T-50-2 is Back in Supertest


The tiny Terror is back as a tier 6 premium Light Tank. We have Pictures of the textureless model and a Russian Screen shot of the stats screen ( with our English overlay ). For those that can read Russian there is the original screen cap.


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Update 1.2 Common Test


From The Portal


New Map: Empire’s Border

You’ve probably heard about this map from Chinese sources. Empire’s Border received a warm welcome and positive feedback from its home audience, so we’re including it into the roster for all regions as it was previously only available on the China server.

Empire’s Border will become the first Asia-set locale to join the game since the release of Update 1.0. Featuring what many consider the 8th Wonder of the World, the map is sliced into two halves by the Great Wall of China, commanding the landscape from higher ground.

The whole locale is split into several altitudes, each offering tactical versatility of its own.

Empirs edge

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World of Warplanes on Steam


Greetings everyone, it has been brought to my attention that apparently, World of Warplanes has been added to steam on the 12th of September. So for those who don’t like the WGC or just can’t be bothered to download it can play it through steam. You can switch between the different servers using the Steam client. Also keep in mind that, just like WoWs, you cannot use your WG account on the Steam version. And if you haven’t tried it, i recommend you give it a shot and rate it, what this game needs the most is more players.

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1.2 Test Server Info


Short post,

The 1.2 test server is looking like it should be coming on Thursday September 13th, however delays are expected. As for what is being tested:

  • Part 3 of the second season of Personal Missions: Object 279
  • Three HD maps coming to the game: Empires Edge (or Great Wall as it was known on the Chinese server and console), Widepark, and Highway.
  • Balance changes (and other assorted changes) for Sand River, Paris, Redshire, Overlord, and Ruinberg.

As well as some other smaller changes.