One of the key parameters impacting a vehicle’s efficiency is its HP pool. Currently the HP pool growth curve is too steep from Tier I to Tier VI, and more gradual from Tier VII to Tier X (see the comparative graph below).


This makes playing low-to-mid-tier vehicles less comfortable than it should be. When facing vehicles of a higher tier in battle, you can feel a huge difference between your HP pool and theirs. Because of this more pronounced distinction, the battles tend to last less at low-to-mid tiers.

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Update 1.5.1 Common Test



We have posted the video yesterday now for the details. ( Earlier today I watched some of a WoT NA Test server Stream with TragicLoss and CabbageMechanic. They were at great pains to say that the Rebalance of Tanks that were in the first Supertest of the rebalance and later removed from testing has NOT been cancelled but only postponed.)

It’s been only two weeks since Update 1.5, but we’ve got Update 1.5.1 ready for the Common Test! Check out medium tanks with rebalanced battle parameters, and a new feature: Session Statistics. In addition, Kharkov, a once-forgotten winter locale, returns as a Random Battles map. Let’s roll!

Medium Tanks Rebalance

At WG Fest last December, we announced an upcoming rebalance of five vehicles. One of them, the Kranvagn, has already received its portion of consistent improvements with Update 1.5. Now it’s time to pay attention to some Tier X medium tanks and adjust their key parameters, making their battle profiles clearer.

We have thoroughly tested these rebalanced vehicles during Supertests to understand how they will impact gameplay. Now we are ready to take the next step and finalize our adjustments.

  • The Leopard 1 will be enhanced as a sniper and will be able to hit enemies more effectively at long range.
  • The STB-1 will take better advantage of terrain thanks to its turret and a hydropneumatic suspension.

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War Thunder 1.89 Devblog monster post


Hello everyone, after what has been what felt like an eternity of awesome Navy work, including being called Willy Warren in a TV interview, I once again have the chance to bring to you some War Thunder news. It is safe to say there is a lot to talk about so prepare for the biggest War Thunder post you have seen today, as we have plenty of devblogs for your reading pleasure such as new MBTs, an answer to the Tunguska and a whole new navy. This Post will go nation by nation so readers can go through the devblogs so far in a logical order. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


9P149 “Shturm-S”:

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WoT Update 1.5.1 Common Test.


Medium Tanks Rebalancing

The Common test update became available earlier this evening. But it has one caveat you must install the Game Center to play it. Personally I dislike the Game Center and have had more problems with it than without, so not having the choice doesn’t sit well.

WoT Micropatch 1.5_2


Banner patch

Another micro patch to the 1.5 client. We have info for the RU and EU server clusters but not NA.


Micro Patch Downtime

  • Fort RU: On May 16 there will be a minor update. Game servers and clan portal will be unavailable from 6:00 to 6:45 (MSK).
  • For EU: The World of Tanks servers and Clan Portal will be unavailable on 16.05.2019 from 06:00 – 06:45 CEST due to this update.

Patch Notes (from the Russian cluster)

  • A bug which caused some tanks render incorrectly in the Front Line mode (they are invisible).
  •  A bug due to which the counter of new appearance elements instead of displaying the number of new elements displayed the number of new types.
  • For the Conqueror Gun Carriage, the shell speed and trajectory from version 1.4.1 has been restored.
  • Some thechnical errors were fixed.

This is the second attempt at fixing the invisible tanks issue.