Jim Has spoken



Jim Sterling has finally spoken:

I have to confess that this video made me like Jim more than I already used to and he has changed my view on the situation a bit.

World of Tanks Sandbox


Map fly through of Grand Canyon.

This is the 1.2 x 1.2 km Frontline mode map in a very basic form. From here it will have to go through more stages in supertest. Note the spotting distance, render range and max shot range are as now in-game. There is also the minimap and a montage of photo’s of the real Grand Canyon.

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New R. Status Report look!



I’ve finally done something that definitely should have been done long ago, updated the blog’s appearance.


I took special attention to suggestions that you gave so these are the “patchnotes”:

  • Browsing options on the left
  • Authors, Contact Support and Social widgets on the right
  • Now it’s easier to find the “Reply” button in the comment section
  • “Up & Down” and “Back to Top” buttons
  • Patreon now is more visible for those who wish to support
  • Thumbs Up and Down on comment section


  • RSR’s Browser has now a blog Icon
  • With the new layout, I am looking forward to adding other content creators as partners so “hola” me, I don’t bite. Much.

Current struggles:

-Help if you know how.

  • Facilitate the use of images in the comment section.
  • Allow readers to zoom-in single/solo images.


Let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comment section.


Thank you, everyone, for the support.

Rita Sobral

Swedish Q&A #2 answers part 1


Answers by SP15

“Are there plans for medium tank line? If implemented, what would be their special feature?”

“Is it possible to make a unique tier X medium Swedish tank that stands out from it’s competition and doesn’t’t feel like just another Leopard 1 or STB-1 type tank? What kind of special characteristics would it feature if so?”

“Having one premium MT in game and another premium MT in testing, when would the MT line introduced in-game? Soon or not?”

At this point Wargaming has absolutely no plans for a Swedish medium branch as far as I know, however personally I see two options for how a Swedish medium line could look.

The first option would be to extend the current medium line with tanks that would continue the theme of moderate armor, good mobility and firepower introduced with the Leo at tier 7. Such a line has the advantage of complete historical accuracy and being able to connect to a potential light tank line. The tier 8 position would be occupied by a uparmored lansen version followed by the UDES 15 and UDES 15/16 MBT projects.


Lansen m/51, UDES 15 and UDES 15/16.

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SirFoch & Circon Incident/Drama



as most of you may be aware by now of the recent drama, I deliberately chose to not jump into writing any article until now but I will share with you the statement from Jingles’ post from his FB page as I am 100% on the same page (opinion-wise) as him and I could not better word it:

There are still a few topics I will want to go over about this subject, will do it soon.

WoT Console Micro Update


Good day everyone,

Quick post on what came in the micro-update for WoT Console this morning:

First off, they actually buffed something that needed buffing!

-Centurion Mk.1 and Mk.7/1 both have had their top speeds increased to 50 kph.

-Centurion Mk.7/1 reload for the 105mm L7A1 decreased from 12 seconds to 11.2 seconds.

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